Don’t Miss Netflix Film Dhak Dhak About An All-Women Biking Trip… And The Dreams Of Women!

Film Dhak Dhak gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to see these women ride a bike through the stunning landscapes of Leh and go on a life-altering road trip.

Is the journey important or the destination? As it turns out, it’s the one you’re traveling with who’s most important. The movie Dhak Dhak manages to prove that in the end.

This movie is about four women who embark on an exciting bike trip from Delhi to Khardung La, beating all the odds. With a burning desire to prove the naysayers wrong, each of the four characters has a story to tell. Thus began the journey of a lifetime, filled with highs and lows, happiness, and uncertainty.

A quick look at the plot

Fatima Sana Shaikh plays Sky, a YouTuber who has an intense love for motorcycles and trip photography. Under her carefree demeanour is a girl who has been scarred by an online incident that has destroyed her reputation. To overcome that, she is determined to make it to a Barcelona event that is supposed to be the Mecca for bike enthusiasts across the world. For that, she has to impress her boss with something out of the ordinary. She meets Ratna Pathak’s Manpreet Kaur Sethi, aka Mahi, and suddenly sees her dream become a reality.

Mahi’s mundane life takes an interesting turn after winning a bike in a contest organized by a local newspaper. Initially reluctant to embrace it, she adapts to the new motorcycle like a pro, and there is no turning back for her.

Both of them persuade Uzma (Dia Mirza), a mechanic, to join their quest. Driven by a will to inspire her daughter and move from the shadow of her husband (who represents everything that is wrong with patriarchy), she agrees to join Sky and Mahi.

Finally, Manjari (Sanjana Sanghi), the last one to join the dashing biker gang, sees this trip as an opportunity to live her life on her terms before agreeing to marry a stranger without knowing him.

On the way to the top, the four show unflinching tenacity in their adventure as they overcome challenges and encounter hardships. The challenging paths they take bring them to the most breathtaking location of their lives, which is the core of Dhak Dhak.

What worked for me in the movie

  • Earnest performance by the actors in the lead. Ratna Pathak deserves a special mention for slaying her part to perfection.
  • No heroes! I mean, how often do you see a Hindi movie that doesn’t have a freaking hero in the frame?
  • The movie is realistic and not over-the-top.
  • Sky’s enlightening conversation with a monk
  • Manjari’s rescue moment with a truck driver who encourages her to focus on solutions rather than problems

What could have been better?

  • The issue of marital rape could have been portrayed with more seriousness.
  • The second half of the movie did feel a bit longer than necessary. It could have been more concise and to the point.
  • Sky’s backstory could have been stronger. As for her boyfriend, I also felt like his character was not well developed and seemed to be forcefully added to the plot. If he didn’t appear on screen, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

A movie about women taking back their power

The film Dhak Dhak deftly combines novel, contemporary viewpoints with classic themes of women’s emancipation. The narrative tracks four women as they overcome their pasts and deal with current issues in their lives. The movie’s portrayal of women in a way that is different from what is usually seen in movies is what I enjoyed the most. It’s about more than simply empowerment—it’s about trying new things and going after their aspirations. It is motivating and gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to see these women ride a bike through the stunning landscapes of Leh and go on a life-altering road trip. In conclusion, Dhak Dhak is an exhilarating and inspiring movie experience that I heartily suggest seeing.

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