Let’s Embrace Change By Becoming The Role Model Our Kids Need!

Normalizing subjects that are “not the norm” have a positive role in the cerebral growth of kids. Let's celebrate this diversity of families!

Picture this: My brother and I are sitting at the dinner table talking about everything and nothing. I love how these conversations go from hybrid animals to questioning the existence of absolute vacuum. There is no rhyme or rhythm to what we discuss over the simple act of sharing a meal.

It is during one of such discussions on the declining quality of taste in our once favourite Chinese takeout, that he tells me about this particular friend, Favi.

Favi is all for the culinary prowess of her father. In fact, she declares him as a “gourmet” chef.

The tag itself does not faze the conversation. But what does make my ears perk up is my brother’s enthusiasm for Favi’s dad; more so when he starts describing Favi’s father in a light maybe most men wouldn’t. So here’s what makes this conversation a show-stopper.

Breaking down gender stereotypes

Favi’s father is a stay-at-home dad who has managed to create the perfect home, while his wife has unabashedly pursued a flourishing career. My brother animatedly describes how Favi is extremely proud of her father’s warmest hugs and kitchen delicacies.

It’s a refreshing twist on the traditional roles we’ve grown accustomed to. 

In a society that stands for working fathers, Favi’s dad was a house-husband out of choice; and in a society that defines gender roles by outdated stereotypes, Favi and my brother were able to gauge him beyond the assumptions.

A taste of progress

Favi’s father is defying conventions, while feeding the young generation with a broader view of the lens. This incident is a clear indication that the paradigm is slowly shifting and becoming more accepting and kind.

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It’s about time people debunked the myth that an ideal family can only be defined by societal norms and acknowledge the myriad ways in which roles can be shared and reimagined.

The power of role models

In a world where labels and stereotypes often dictate our perceptions, it’s crucial to challenge the status quo. Favi’s father has been her role model, single-handedly raising two kids. On the other hand, my family has done right by us, raising us to gauge the world better, be better judges of character, and to not carry predefined or preconceived notions.

Normalizing subjects that are “not the norm” have a positive role in the cerebral growth of kids. Let’s celebrate the diversity of families and appreciate the unique dynamics that each one brings to the table.

An ideal family is all about creating a supportive and loving environment that fits each family’s dynamics. After all, every family is bound to be different, just as humans are fundamentally distinct.

So, let’s raise our spatulas and don our aprons in solidarity, as we strive to build an inclusive and harmonious world.

Bon appétit!

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