What actions should HR and business leaders take to curb mental harassment at work? Share your thoughts.

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Extremely delightful when NOT angry, Like to ask a lot of questions, Believe in goodness of people (Well, Mostly)

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How I Survived Our Hunt For A Nanny And Lived To Tell The Tale

COVID, 2022, and the hunt for a nanny for my baby has taught me a valuable lesson- 'You are stronger than you give yourself credit for'.

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Here Are 5 Things You Should Not Say Or Ask A New Mother!

New moms often have to tackle ample questions which invades their privacy. Here are some questions that shouldn't be asked!

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Decoupled- Watch It Only If You Are A True R Madhavan Fan

Arya is a sadist, self-centered, and insecure fiction writer. Shruti is a highly-driven, serious woman who knows what she wants. Will their marriage work out? The title of the show Decoupled gives you a big clue.

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FRIENDS the reunion
12 Reasons Why I Say Friends The Reunion Is A Must Watch For All Fans

The premier of Friends- the Reunion was on recently, and if you still have not seen it, go ahead and watch it, do it now. 

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Why Masaba Masaba Is A One-Time Watch Only

The bubble of excitement around the new 6-episode series ‘Masaba Masaba’ was obvious before it was released on Netflix. But was it able to engross its viewers with what it had to offer?

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Want An Offbeat Trip? Check Out Assam’s Joonbeel Mela Keeping The Barter System Alive

Thinking of somewhere unusual to visit? Consider Assam's Joonbeel Mela, place that continues to include the ancient practice of barter in today's modern digital world. 

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Sabarimala, Sexism, And A Society That Doesn’t Trust Women’s Choices

To enter or not to enter Sabarimala - how about we leave the decision to women? But the patriarchy has never trusted women to make their own choices!

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