Sandhya Renukamba

In her role as the Senior Editor & Community Manager at Women's Web, Sandhya Renukamba is fortunate to associate every day with a whole lot of smart and fabulous writers and readers. A doctor turned writer, she has been one of the oldest writers at Women's Web. Sandhya lives in a house full of books, and has been published at various prestigious publications which include Saffron Tree, The Alternative, ArtsyCraftsyMom, Goodbooks, MyCity4Kids, The Tribune, and much else.

Voice of Sandhya Renukamba

digital commerce
What Is The Future Of Digital Commerce? 5 Rising Women Industry Leaders Speak Of What We Can Do To Enrich It

Innovation that includes harnessing data and AI is the future for all digital commerce, and we need to be agile enough to incorporate these.

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I’m Doing My Bit To Invest In Women For The Better… What About You?

The theme for IWD 2024 is 'Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress'. Are you doing your part in this big picture?

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Twinkle Khanna Masters Degree: Celebrate Her, Akshay, Without Expecting Her To Be A Superwoman!

Twinkle Khanna recently completed her Masters degree at the University of London. Her husband, Akshay Kumar was proud, but also put her on a pedestal - do women really want that?

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In 2024 Be Unstoppable In Making Your Dreams A Reality, And Inspire Us With Your Story!

You could have some plans to turn your dreams into reality this year... Tell us all about it. Here's what you need to do.

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20 Most Loved Posts Of 2023 By 20 Of Our Top Authors!

Like every year, we have a number of excellent pieces published in 2023. And like I do it every year, here is a ready round-up of those pieces that you, as readers, have shown the most love towards.

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We Are Celebrating YOU This Festive Season! What’s Your Story?

This festive season, we'd like you to share your stories on something that you did for yourselves, celebrating yourself. Let's spread the joy!

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period at work
Let’s Speak Up, Ladies; Tell Us Your Stories Of Periods At Work!

As a working woman, you have a right to have your #PeriodAtWork story heard. And speaking up is the first step to making a change – let us all be changemakers!

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13 yrs
We Invite You For A Celebration Of 13 Yrs Of Women’s Web

Your favourite platform Women's Web is 13, and we're celebrating. Here is how you can be a part of our celebrations. Read to the end.

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We’re Celebrating The Rainbow At The Workplace ‘Coz Real Inclusion Matters… What’s Your Story?

Here at Women’s Web, we know that real inclusion matters, and we walk the talk. With inclusive workplace policies, in the content we publish throughout the year, and our community. So Celebrating Pride for us is more than just adopting rainbow filters for Pride Month, it is standing up for the community and their rights […]

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Shiv Nadar Student Allegedly Shoots Dead His Ex Girlfriend & Himself On Campus…What’s Happening?!

This murder-suicide on 21 year olds on a campus that is presumed to be 'safe' has really shaken me. Why do young men feel they somehow "own" young women?!

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Prime Series Dahaad Is Making Its Roar Heard, And Here’s Why It’s A Must Watch!

There's a scene in the series between Anjali Bhatti and her mother, at their home. Anjali is home for a few hours of rest, tired, after nearly 60 hrs of non-stop work on the case.

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Every Mother Daughter Team Needs To Be Celebrated, And You’re Invited!

We know that many women have been inspired and empowered by their mothers OR mothers-in-law (or the other way around) to make a difference in the world, especially through their career or business. So tell us your story!

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Did You Face Misogyny As A Woman When You Went To A Doctor?

Dismissal of our symptoms. Or misdiagnosis. Or treatment not given properly. Or we are shamed for what we suffer or feel. Or even as women, we often ignore our ill health. Sounds familiar?

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Some Exquisite Silver Jewellery Online You Can Buy To Gift Someone You Love!

Buying silver jewellery online is quite the thing, I hear. And with so many exquisite options, why not gift something to someone you love?

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Trial By Fire On Netflix: Rajshri Deshpande & Abhay Deol Give An Authentic, Powerhouse Performance!

With powerhouse performances by the lead cast and the supporting cast in the many subplots, Netflix series Trial by Fire about the 1997 Uphaar tragedy is a must watch.

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Nirbhaya 10 years
10 Yrs Ago, Jyoti Singh Pandey Was A Young Woman With A Dream…As Were Others!

Jyoti Singh Pandey was just a young woman who was looking forward to a future. She did not want to be labelled 'Nirbhaya' - can men keep their monstrous selves away from us?

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25 Most Popular Authors Of 2022 At Women’s Web—Congratulations!

In 2022, I have published hundreds of articles as the editor, and I have great pleasure showcasing the work of these 25 top authors. Cheers!

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Did You Follow Your Dream To Turn It Into A Business? Tell Us Your Story Today!

They say if you do work you enjoy, it doesn't remain 'work'. So is your business something that came from your dream or a loved hobby? Tell us.

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Annie Ernaux
What Abortion Rights Have To Do With Annie Ernaux, Brand New Nobel Winner For Literature

In 1963, Annie Ernaux, 23 and unattached, realizes she is pregnant. Shame arises in her like a plague: Understanding that her pregnancy will mark her and her family as social failures, she knows she cannot keep that child.

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5 Of My Grandmother’s Traditional Mango Recipes That Will Have You Salivating!

What could be more iconic of an Indian summer than mangoes? And how better to do it yourself than try out some mango recipes?

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Influencer Lakshmi Devan Stalked On A Recent Solo Trip Says “To Hell With Anyone Who Thinks I’m ‘Asking For It’!”

I was told that I shouldn’t have travelled alone since I’m a woman. I shouldn’t be “so open” on LinkedIn. I was asked why my Instagram profile was public when it had pictures of me in a swimsuit?

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11 Last Min Wonderful & Weird Mother’s Day Gift Ideas If You’ve Forgotten (Shhhhh… We Won’t Tell Her!)

Scrambling for last minute Mother's Day gift ideas but don't want to compromise on the fun factor or quality? Here is a handy list.

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18 Fabulous Cookbooks By Westland That Will Go Out Of Print By 28th Feb – Snap Them Up NOW!

There is a whole bunch of fabulous cookbooks by Westland which cover a variety of Indian cuisines, which will be now lost to us, unless they are published by other publishers - which is not a guarantee.

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Amazon Closes Westland Publishers – Buy These 33 Books Before They Disappear By February End

Amazon’s announcement to close Westland Books and its 4 imprints by 28th February 2022 is a huge blow to its authors. Can you do this to help? On the 1st of February 2022, Amazon announced that by the end of the month, Westland Books will be closed. This includes books published by Westland, as well […]

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The Vital Importance Of Having Easy Access To Safe Contraception: Some Real Women’s Stories

Access to easy and safe contraception has opened up enormous possibilities, and has literally been the one thing that truly made way for women's careers and dreams to come true. Maybe why men want to control them.

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I Held My Friend’s Hand Through An Unfortunate Abortion She Had To Undergo

We're marking 26th Sept 2021 World Contraception Day and 28th Sept International Safe Abortion Day, critical for women's health. Do you have a personal story to share? Then do read below.

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35 Books To Help Young Kids Make Sense Of The Pandemic And Its Isolating Effects

Explaining things to kids in terms they understand plays a huge role in allaying any fears or worries, and books are a huge help. Books to explain COVID and the lockdown.

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4 New LGBT Books I’ve Enjoyed That Aren’t Centred On Romance Tropes

Why must queer characters in a story mean that a narrative of romance or sex is a must? 4 extraordinary books that throw away this assumption.

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Skater Girl
Skater Girl Is A Modern Day Fairy Tale Complete With Badass Women And A Fairy Godmother

A new Netflix release, Skater Girl, shows what women can do if they stand up for themselves and other women, never mind the patriarchy.

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break the chain
This Mother’s Day Let’s Break The Chain & Share Our Stories Of Mindful Parenting

Mother's Day is on the horizon, and we'd like to know your personal stories of being a more mindful parent, or of your mother taking the step to break the chain.

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IWD 2021 blogathon
Do You Dream Of A Better, More Just Society? Then This IWD 2021 Blogathon Is For You

Do you feel strongly about social issues, and dream of a just society? Then this IWD 2021 blogathon I Choose To Challenge is for you.

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Unnao Beti
Where Are Those Who Must Wake Up And Smell The Injustice In This Horrific Unnao Incident?

Savarna feminists have been conspicuous by their absence all day in the voices raised against the horrific incident against 3 young Dalit girls in Unnao yesterday. Where's the sisterhood?

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Phir Zindagi on organ donation
Phir Zindagi… This 55 Min Film Beautifully Unpacks Organ Donation, Answering All Our Questions

Phir Zindagi... on organ donation is an extraordinary film based on a true story, that has convinced me to pledge my organs after death.

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virtual ideas for IWD
10 Virtual Ideas For IWD 2021 For Online Celebrations At Work

Given the pandemic, International Women's Day 2021 events would be online, so these virtual ideas for IWD can be adapted to your workplace.

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women at work in 2020
11 Women Writers On Women At Work, And The Changing Workplace Landscape In 2020

Work From Home was the buzzword in 2020, but there were other workplace issues too. Here are 11 writers who wrote about this changing landscape and more.

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positive stories on Women's Web
18 Heartwarming, Positive Stories On Women’s Web That Say 2020 Wasn’t A Complete Washout!

2020 has been a horrible year in so many ways, and we have tried to find for you some heartwarming, positive stories on Women's Web.

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10 Editor’s Picks From 2020 For Your Next 2021 Book Club Read

Planning to read more in 2021 and would like book club recommendations? Here are 10 picks from the editor's desk for you.

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Christmas Gift Ideas
More Than 50 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Online To Send Your Loved Ones

Trying to think of Christmas gift ideas at the last minute? No worries - we have you covered. You could pick from this eclectic list.

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How Would You Like Your Chai, We Asked Our Readers; 7 Interesting Ways They Recommended!

What would you like with your tea? Either a hot, piping cuppa of well boiled masala chai, or green tea, or even a cup of chilled chai? 

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Badhras UP
Why A Superstitious Couple In Badhras, UP, Committed Horror On A 6y.o. Girl On Diwali Day

Today morning I came across this news item on The Wire that completely shook me. What is this pressure to have a child that is so deeply entrenched in Indian minds, that it makes monsters of us?

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Tabu movies
5 Tabu Movies I Can Watch Again At Any Time! What About You?

Tabu is a quite underrated actor, and has very few movies with her at the centre. But these Tabu movies will always have my heart.

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black and white challenge
Do You Know What You’re Supporting With The Black And White Challenge On Social Media?

Women all over the world are posting their photos in the black and white challenge with hashtags like #challengeaccepted. What is this about?

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women's sexuality
Everything On Women’s Sexuality You Need To Know – Consent, Orgasms, Sex Toys, & More

Women's sexuality belongs to them, and no one has a right to dictate, no matter what society or popular culture tells you. A look at the top 10 posts of #ADecadeOfWomensWeb

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Top 10 Posts On Women’s Mental Health From A Decade Of Women’s Web That Are A Must Read

Why does there need to be a special category for Women's Mental Health? Because it is often put on the back burner. Here are the top 10 posts from #ADecadeOfWomensWeb

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Books & Literature
Top 10 Books & Literature Posts On Women’s Web For Your Reading Pleasure

Reviews, soul searching & feminist theme explorations, essential books to read, and even insightful interviews with authors - here's to #ADecadeOfWomensWeb

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women's rights & feminism
Top 10 Posts On Women’s Rights & Feminism – The Original Raison D’être Of A Decade Of Women’s Web

Women's Web is all about enabling women to tell their own stories. So here we are, with the top 10 posts that are about Women's Rights & Feminism, in #ADecadeOfWomensWeb.

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queer LGBTQIA+ voices
Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Voices & More About The Queer Community In A Decade Of Women’s Web

Here are some of the best LGBTQIA+ posts that have been published on Women's Web in the past 10 years. #ADecadeOfWomensWeb #PrideMonth

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8 Month Pregnant Woman Dies As Overburdened Hospitals Refuse Admission; Who’s Responsible?

The author calls out what she says is neglect by hospitals overburdened by COVID-19, who refused to admit an 8 month pregnant woman in an emergency situation, leading to her death.

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How To Cope The Increasing Frequency Of Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Frustration And Anger At Home During The Pandemic?

There are scientifically proven ways to deal with negative emotions and attitudes when you are stuck at home.

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In Search of Heer
Manjul Bajaj: Why Are The Legendary Star Crossed Lovers Heer-Ranjha Relevant Even Today?

Heer was a badass woman who followed her own heart, enough for a patriarchal society to stop their daughters from listening to her story. In Search of Heer, with author Manjul Bajaj.

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Let's Huddle India
Lonely In Lockdown? Let’s Huddle India Is A Safe, Inclusive Online Space To Connect With Others

Writer and motivational speaker Paromita Bardoloi realised the need for a safe, inclusive online space for people to connect on during the lockdown, so she started Let's Huddle India.

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free online counselling
24 Online Counselling Resources For Women Feeling Stuck At Home And Needing Help

We've put together a handy list of mostly free online counselling, legal/ medical / OBGYN advice, student counselling, for those who need it during lockdown.

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Congratulations To New Mom Kalki Koechlin! 5 Must Know Things About Her Mommy Journey

Everything about Kalki Koechlin's journey to motherhood from her early pregnancy to the birth of her daughter Sappho shouts out that the new mom is an unapologetic feminist.

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orange flower awards winners and runners up
Meet Our Orange Flower Award Winners And Runners-Up For 2019, With Their Winning Entries!

We recently celebrated Women's Web's annual festival in Mumbai, where the Orange Flower Awards that celebrate women's voices have been given out. Let's meet the winners and runners-up, and see their winning entries. 

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women politicians trolled
3 Politicians Speak Of ‘Vicious & Deeply Personal Attacks’ From Trolls Just Because They Are Women

3 politicians share the distress of vicious and deeply personal attacks from trolls just because they are women, and of course, 'women should be silenced'!

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When ‘Feminist’, ‘Woke’ Kanhaiya Kumar & Tharoor Disappoint Us By Making Sexist Remarks!

Two feminist icons, Kanhaiya Kumar and Shashi Tharoor, revealed themselves to be 'woke' only in our imaginations, by making sexist, transphobic remarks. How do we hope for better men?

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best posts of 2019
Editor’s Choice: 10 Best Posts On Women’s Web In 2019

As we approach the end of the year, I look back at my journey as Senior Editor at Women's Web, and remember some of the best posts of 2019 that have truly made a mark on me.

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heartwarming posts in 2019
5 Truly Heartwarming, Positive And Inspiring Stories Published On Women’s Web In 2019

We need positive stories to keep up our belief in the human condition. Here are 5 of the many positive stories we shared with you, our readers, in 2019.

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On Day Of Girl Child, News Comes In Of 17 y.o. Killed By Stalker Who Wouldn’t Take NO For An Answer

It is 2019, but we're still grappling with this reality in our country. Girls are subject to immeasurable violence of various sort purely because they're female. When will this change?

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leftover Onam food
Leftover Onam Food? 5 Tasty Ways In Which You Can Create A New Dish The Next Day!

Onam sadya is one of the best meals one can have, but what does one do of the leftover Onam food? Here's help.

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What Made Us Feminists? Some Of Us On The Women’s Web Team Reflect…

Each one of us on the Women's Web team has come to this team in such different ways, live very different lives - yet we have a kernel of similarity that fits us all together like a wonderful jigsaw puzzle.

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mother daughter movies
5 Recent, Sensitively Made Mother Daughter Movies To Watch This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is always on a Sunday - catch up with your moms today with some wonderful, sensitively made, not-so-stereotypical mother daughter movies, from this decade.

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girlie culture
The ‘Girlie’ Culture Of Kids & Young Women Is Detrimental To Feminism; Where Does It Come From?

Pink for girls and blue for boys, right? Wrong! Yet we see so much of pink in the products that today's 'girlie' culture has for girls and even women. Where did it come from?

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Are You More Than A Mom, Pushing For Your Own Dreams Too? Then This Blogathon Is For You

Are you a mom who also believes in dreaming your own dreams and pushing for them even as you do what you want to for your kids? Then write for our #MomAndMore blogathon for Mother's Day 2019.

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What Harrowing Stuff Do The Women Who Run Our Polling Booths Put Up With?

The 2019 elections are half done, the rest of the country waiting to cast its vote. But do you know that the well oiled machinery of the polls runs on the labours of some "invisible" personnel, a large number of whom are women? 

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getting to equal working women
10 Exceptional Working Women Share Why Work Adds Such Meaning To Their Lives

Having a career and the financial independence it means creates an identity for women beyond their traditional roles in homes. Which is why workplace equality should be a given.

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Ek Ladki ko dacha toh aisa laga review
Bollywood Might Just Have Grown Up With This Ladki’s Love Story – A Spoiler Free Review!

A TGIF visit to the movies with friends, and I was watching something that might just be revolutionary in mainstream Indian Cinema - a same sex love story that everyone in the family can watch! 

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Escape Velocity
When Women Express Themselves With Escape Velocity, Can They Can Break All Barriers?

A group of writers got together for a writing workshop, and the anthology Escape Velocity grew out of their stories. Does it deliver what it promised?

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new books in January 2019
5 Must-Read New Books By Indian Women That I’d Like To Begin 2019 With

A handy roundup of interesting new books in January 2019 by Indian women authors that have to be added to your to-be-read list. 

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new books December 2018
8 New Books For December 2018 By Indian Women Writers, To End The Year With

A handy roundup of interesting new books for December 2018 by Indian women authors that can be added to your to-be-read list. 

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As An Indian Woman, You Can’t Travel Alone Overseas Without A Man’s Permission? Really?

An adult Indian woman recently put up a Facebook post about having told by an immigration officer that she could not travel unless she had permission from her parents or another male.

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Travel To US, UK, Whatever, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani!

Kipling has famously stated - Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet… this is so true. Until one imbibes the 'foreign' culture one visits, and makes it one’s own.

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Feisty at Fifty review
Do You Think Women In Their 50s Should Be Retiring Already Or Living It Up?

Feisty at Fifty: How I Stay Fabulous at Fifty-Plus by Sudha Menon promises to be an interesting read going by the cover page and title. Does it deliver? 

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We’ve Reached A Dead End, But Won’t Give Up Until This Rapist Of A 10 y.o. Is Punished

Bystander intervention by speaking up, reporting a crime, and following it up does give results, even if not satisfactory every time. But that did not faze these inspiring women who are committed to getting a rapist punished.

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new books in November
17 New Books By Indian Women Authors In November 2018 For Your Reading Pleasure

A handy roundup of interesting new books for November 2018 by Indian women authors (and one by a non-Indian author that we think is a must-read), that can be added to your to-be-read list. 

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new books in October 2018
20 Handpicked New Books By Indian Women Authors To Look Forward To In October 2018

A handy roundup of interesting new books in October 2018 by Indian women authors (and a couple by non-Indian authors that we think are a must-read), that can be added to your to-be-read list. 

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If Schools Discriminate Against Trans And Queer Persons, What Are Our Children Learning?

A school in Bangalore discriminated against a genderqueer writer who was to be a speaker at a children's literature fest. What went wrong, and how can we change our attitudes towards the LGBT+ community?

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When Little Boys Grow Up, What Makes Them Think It’s OK To Rape?

We have a responsibility towards our kids, to give them the right values that enable them to respect any human being, of any gender. How are we going so wrong that 17-18 year olds feel entitled to rape?

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new books for September 2018
13 New Books By Indian Women Authors Coming In September 2018 For Your TBR List

A handy roundup of interesting new books for September 2018 by Indian women authors, that can be added to your to-be-read list. 

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The other side of silence
You’ve Seen Violence Against Women In Partition Movies, But Reality Was Much Worse

Urvashi Butalia speaks to real women survivors in The Other Side Of Silence, the biggest casualties of the Partition, suffering in war zones that see men come out at their worst. 

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Rowling quotes
10 Brilliant JK Rowling Quotes That Are NOT From The Harry Potter Books

31st July, is a double birthday for Potterheads - Harry Potter "born as the seventh month dies" and the creator of the books, JK Rowling. Here are 10 Rowling quotes not from the HP books.

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alternate Nobel for Literature
The 2018 Alternative Nobel For Literature Will Shortlist An Equal Number Of Women Writers

The Nobel for Literature for 2018 had been cancelled earlier this year, because the Swedish Academy had been dismantled following sex scandals due to the #MeToo movement.

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best read in 2018
9 Indian Women Authors Recommend Their Best Read In 2018 – How Many have You Read?

Wouldn't you like to know what your favourite women authors have read recently? 9 of these authors recommend their best read in 2018. 

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love and companionship
Marriage Shouldn’t Be Just Legal Sex, Stability, & Kids. We Need A Witness To Our Lives

Why should people marry? Is it just the things we're told by elders that have to do with the mundane? What about love and companionship? Do we always get it?

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The Girl In The Broken Mirror
The Girl In The Broken Mirror Is A Hard Look Into The Mind Of A Rape Survivor [#BookReview]

The Girl In The Broken Mirror by Savita Kalhan is a book I'd recommend to anyone over 16, a book that shines a light on the rape culture that dehumanises a rape survivor.

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girl power quotes
15 Inspiring Girl Power Quotes From Your Favourite Authors, Characters, And Singers

Searching for some girl power quotes? Look no further! Here are some girl power quotes by your favourite authors and characters. 

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women innovators
Here Are Some Amazing Women Innovators In India Whom You Could Follow

These women innovators have made a mark in their chosen fields, making a difference with their work. Do find out more about them here.

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Geet Ramayan
When The Geet Ramayan Touched My Soul Despite My Reservations About The Epic

I have had a love-hate relationship with the story of Ram and Sita all my life. Despite that, a live performance of the Geet Ramayan touched my soul.

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positive LGBTQ quotes
13 Life Affirming, Positive Pride Month Quotes That You MUST Read

Non-heterosexual people are human beings just like you and I, and have a right to be themselves. Here are 13 positive pride month quotes that could be a first step towards light.

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Sridevi movies
A Heartfelt Tribute: 9 Must Watch Sridevi Movies In Hindi That Are My Personal Favourites

A personal list of Sridevi movies that I have loved. My heartfelt tribute to this excellent woman actor and strong woman. May you rest in peace, Sridevi!

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literary love quotes
Need Some ‘Non-Cheesy’ Quotes About Love For Valentine’s Day? Here Are 17 Quotes From Books

Valentine's Day has been thoroughly 'hallmarked' and makes for extremely cheesy quotes on love, unlike these quotes about love from books.

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she is born a woman
A Right To Her Own Self

#Poetry. A woman often has no right to her own self, simply because she is born a woman. When will this change? When will she be able to own her self and her life?

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Why I Am Thankful Today For The Kindness Of Strangers

No matter how bad we think the world is, people are intrinsically good, and do help in times of need, as this personal account of the kindness of strangers proves.

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books on chocolate
12 Scrumptious Chocolate Themed Books By Women Authors To Binge On Today, For World Chocolate Day!

Today, 7th July, is World Chocolate Day. What would be more perfect than checking out a list of delectable books on chocolate, and adding them to your to-be-read list?

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Double or Quits
Double Or Quits Is An Interesting Metro Read That You Can Pick Up For A Rainy Day [#BookReview]

Double or Quits by Shilpa Gupta is a pageturner that brings you a strong woman protagonist who refuses to stay down despite circumstances.

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Mother's Day quotes
31 Literary Mother’s Day Quotes That Are Not All About Sweetness & Light

These Mother's Day quotes show mothers as being their own persons, wanting to live their own lives, and refusing to be put on a pedestal.

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This World Disability Day- An Amazing Fest Of Inclusive Stories For Kids

Check out these books on inclusive stories for kids on Saffron Tree, during their online festival CROCUS, this World Disability Day, 3rd December.

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Sania Mirza Hits An Ace Back At Rajdeep Sardesai’s Paternalistic Question. Game, Set, Match!

So, Sania Mirza, the no 1 tennis player who has very firmly put India on the world sports map, has yet again faced the inevitable consequence of being a woman.

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No Matter How Dark Things Seem To Be, There Is Always A Better Tomorrow

Life might seem hopeless when a relationship fails, but there is life beyond all that, in which YOU are important.

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10 Things Our Readers Said They Would Like To Let Go For A Better Life [#TuesdayTalkies]

We asked you, our readers, "If there is one thing you could let go from your life, what would it be, and why?" Here are the 10 best answers from our readers.

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Grow Up Boys! Holi Celebrations Don’t Need To Be An Unholy Mess.

The festival of Holi has become a convenient reason for street harassment of women, what with the licence to misbehave that men take. 

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Unwomanly Behaviour, Anyone?

Who decides what should be accepted feminine behaviour? Why can't we just be ourselves? Human beings who can be unique?

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Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence In India [Book Review]

Domestic violence can reduce most women to a cowering victim. This is a collection of narratives by 17 women who are survivors of domestic violence, and who have been courageously come out with their stories.

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This Christmas Book List With Reccos For All Ages Will Make Your Holiday Joyous!

Christmas is a time for families to bask in the warmth of the festive season. This Christmas book list with suggestions for every age helps you usher in the festival spirit.

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How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways [Poem]

The poem here describes the author's intense love for books in evocative verse. The books define her, and make up a large part of her life. Read this third winning entry for our December Book Talk theme.

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Are The Festivals Of India Unfair To Women?

Are the festivals in India unfair to women? Are our festivals male-centric? Sandhya writes a thoughtful post.

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#IAm16ICanRape [Book Review]

Kirtida Gautam’s un-put-downable book, #IAm16ICanRape, is a hard-hitting, brilliant fictional deconstruction of a rape case.

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10 Must Read Memoirs By Women Of The Subcontinent

We bring 10 must read memoirs by women of the subcontinent. Books that will inspire and make us look at ourselves in a different way.

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painful sexual intercourse
Painful Sexual Intercourse (Dyspareunia) In Women: Causes And Cure

Painful Sexual Intercourse or Dyspareunia in women is a common experience though hardly talked about. This piece, talks about its causes and cure.

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myths about osteoporosis
7 Common Myths About Osteoporosis That You Must Know Of Today

You are young, eat well and are healthy too. So you think you can't get Osteoporosis? Think again. Here are 7 common myths about Osteoporosis, you must know.

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The Other End Of The Corridor [Book Review]

The Other End Of The Corridor by Sujata Rajpal brings alive a protagonist caught in the web of a patriarchal society. Will she find her way out?

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Ananya: A Bittersweet Journey [Book Review]

Ananya: A Bittersweet Journey, by Shilpa Gupta, is an interesting page-turner that deals with the various complexities involved in teenage lives.

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Shaping Women Through Mythology : Women Of The Ramayana

The women of the Ramayana, especially Sita, have become benchmarks for Indian women over time. Here is a list of books with various approaches to the women of the Ramayana.

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Baby Makers : The Story Of Indian Surrogacy [Book Review]

Gita Aravamudan's new book, Baby makers, is an in-depth and emotionally charged exploration of Indian surrogacy, aided by real life surrogacy stories.

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Are Your Bones Weaker Than You Think?

When it comes to good health, the small things matter. Read on to find out what a lack of Calcium and Vitamin D may be doing to your body.

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The Half Mother [Book Review]

Shahnaz Bashir, in The Half Mother, brings to us a tale of ordinary civilians under attack, and the struggle of a lone woman for her right to dignity and life.

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Queens, Consorts And King-Makers: Powerful Books On Powerful Women

Through the history of the world, there have been a few extraordinary women to wield authority. Here are some powerful books on these powerful women.

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12 Must Read School Stories For Children (And The Curious Adult)

Most of us love school stories, but do not know of others beyond Enid Blyton and Harry Potter. Here are 12 must read lesser known school stories.

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The Winds of Hastinapur, by Sharath Kommaraju
The Winds Of Hastinapur [Book Review]

The winds of Hastinapur, by Sharath Kommaraju, explores The Mahabharata in a way that has never been done before - through the eyes of an ensemble all-woman cast.

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Stereotypes about women writers
Women Write And Read Only Sentimental Nonsense. Seriously?

Stereotypes about women writers and readers as narrow in their reading aptitudes and 'sentimental' still exist, but they harm both women and men.

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9 Lesser Known Books That Inspire Change For The World’s Women

Besides ‘big name’ books such The Female Eunuch and The Vagina Monologues, some lesser known books too inspire change for women.

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Have you ever lost something that seems trivial, and yet so important at that moment? A story of losing and recouping, all in the course of a day.

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More than just Biryani, Andaleeb Wajid
More Than Just Biryani

Love a well-written, feel good, heart-warming love story, and love good food, too? Andaleeb Wajid’s More Than Just Biryani is the perfect book to read.

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alternative careers in health
Alternative Careers In Health

Wish to work in health but have no medical degree? Have a medical background, but want to branch out? Here are alternate careers in health.

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fit to fight vesna p jacob
Fit To Fight by Vesna P. Jacob

Vesna P. Jacob’s book, Fit to Fight is an invaluable resource for women who want to feel safer by knowing how they can defend themselves.

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parenting teens in modern times
Parenting Teens In Modern Times By Anju Musafir-Chazot

Parenting Teens In Modern Times by Anju Musafir-Chazot is the perfect resource for the bewildered parent caught between ground realities of Indian culture, western-centric parenting sites/books, and a ‘cool’ teenager.

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lunch box ideas
Fast And Fun Lunch Box Ideas

What are some quick, easy and interesting lunch box ideas that don’t compromise on health and nutrition?

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She Is Born A Woman

She is born a woman. Will she ever be able to be true to herself without being apologetic or being made to feel guilty about wanting to be herself?

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Im Pregnant Lalita Iyer Book Review
I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot!

Lalita Iyer’s book, I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot! is an almost clairvoyant peek into the mind of every woman who goes through a pregnancy.

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Sex Education For Children Made Easy With Help From Books

Convinced of the need for sex education for children, but having trouble teaching kids about the birds and bees? Books to the rescue!

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Book review: Nandini Krishnan's Hitched
Hitched: A Close Look At Arranged Marriage

Nandini Krishnan’s Hitched is an up-close and personal look at arranged marriages in the lives of today’s urban, educated, and progressive Indian women.

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Oleander Girl

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's book Oleander Girl is a story of a young woman's search for her parentage and consequently her identity.

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Book review: Kim Gattas’ The Secretary
The Secretary

Kim Gattas’ The Secretary gives us an interesting insight into Hillary Clinton’s tenure as the US Secretary of State.

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movies to watch with kids
10 Movies To Watch With Young Kids

Here are 10 movies to watch with kids that will be a godsend for parents to keep little ones occupied during vacations.

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Rashmi Bansal's Follow Every Rainbow
Follow Every Rainbow

Rashmi Bansal’s Follow Every Rainbow is a collection of inspiring, real life stories of some strong women who’ve charted their own paths.

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Common health problems in Indian women
Watch Out! 6 Red Flags For Women’s Health

What are the red flags that indicate common health problems in women? We tell you the signs that every woman must watch out for.

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Sheila Kumar's Kith and Kin
Kith And Kin

Sheila Kumar’s Kith And Kin is an almost voyeuristic peek into the lives of the Melekat clan, written in an unusual format.

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5 Books To Read When Dealing With Grief

The loss of loved one stakes a toll on women’s health; sometimes books can help when dealing with the grief.

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Preventing objectification of the girl child in India
The Barbification Of India

As gender stereotyping affects every girl child in India, teaching kids to look beyond pinks and princesses becomes even more pertinent.

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Book review of Amruta Patil’s Adi Parva
Adi Parva

Amruta Patil’s Adi Parva is a feminist retelling of the Mahabharat, with an interesting focus on its women characters.

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India Inclusion Summit
Focus On Ability, Not Disability

The recent India Inclusion Summit was an eye opener on Disability in India; Sandhya Renukamba shares her experience

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Sampat Pal: Warrior In A Pink Sari
Warrior In A Pink Sari: A Sampat Pal Biography

Warrior In A Pink Sari is an autobiographical account of Sampat Pal, the feisty leader of Uttar Pradesh’s Gulabi Gang.

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5 Rituals For Diwali Celebrations With Family

Diwali celebrations with family are always fun! Tips for Indian moms to make Diwali more special by including some meaningful family rituals.

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Help for Indian moms to deal with peer pressure
Dealing With Peer Pressure As A Parent

No doubt children face peer pressure; but it can also affect parents. Some tips for Indian moms to deal with peer pressure.

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Book review of P.Sivagami's The Taming Of Women
The Taming Of Women

P.Sivakami’s The Taming Of Women is a rustic story of the conflicts and struggles between tenacious women and tyrannical men.

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Teaching kids about equality and respect
Teaching Kids Equality And Respect

Tips for teaching kids about equality and respect, which will help them grow up to be balanced and responsible individuals.

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Friendship Story
My Childhood Friend

Sandhya writes about a friendship in which dissimilarities and differences simply don’t matter for our Friendship Story writing theme.

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10 Books For Teaching Kids About Diversity

Teaching kids about diversity though important can be quite challenging for many parents. Here are 10 books about diversity for kids!

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Anne Frank's Diary
The Diary Of A Young Girl

Sandhya talks about The Diary Of A Young Girl - the heartbreaking journal of Anne Frank describing the cruelty of Nazi persecution.

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