12 Scrumptious Chocolate Themed Books By Women Authors To Binge On Today, For World Chocolate Day!

Today, 7th July, is World Chocolate Day. What would be more perfect than checking out a list of delectable books on chocolate, and adding them to your to-be-read list?

Today, 7th July, is World Chocolate Day. What would be more perfect than checking out a list of delectable books on chocolate, and adding them to your to-be-read list?

Chocolate. The food of the gods, coming from the cocoa tree, with a botanical name that validates this – Theobroma cacao, the drink of the gods. Absolutely irresistible, luscious, yummy goodness that is known to be a mood elevator. After all, even JK Rowling could not resist making chocolate the perfect antidote to being attacked by Dementors, those soul sucking monsters that suck away all emotions and happy memories.

When you say books on chocolate, the very first name that comes to any self-respecting bibliophile’s mind is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A fantastic fantasy of a book, perfect for the subject, chocolate. Yum.

But let us look at some books on chocolate that are written by women authors. And no, I’m not just talking about cookbooks with recipes involving chocolate, or books on chocolate that talk of its history, sometimes a very bloody history. I want to talk about fiction, books that can transport you to another world altogether, as chocolate themed books should, quite a few of them in the genre of magic realism.


Joanne Harris

The mysterious Vianne Rocher and her daughter come to a sleepy town during the month of Lent and set up a chocolaterie, and churn up so much more than a scrumptious cup of hot chocolate. A delicious and almost subversive romp that will keep you wanting more from this author.

The Lollipop Shoes

Joanne Harris

While Chocolat was a delicious mesmerizing of our senses, this sequel is much more of dark chocolate. Bitter, yet with the unmistakable hint of that delicious sweetness that lingers – let’s find out what happens to Vianne, and most importantly, to her daughter Anouk…

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Like Water for Chocolate

Laura Esquivel

As the youngest daughter in the family in 19th century Mexico, Tita cannot marry, and must stay back to take care of her mother. What happens when the man she loves and whose cooking has mesmerised her marries her sister just so that he can stay close to her?

Julia’s Chocolates

Cathy Lamb

Chocolate might just save the protagonist, Julia, from drowning in her sorrows. Baking with it feeds her soul, and gives her the much needed strength.

The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris

Jenny Colgan

Anna Trent works with the finest chocolate in Paris, making handmade goodies for the rich, a far cry from her earlier job in a chocolate factory in England. But her life changes when something unexpected happens.

The Chocolate Lovers’ Club

Carole Mathews

Four women come together over their love of chocolate. Their sisterhood holds up under some stressful times, and the chocolate helps them get through these. This is the first in a series.

The Sweetest Spell

Suzanne Selfors

Emmeline has a secret gift – she can churn milk into chocolate – a gift she unexpectedly discovers at a low in her life. Will that take her where she wants to be? Magical realism, as all chocolate stories should be.

Bread and Chocolate

Philippa Gregory

We associate the name of Philippa Gregory with period historical fiction, long sagas of court intrigue. But here the author shows her mastery on the short story – not just historical fiction, but many other genres. Worth picking up for your collection.

The Confectioner’s Tale

Laura Madeleine

In 1909 Paris, a young man encounters the daughter of a famous Patisserie owner, and gets introduced to the magic of chocolate. 80 years later, a young PhD student comes across a photograph of her grandfather as a young man, with some intriguing words written on the back. An engaging tale of two stories almost a century apart.

Off the Menu

Christine Son

Three Asian American women, almost stereotypically overachievers (that’s what Asian Americans are, right?) very different from each other who are close friends yet keep secrets from each other. They come together for a weekend getaway, and then all gloves are off. Where does chocolate come into this? Find out.

Of Grace and Chocolate

Krista Lynne Jensen

Jillian comes from a dysfunctional home that had an alcoholic mother, but has built a guarded and almost regimented world for herself as a single woman working at a publishing house, a writer working on her masterpiece, and the only addiction she’ll permit herself, her daily chocolate. But the only constant is change, isn’t it?

Unmasking Juliet

Teri Wilson

A modern take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the protagonist of this book has grown up learning to make chocolates in their family chocolaterie, and about the bitter feud between the two leading chocolaterie families in town. What happens in this modern day love story?

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