Did You Face Misogyny As A Woman When You Went To A Doctor?

Dismissal of our symptoms. Or misdiagnosis. Or treatment not given properly. Or we are shamed for what we suffer or feel. Or even as women, we often ignore our ill health. Sounds familiar?

It’s April already, summer setting in. A new month, a new financial year.

World Health Day is on 7th April. This year is special as it is the 75th year of the World Health Organisation, and the theme is ‘Health For All’. But are all of us really given the same opportunities and treatment when it comes to health issues?

Women’s health is still an area that suffers from #MedicalMisogyny

From the internalised patriarchy that causes women to minimise their symptoms, hide their illnesses especially if associated with their menstrual and reproductive functions so taboo in social narratives. To doctors dismissive of many symptoms when women speak of them, with misdiagnosis, improper or insufficient treatment, the shaming that even the medical professionals indulge in.

So much of #MedicalMisogyny that we face as women. And I haven’t even gone into the area of mental health issues that women face.

One of our authors, Aarushi Ahluwalia, wrote this excellent, nuanced first person account a while ago, speaking of how she was not just shamed for choosing to have an abortion, but how it was considered that she did not have the right to grieve her loss, because, well, she chose it!

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Image source: a still from Dr G

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