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medical violence
The real test after birthing. #MedicalMisogyny
Breastfeeding Isn’t Always Easy Or Possible For New Moms; Stop Shaming Them!

I woke up at 5 in the evening and was only scared of one thing: Will I be able to breastfeed my son? Thankfully, I could breastfeed, and my baby latched well!

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A Male Doctor Told Me ‘Period Pain Is Mostly Mild; The Severity Is Mostly In The Head’!
Menstrual pain: to be or not to be. #urgent

Upon discussing this incident with friends and family, a few shared their unpleasant experiences of seeking medical help during periods. Rude comments, dismissing remarks, and disappointing medical cures, is all they received for their distressing problems.

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You’re A Woman So Your Pain MUST Be Imaginary…!

There was something small and sharp stuck in my throat so after trying everything to take it out we went to an ENT specialist, but...

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When A Doctor Humiliated Me For My Pain During A Scan!
When a Doctor humiliated me for pain during a scan #MedicalMisogyny

I was astonished. A female doctor had me feel uncomfortable, unworthy, and deficient. However, here, a male doctor made me feel safe and comfortable. I felt treated with dignity and not reduced to some baby-making machine.

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When The Gynaec Deliberately Stalled Labour Because It Was Inconvenient To Her!
#MedicalMisogyny : Of how labour was not allowed to proceed smoothly to suit the convenience of the Gynaecologist

The Gynaecologist clearly wanted to prolong the labour so she could conduct a C-section at her convenience. Medical malpractice? Maybe. But how can anyone prove it?

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A One Night Stand

After going through innumerable arranged marriage bride-inspection sessions, Pallavi was tired of waiting for the proverbial knight in shining armour.

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