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When a Doctor humiliated me for pain during a scan #MedicalMisogyny
When A Doctor Humiliated Me For My Pain During A Scan!

I was astonished. A female doctor had me feel uncomfortable, unworthy, and deficient. However, here, a male doctor made me feel safe and comfortable. I felt treated with dignity and not reduced to some baby-making machine.

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When The Gynaec Deliberately Stalled Labour Because It Was Inconvenient To Her!
#MedicalMisogyny : Of how labour was not allowed to proceed smoothly to suit the convenience of the Gynaecologist

The Gynaecologist clearly wanted to prolong the labour so she could conduct a C-section at her convenience. Medical malpractice? Maybe. But how can anyone prove it?

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A One Night Stand

After going through innumerable arranged marriage bride-inspection sessions, Pallavi was tired of waiting for the proverbial knight in shining armour.

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Doctor You’re Here To Give Patients The Best Possible Care, Not To Judge Them!

Maya could see Seema’s discomfort and frustration and couldn’t take it anymore, “Excuse me, Doctor,” she interjected, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk to a patient like that."

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If He Won’t Take Care Of Himself You Should Do It As His Wife!

There’s nothing wrong as such, to be entrusted with the responsibility of your spouse’s good health. But never has any doctor or nurse or relative asked my husband to take care of mine despite my worse health problems!

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When The Doctor Said I Was ‘Doing Too Much Drama’ During A Painful Invasive Procedure

Trigger Warning: This deals with anxiety, trauma due to infertility, and gaslighting by health care personnel and may be triggering for survivors. The time was ripe. Our life was almost on track with our planning. A new home was booked. At the professional level, we were at a not-so-bad place. The family was anxious about […]

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