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‘So What If The Baby Cries? All Babies Do…’ The Neonatologist Said About My Hungry 2 Day Old!

If this could happen to me, a professionally trained doctor myself, and a strong, independent woman, I shudder to think of what other women face.

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‘Isn’t It Time To Plan On Completing Your Family?’ Who Decides?
The Decision  #MedicalMisogyny

While the whole world was more than eager to give her unsolicited advice on motherhood, nobody wanted to pause and hear her concerns.

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I Never Knew A Doctor Could Treat Me So Badly Until I Got Pregnant
I never knew I can be so put down by a doctor, until I got pregnant #MedicalMisogyny

So, was I just supposed to resign to everything that was happening to me? In my view, just because something is common and part of pregnancy, cannot make it normal.

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Those Dreaded Labour Room Memories That Still Give Me Nightmares

The labour room is where women are their most vulnerable, and a kind word, a friendly face, is what they need. Not rude, inconsiderate staff.

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Stop Acting! All Women Endure This So You’re Not Special!

She told my mother, "You doting parents turn these girls into delicate darlings, you should let them be a little tough. Girls have to be strong, what is this?"

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When Doctors Blamed Everything From My Work To An ‘Autism Gene’ For My Child’s Autism

Did I fail my child by being a working mother? Or did the medical community fail my daughter and her parents with its misogynistic biases and lack of empathy?

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