Parvadavardini Sethuraman

Parvadavardini Sethuraman

A dreamer by passion and an Advocate by profession. Mother to an ever energetic and curious little princess. I long to see the day when Gender equality is a reality in the world.

Voice of Parvadavardini Sethuraman

When Women Decide To Break The Shackles There Is No Stopping Them, Proves #MeToo

With #MeToo are women looking for attention? No, they are not! So, better support and stand by them to report. Let justice reign after a fair investigation.

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Why Are The Supreme Court’s 3 Path-Breaking Judgements Annoying The Hell Out Of People?

Three path-breaking judgements by the Supreme Court in a month's time. Its progressive approach is laudable. Then why are people opposing these? 

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With ‘Adarsha Bahu’ Course, Haryana Gang Rape And More… Is Women Empowerment A Reality In India?

Two recent news articles about women's plight in this country compelled author to write. She wonders, if women empowerment in India is truly a reality? 

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Decriminalizing Section 377 Is Only Half The Battle Won. There Is More To Be Done!

Due to Supreme Court's Verdict on Section 377 celebrations can be witnessed everywhere. But the major struggle still remains writes Parvadavardini Sethuraman.

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Should You Really Tolerate Emotional Abuse To Maintain ‘Peace In The House’?

Emotional abuse is often masked, and quite often the women do not even realise that they are victims of a traditional and patriarchal mindset.

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Can’t Help Kerala In Any Way? Mind Your Own Business And Stop Spreading Hatred

The Kerala floods were one of nature's worst deluges in almost a century. This natural calamity showed us two facets of the human side of our country's citizens.

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Dear Judgementalists, It’s Time You Stop Poking Your Noses Into Our Lives

Every girl irrespective of her age and what she does, she will be constantly judged by other people. Here are some tips from the author, for asking those judgemrntalists to mind their own business and leave us alone.

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ideal couple
Why I Think Society’s Definition Of The ‘Ideal Couple’ Can Be Dangerous For Women

When people are fine with a couple in which the woman is much younger, why do they have an issue when the man might be younger?

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The Girl Child Is Alive, But Does She Have A Life?

The ugly reality of India today is that we may magnanimously 'allow' the girl child to live, but we are very far from giving her a life of safety and dignity.

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