How To Reuse Old Clothes And Give Your Wardrobe A MakeOver

We're all faced with old clothes that we can neither use nor give away. Here are some fantastic tips to re-style, re-use, and give your clothes a makeover!


We’re all faced with old clothes that we can neither use nor give away. Here are some fantastic tips to re-style, re-use, and give your clothes a makeover!

Clothes maketh a man. Clothes can make us look a million dollars. We have clothes we love to wear, no longer wear, or clothes we buy and never wear. Either these garments have become outdated, we do not find them attractive anymore, or they do not fit. They lie in our closet for years and occupy space, in the hope that we may wear them someday.

We can donate any excess clothes to charity or the lesser privileged. Another way of clearing out your closet is by inviting friends for a clothes-swapping session. This will give not only give everyone a chance to clear out clothes which they do not intend on wearing but can be a fun get-together as well.

What do you do with clothes that you neither wear nor wish to give away?

While we clear out unused clothes, we may have clothes that we do not wish to part with; they remind us of unnecessary splurging or we have some sentimental value attached to them. What do you do with clothes that you neither wear nor wish to give away? Here are some interesting ways in which you can give your wardrobe or your home a total makeover; by ‘shopping’ in your own cupboard!

Making the most of unused Sarees

Refashion into clothes

A saree is the most timeless and elegant garment in a woman’s wardrobe. Although we love them, we have several which we haven’t worn for ages. We have kept them, as we have memories attached to them e.g. wedding sarees or sarees given to us by our mothers or grandmothers. Just the mere thought of giving them away makes us nostalgic. However, without having to part with them, one can design and create the most wonderful clothing items, since saris are a lengthy piece of material and are very versatile.

One can make salwar kameez, dupattas, stoles or scarves with an unused sari. Dupattas or stoles worn with simple kurtis can make them look bright and cheerful. You can give yourself an ethnic and a modern look by designing a colourful flowing skirt or a dress, along with a matching potli (bag).

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Bags and hair accessories

Grocery bags can be stitched with cotton sarees, thereby eliminating the use of plastic bags, which are not eco-friendly.

The ‘leftover’ saree material can be used to make chic hair accessories – a hair scarf, which can be tied in different ways, a bandana (for bad hair days) or you can make your own hair scrunchies.

 Saree curtains, bed covers, and pillow covers

You can give your living room or your bedroom a traditional look with silk, cotton, or embroidered saris which you no longer wear. Silk sarees can be tailored into lovely curtains, bed covers, and pillow covers.

Saree album covers and wrap presents

Saree cloth can also be utilized to wrap presents and add a personal touch to them. You can cover your family albums or your favorite book with sari borders and wrap your memories in your heirloom saris.

Using old tops, pyjamas, and sweaters

Old tops which you no longer wear and want to make use of again, can be altered into sleeveless, tank, tube, cropped, or halter tops.

An unused long top, a dress, or even a shirt can be modified and used as an apron in the kitchen. Old, unused  pyjamas can be recycled into hankies. You can brighten these hankies by embroidering them.

Old sweaters can be altered into a scarf for yourself for the chilly season ahead, or you can keep your pet warm and cozy by designing sweaters for them. A winter overcoat that has not been used for ages can be given a makeover by cutting it into a cropped jacket.

Re-organize and Restyle

When you get bored of your old clothes, you can reorganize or put them away. When you rediscover your old clothes, they will be a pleasure to wear all over again.

Restyling is an excellent way to turn your old clothes into brand new ones. A pair of denim or corduroy jeans can be re-sized into different lengths. You can rip your jeans, sew a patch, or add embellishments to give it a completely different look. You can also change the color of your top or trouser by dyeing it.

Old Denim can be cut and stuck around mugs or the  jean pockets can be cut and stuck on a cardboard or a wooden board and used as a pen holders. Ordinary bangles a can be made fashionable  by covering them with denim.


You can add life to old clothes if you shop smart and invest in good quality accessories. Accessories can instantly revamp your look and alter the look of your old clothes from plain to stunning. E.g. Bright colored handbags or clutches can make you stand out. Chunky jewellery can light up your face and take attention away from your clothes.

Wearing something basic like a lipstick can lift not just your mood, but the mood of your clothes as well!

A wrist watch not only looks trendy, but keep you punctual. Wearing something basic like a lipstick can lift not just your mood but the mood of your clothes as well! Belts can change the appearance of shapeless tops or frocks considerably. Shoes can help you put your best foot forward and make you look taller or sharper. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes but also make you look glamorous. A scarf can be worn differently for different occasions and can look stylish.

Mix and match

When you have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet you cannot decide what you want to wear, you can mix and match your clothes. Different combinations can give you a trendy new look everyday- e.g. a plain white shirt can be worn with a blazer for a formal look at work, with jeans for a casual look, or with accessories, while going out over weekends.

A top worn in different ways can transform the look of your clothes and your get-up e.g.- a top can be tucked in with jeans, worn with a skirt, with long earrings, or simply with different hair. This also gives the impression  that you have a large wardrobe!


When items like towels or any piece of clothing no longer serves a purpose, you can use them for cleaning – floors, windows, or even your car. You can also surprise children by stitching clothes for their favourite toys!

Redesigning can refurbish your home and help you alter your wardrobe dramatically. Many of these items of clothing can be made from DIY fashion tutorials online. This can not only be a good and productive hobby which helps you save money, but also helps you contribute immensely to saving the earth’s natural resources.

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