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15 Things To Do In Kashmir With Your Girl Group!
15 Things To Do In Kashmir With Your Girl Group!

Kashmir is on everyone's bucket list! Here are 15 things to do in Kashmir, that I learned after my recent visit to the paradise on Earth!

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Sunday Special Vegan Spaghetti And Meatball Recipe

Getting everyone in the house into the kitchen, and cooking together can be so much fun!

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one-pot recipes
3 Fabulous Indian Rice One-Pot Recipes That Can Be Ready Under 45 Mins!

Here are 3 lip-smacking vegetarian, Indian one-pot recipes that can be whipped up in less than 45 mins! One-pot dishes are a great way to make a quick, healthy, wholesome meal.

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8 Reasons Why Men Have It Easier Than Women (Not Counting Gender Based Violence)

Without even accounting for violence against women or systemic violence women face just for being women, men have it easier.

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20 Essential Items Every Woman MUST Have In Her Handbag!

Are there any must-haves for you in your handbag, things that you personally can’t do without?

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Ladies, Stop Feeling Bad About These 146 Things ASAP!

All our lives, we are made to feel guilty, embarrassed & ashamed of too many things. Here's my list of things we need not feel bad about!

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‘Beauty With Brains’ & 17 Other ‘Compliments’ That No One Likes To Hear!

While everyone loves getting compliments, there are some compliments that seem like insults in disguise! Here are 18 such 'compliments.'

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prawns pulao
An Easy Prawns Pulao/Kolimbi Chi Khichdi Recipe For When You Need A Perfect One-Pot Treat!

Try this prawns pulao recipe if you want to try something new for your tastebuds! It is bound to change your mind about the boring khichdi!

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My Picks For What Every First Time Visitor MUST Eat, See & Do In Bangkok

If you're planning a trip to Bangkok and are confused as to what to do and what to eat, where to go, here is a first hand experience of a trip to Bangkok!

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I Travelled ‘Solo’ With A Group Tour And I Am So Glad I did!

The author pens a vivid account of her first solo trip to Himachal Pradesh. The trip brought out the adventurer in her and gave her new perspectives.

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Kerala food
10 Kerala Food Delicacies That You MUST Try On A Trip To God’s Own Country!

Trying local and traditional dishes on travel can be a memorable and enriching experience. Here are 10 Kerala food delicacies that I enjoyed on a recent trip.

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My Short Holiday In A Paradise Called Phuket That Gave Us A Taste Of Thailand

If you are yearning for a holiday that gets you away from the stresses of everyday life, to a place which offers plenty of peace and pleasure, then Phuket is for you!

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tuberculosis myths
14 Tuberculosis Myths Busted! Spread The Awareness, Not The Disease

Shrouding tuberculosis myths in silence and the burden of stigma around the disease makes it difficult to stop the spread of the debilitating disease.

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keeping cool in summer
Keeping Cool In Summer Is Now A Breeze With These Fabulous Tips!

It is hot. It is sultry. But keeping cool in summer is easy with these wonderful tips - certainly do try the chilled drinks featured here!

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Visiting Wales
Visiting Wales? Some Cool Things To Look Forward To In Cardiff, The Capital City!

Thinking of visiting Wales some time? Check out these wonderful places in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales!

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painful sexual intercourse
A Hernia Is Not Just A Man’s Problem! Things Women Should Know About Hernias

A hernia is a common condition, and can occur in anyone, not just in a man! Here is what women need to know about hernias.

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Do Try Out These Yummy Indian Egg Recipes The Next Time You Want To Cook Something Simple But Nutritious!

Here are some yummy Indian egg recipes to try out for a tasty meal. After all, the versatile egg isn't just for western food!

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7 Great Benefits Of Colouring Books, The New Therapy That Will Make You Calmer And Your Life A Whole Lot Brighter

Colouring books are a great way to focus and relax, and a great therapy in many anxiety inducing situations, a good alternative to meditation. 

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Pump Up The Iron: 7 Vegetarian Iron Rich Foods For Those Who Cannot Get It From Non-Veg Sources

Most food sources of iron fall in the non-vegetarian category. What about the vegetarians? Here is a list of vegetarian iron rich foods that should be helpful.

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How To Prevent Constipation, That Embarrassing Elephant In The Room And A Social Disaster?

Constipation is a common problem, affecting women in ways that can be troublesome. Here is how to prevent constipation.

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So many Fun(tastic) Things To Do On A Rainy Day (And Not Just With Kids!)

It's raining, it's pouring! Can't step out? Fret not. Chill, relax, and have fun by yourself or with the family with these things to do on a rainy day.

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Try Out This Tasty “Vegan Mutton” Biryani Recipe At Home!

Want to try your hand at something that sounds elaborate and impress those guests who are vegetarians? Try this tasty vegan mutton biryani recipe!

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This Varan Phal Recipe Is True Comfort Food When You Need It

Chalukya, also called Varan Phal, or Dal Dhokli. Treat yourself to this easy to make with everyday ingredients, piping hot healthy meal of Indian pasta in a pot. 

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#MyTravelBucketList – A Trip Down Memory Lane To My Childhood In The Andamans

The Andamans are a beautiful holiday destination. The writer of this piece re-visits a year from her childhood when her family had stayed there as her father was posted there, and wishes she could re-visit the place.

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21 Exciting Childhood Activities From Our Times That Could Be As Much Fun For Today’s Children

Here are 21 exciting childhood activities from an earlier, simpler time before the internet that will be as much, if not more fun even for today's children.

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EnergyWise: 9 Great Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bills

If you are thinking of ways to lower your electricity bills, here are 9 easy ways. Go for it, today and be environmentally friendly too.

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5 Challenges in Working For A BPO Or A Call Centre

Working for a BPO ? Here are 5 challenges and occupational hazards to watch out for.

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4 Ways To Protect Your Teeth And Still Gorge On Those Dusshera Sweets

Here are 4 ways to protect your teeth this Diwali while gorging those delicious sweets. We do understand they are too tempting!

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7 Tips To Avoid Beauty Salon Disasters: It’s Better Safe Than To Be Sorry

Here a 7 tips to avoid beauty salon disasters. These tips will surely help you, to avoid those beauty disasters and health hazards.

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11 Things (Not) To Do When Someone is Struggling With a Problem

Here are 11 things to do when someone is struggling with a problem. Bringing up their past or making them feel guilty is certainly not one of them. Read on.

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14 Free Things To Do In Singapore And Have Fun Too

Though Singapore can be hard on one's pocket, it does not mean budget travellers can't have fun! Here are a few free things to do in Singapore and have fun too.

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how to be more energetic
6 Ways To Bring More Energy Into Your Life In 2015

Low energy levels impact every other area of your life significantly. Here's how to be more energetic, starting with small modifications to your life.

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Dr Megha Page
BriefCase: Life As A Dentist, Helping Keep The Smile On

What is life as a dentist in India like, especially as a hospital dentist involved in complex cases? Meet Dr. Megha Page, who shares her insights from the profession.

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winter soup
Winter Soups That Delight (And A Lauki Soup Recipe)

This lauki soup recipe makes tastier soup than you might think - even for those who don't particularly love bottle gourd!

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Best winter health tips
8 Tried & Tested Winter Health Tips That Work

With the Indian winter well underway, here are some tried and tested winter health tips to keep you feeling active and upbeat!

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How To Lead A Simple, Happy Life : Lessons From Grandma

Our grandmothers lived in simpler times, and led lives that were vastly different from us. Here's a list of lessons we can learn from them, and adapt to use in our daily lives!

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Making The Best Of A Trip To London, For Free!

London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, has a ton of free delights to offer. Which ones will you explore?

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How To Reuse Old Clothes And Give Your Wardrobe A MakeOver

We're all faced with old clothes that we can neither use nor give away. Here are some fantastic tips to re-style, re-use, and give your clothes a makeover!

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Food For Thought : Love Food, Hate Waste

How do you make the most of food, eat healthy, and avoid wastage? Here are some handy tips!

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