DIY Decor: 15 Simple Ways To Reuse Commonly Thrown Items

Plenty of items lie unused in our homes - either because they're broken, or old. Here are 15 simple ways to reuse commonly thrown items, and jazz up your home!

Use and never throw! Someone had once said, “Every little thing in this world is valuable.” It could well be everything you have and everything you thought had lived its lifetime. Here are 25 very-easy-to-accomplish reuse ideas for your home and life.

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1. Word-plated

Pic – Anne of Green Gables-inspired shoot from Megan Hayes and Tasteful Tatters for more details

It is a good idea to add words to perk up everyday meals. You can also write down favourite quotes or songs. All you need is a ceramic plate, a permanent porcelain paint marker and a painter’s tape (to support while writing).

2. Cloth hangers

Pic – Kim Fisher

Use torn fabric to bring new light to the dining room. All you need is some torn fabric, a tape and voila – your creation is ready!

3. The tin, man!

Pic – The Zen of Making for Make: Craft Photo by Rachel & The City

Old peppermint tins can be used as an emergency sewing kit or a first aid box. You can use some glitters or coloured papers to make it look attractive.

4. Crackpot!

Pic – Buzzfeed

Don’t despair when your pots break. Use them as micro-planters instead.

Pic – Buzzfeed


5. Turntable to desk

Pic – Buzzfeed

Turn your broken tables into attractive desks.

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6. Wax + Wicks = wow!

Pic – CraftaholicsAnonymous

Brighten up your home using these old bottles caps as candles. All you require is some wax and wicks.

7. Art bound

Pic – Buzzfeed

You can create an art kit using the outer cover board of any book and a broken handle. Stick the handle to the outer board and stick an old cloth inside the board to hold pens of notes, voila! There’s your masterpiece.

8. Save the world

Pic – Huffington Post

Here’s what you can do with those broken globes. Use them as fruits and potpourri holders. They actually make attractive centerpieces. You can also try detailing them with studs or colours.

9. Picture perfect earrings!

Pic – Buzzfeed

Don’t feel sorry for your favourite picture frame that broke, you can instead tie a twine around and make it your personalized earrings holder. Trust me you want to experiment more after this!

10. Level up

Pic- buzzfeed

Ladders as shelves – Broken ladders are the best options for a shelf. You can customize it as you want and use it to keep books and other ceramics. It adds style to your hall.

11. Denimic possession

Pic – Amanda Formaro

Don’t throw away your old pair of denims. Instead, cut out its pocket and make it your funky cell phone or MP3 carrier. Old denims can also be used as door mats or rags.

12. Flowers in tyres

Pic – Buzzfeed

Stylize your garden by using old worn out tyres as flower pots.

13. Burlap dance

Pic – Huffington Post

Burlap fabric (jute rags) can be used as trays and vegetable carriers.

14. Thro-yo? No-no!

Pic –

You can make it a pen or crayons holder or even plant a seedling in your old dahi pots. Don’t throw them away.

15. Cardboard boxed-in

Pic –

Cardboard boxes can be used as attractive fabric or towel holders. Paint them using fabric paint or cover with a fabric and add some detail, if you need to get an attractive container.


 Not only do these old material find new life in easy ways, but they also add punk to your lifestyle. So go ahead and hunt down old things in your home!

A longer version of this piece, with more wonderful ways to jazz up your home with old items, was originally published here.



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