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Sreeparna Sen

Sreeparna Sen, Banker by profession, finds her solace in writing. A Computer Engineer by education, she is a voracious reader. When she is not dealing with the loan documents, you can mostly find her nose in a book or Facebook. She has authored the book Tales of Wizardencil and Kolkata Chronicles. She has also co-authored few anthologies like Hawk’s Nest, Love in Trying Times, Blood Runs Cold, Route 13 – Highway to Hell and Sharing Lipstick. Her blogs have been featured in pages like Momspresso, Women’s Web and Bonobology. Sreeparna frequently writes in her blog Wizardencil By Sreeparna Sen in Wordpress and manages a Facebook page with the same name, where you can find stories written both in English and Bengali. You can follow her website at wizardencil.com. If you liked what you read you can share your thoughts at Facebook or Twitter.

Voice of Sreeparna Sen

The Hidden Truth Behind The ‘Protective Shield’ Of Karva Chauth

Just check the power of women. Yearly once they need to go on a hunger strike and demand to the Almighty that no harm should befall their love. And merciful Almighty gives in.

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Kolkata – Let’s Bring Back Cycles On Road Again

On a hot, sultry afternoon, a barely 20-year-old delivery boy pedalled his way inside our society on his bicycle. He brought me the much-awaited books that I ordered a week ago. As I offered him a glass of water, we had a quick chat.

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Lying Wide Awake In The Dark Room I Realised I Was Just Not Interested In Sex!

But I was not excited, rather I was edgy, imagining what is going to happen in the next few hours. Will he be gentle? Will he force himself upon me? How do I say no today?

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Grandma’s Secret

Still, I write you this letter in my diary today in hope that when I start my journey for the heavenly abode to meet you again, our sons will read this wish of their mother and honour it.

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Body Shaming Is Not A Matter To Joke About; It Can Scar Permanently

In my young mind, it meant only one thing. My parents and sister look pretty, and I don’t. Someone drowned my undefiled joy in a moment, without any reason.

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My First Year Of Motherhood During Pandemic: From Anxiety To Feeling Blessed!

On the threshold of completing a year of motherhood in the pandemic, I have battled anxiety and fears and now I feel so blessed.

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My Husband And I, Maid For Each Other In Our Lockdown Kitchen

After a quick look up for the recipe in Google, out came the onions, ginger, and garlic and all other weapons to start the ordeal of the day.

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Ayushmann Khurrana’s Bala Deals With Body Shaming Through Sharp Wit And Humour

Amidst a lot of controversy over Bhumi Pednekar's artificially dark skin, Bala released last Friday. A breezy happy film that deals with body shaming the right way!

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From The Diary Of A MakeUp Challenged Girl

These videos give me a pleasure of virtually putting on the makeup which in real life I am too lethargic to try. Another regular day of my make up free life.

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May No Mother Ever Need To Go Through This Again…

But, nature did not. The wails and the cries of the grieving mothers affected her. A change started soon after that. All the houses started birthing boys henceforth.

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Bethune College
Bravo Bethune College For Introducing Humanity as a Religion Option!

Kolkata's historic Bethune College now offers 'Humanity' as an option for religion in its admission form. A welcome move in this country!

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Her Hidden Truth Was Deep Under The Earth, Right There!

A dusky girl, 'married off'. Unusual expectations of how to be a wife. Domestic violence. And the disposing off of evidence of a violent end.

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Harry Potter Books Helped Her Stand Up Against A Controlling, Emotionally Abusive Husband

Her emotionally abusive and control freak husband was like the Dementors in her favourite Harry Potter books, sucking her soul out. Until she found the Patronus of courage.

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“We Are Equals”: No, Aafia, You Don’t Have To Degrade Yourself To Get Married

Enough has been already said and written about the movie Zero. But what irked me most was the portrayal of Aafia Yusufzai Bhinder, the leading lady played by Anushka Sharma.

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When Will We Stop Selling Women Sanitary Napkins Wrapped In Black Bags?

The secrecy around periods and sanitary napkins can cause some shopping gaffes, as Sreeparna Sen discovered, rueing the fact that this still continues even today!

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