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15 August Netflix
Recent Netflix Film 15 August Forces The Question – How Free Are We Really?

The Madhuri Dixit production, 15 August, currently streaming on Netflix, offers metaphors for freedom that raise the question of how much freedom we have as individuals in our society. 15 August, a movie produced by Madhuri Dixit and her husband, hasn’t received the best of reviews. The absurdist comedy moves slowly and is at times […]

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You Must Do The Things That You Think You Cannot Do

The feeling that there are things we cannot do. The invisible chains of conditioning that bind us more than actual ones. The regret that we could have done something... Let it not faze you anymore.

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Indian Women Must Stop Giving Away Their Power By Seeking Validation From Others

As women conditioned to second guess ourselves, we are often guilty of seeking approval and validation from others for our actions and choices, undermining our own power.

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Telling The ‘Her-Stories’ Of Ordinary Women Of Bhutan Through A Feminist Lens
women of Bhutan

Women have always been photographed through a 'male lens', looking at them as sexualised 'objects' - here are ordinary women of Bhutan, going about their lives, seen through a feminist lens.

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