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Nepal ‘Bans’ Women From Traveling Abroad Without Familial Consent – Is This Where We Are At In 2021?

In a patriarchal and restrictive move, Nepal has 'banned' the travel of women without familial consent. When will this discrimination end?

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Misogynist Statements Women Definitely Do NOT Need To Hear In 2021!

Why must we pay the price of our happiness and freedom just to live our life according to what is 'expected of us'? We deserve happiness too!

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Being A Married Asexual Indian Woman Is Akin To Living In Your Own Personal Hell!

In a country where asexuality is still looked at as a 'joke,' being a married asexual woman in incredibly tough as these women tell us.

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An Open Letter To Children Who Won’t Take The Trouble To Understand Their Mothers

You may consider me responsible for every bit of your life, but once you're an adult, I'm not, says this mother, who is determined to live her life her way. 

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20 (And More) Reasons Why 2020 Was The Year Of Indian Women

Indian women were at the forefront of everything during the pandemic, from prominent leaders, to grassroots workers, to those protesting an attack on their rights. 

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Because Girls Often Go Through Their Lives Feeling ‘Invisible’ Unless There’s Work To Be Done

Neha Singh’s recent release Is it the same for you? challenges the idea that children’s books shouldn’t tackle ‘difficult’ themes, while beautifully capturing the universality of young girls’ experiences

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