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Melinda Gates The Moment of Lift
‘The Moment Of Lift’ By Melinda Gates Introduced Me To My Inner Self, Again

Melinda Gates' book The Moment of Lift surprised me by showing myself a mirror, and inspiring a soul search about my privilege and what I can do.

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You Acted For Your ‘Honour’, But I’m Going To Haunt You To The End!

“You were ruining our family reputation. Living in with a man, without getting married. Oh, and the clothes you were wearing when we met that day in the city, so tight, so short.

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‘Pinky Memsaab’ Explores Expat Women’s Lives In Dubai; A Must Watch On Netflix
Pinky Memsaab

A young woman who goes to Dubai as a household, and the rich Memsaab she works for. Both young women, but worlds apart. But are they really? You need to watch Pinky Memsaab on Netflix.

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“Make A Choice To Voice Your Opinion” And 4 Other Things Critical To Women’s Individuality
women's individuality

Talking of women's individuality, let me say that as a 27-year-old, I had a completely wrong notion that the job of a housewife was 'trivial'. At 32 I have realized how wrong I was.

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As I Turn The Big 40, Here Are 5 Pieces Of Valuable Advice For My Younger Self
woman in 40s

Looking back from her vantage point of being 40, the author gives some essential advice to her younger self, and with that, to all other younger women too.

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Recent Netflix Film 15 August Forces The Question – How Free Are We Really?
15 August Netflix

The Madhuri Dixit production, 15 August, currently streaming on Netflix, offers metaphors for freedom that raise the question of how much freedom we have as individuals in our society. 15 August, a movie produced by Madhuri Dixit and her husband, hasn’t received the best of reviews. The absurdist comedy moves slowly and is at times […]

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