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Men, Chip In With The Household Chores Instead Of Just Saying ‘You Should’ve Asked’!

Why should women always bear the 'mental load' of planning and dealing with and doing household chores? Men, it's your home too. Take some over.

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16 Things I Want In A Women’s Magazine As An Ordinary Indian Woman; Not That Useless Fancy Stuff

"I want to read about ordinary womanhood," says the author, "I am sick of seeing these hot models with their zero figure, crop-top and no-food-only-gym routine."

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The Looming Water Crisis Will Mean Extra Labour For Girls & Women In Our Unequal Social Order
getting water

Getting water from a distance, getting up before anyone to fill water coming in the early hours, standing in line at a community tap, even the water wives of some communities - women undertake a disproportional amount of labour over water.

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5 Leading Ladies Of The Big Screen Who Raised Their Voice For All Women
women actors speaking up IWD

Many actors today use their privilege to speak up against misogyny and violence against women, making things better for all women in the long run. Here are a few of these.

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I Beg Of You, Don’t Watch Thappad Unless It Is For These Reasons

There may be many problematic things in Thappad, but this is how most Indian girls have been conditioned, and the movie showcases unvarnished reality!

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I’m Not Your Sanskriti, I’m Not Your Izzat, I Am Only Me

Growing up, so many things change, but a girl growing up into a woman has had to always guard against being considered just a body, so much less than she really is. 

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