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How Women Are Often Collateral Damage In Men’s Game Of Ego Chess

As someone who is fascinated by the Partition, Manreet Sodhi Someshwar’s latest book Lahore - Part One Of The Partition Trilogy based on real events, was a must-read. Here’s why I absolutely loved the book!

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Woman, Eat That Last Piece Of Cake Without Being Judged Anymore!

We have often been told that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but what about a woman’s heart? Does anyone wish to know that?

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“They’re Scared Of Your Freedom” The Stories Beyond The Labels We Give Women

Feminism, to me, is one woman lending support to another woman in pain. It's women speaking the nuance of their existences without being saint or sinner.

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The World Ignores Women Of A Certain Age, But This Homemaker In Photo Prem Isn’t Having It
Photo Prem

Veteran Marathi film actor Neena Kulkarni dazzles in Photo Prem, bringing alive a middle aged housewife who refuses to remain invisible, or be forgotten.

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Our Kitchens Are Lonely Spaces Where We Spend Our Lives, Where Our Dreams Go To Waste

I’m tired of making mental notes every night about the next day’s meals. I want to write poetry but all I’m left with are recipes. I want Ajit to listen to my verses but all he cares for is, what’s for dinner.

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Saudagar 1973: Men Exploit Women’s Work & Bodies As Mere Currency To Benefit Themselves

Saudagar (1973), the Nutan-Amitabh-Padma Khanna starrer shows how women's work is not just invisibilised, but also how it is used by men to uphold patriarchy to benefit themselves.

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