7 Indian Dads On Instagram Who Break All Stereotypes – Do You Follow Them?

These 7 Indian dads on Instagram are breaking all the stereotypes about parenting by investing completely in their child’s upbringing.

These 7 Indian dads on Instagram are breaking all the stereotypes about parenting by investing completely in their child’s upbringing.

“Bache palna sirf maa ka kaam hai” (mother is the only person responsible to take care of the kids.) This is something that we have been hearing since a very long time. But there are Indian dads on instagramout there who are trying to break this stereotype.

Nowadays Indian dads want to be involved in every aspect of their child’s life. Just like the male Emperor penguin takes care of the kids in the mother’s absence, these “Penguin dads” in India are fulfilling their parental responsibilities by running errand that is by society meant to be done by a mother. They are helping their kids in completing homework, packing Tiffin’s, braiding hair and what not, and the clear representation of this is seen on social media in these Indian dads on instagram and facebook.

We present to you 7 dads on Instagram that are the torchbearers of a revolutionary change sweeping Indian society.


“Talk to your kids, even while they are in the womb, they usually listen and respond as well.”

Tejas a.k.a DadManSuperdad describes himself as the “dadblogger”.

Tejas, with his frequent updates on Instagram about his son gives a true vibe of breaking stereotypes. He not only posts cute pictures with his son but also gives out parenting tips. From food, to tacking playshchools, to engaging with kids as a dad he has talked about everything. On top of this he does giveaways on his child’s milestones. Now isn’t that a perfect dad? Because after all, child duties are not just mom duties.

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“My daughter is my Santa for life!”

Sandeep Bangeera’s bio describes him not just as an entrepreneur, but also as a “dad”, because being a dad is also a full time job of its own.

Dad to his daughter Cookie, Sandeep often shares his life experiences with his daughter on Instagram. The anxiety, happiness and struggle of being a parent, everything is there at Sandyunboxed where this superdad inspires many fathers who have joined the business quite recently.


“A daughter is like a treasure trove… Full of smiles, laughter and love….”

Now this DadWithMooch is not just an inspiration of breaking stereotypes but he also represents fitness.

He describes himself as “I can dad my way” and his daughter as his little soldier. He often posts stories and writes blogs about connecting with your kid and being a complete parent. He also uploaded a picture of her top bun hairdo that he made; now isn’t that cute!


“Holding your baby in your arms and putting them to sleep is one of the most calming and happiest moments.”

This Indian dad on Instagram shares his experience with his daughter Reyna on DaddyandReyna in the form of cute pictures and inspiring life events. He once shared a true life event that his wife is not the one who changes diapers in night instead he does that. Now if this is not breaking stereotypes the what is!

To make you feel more awed, let me tell you that he shared a video of him massaging his daughter, because why should mothers have all the fun? After all, fathering is as normal as mothering.


“Fathers don’t babysit, it’s called parenting!”

This father with his son is the true father-kid combo and a true inspiration. Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal is inspiring all the fathers out there by sharing his experiences with his son Avraj on I.M.FATHER. He encourages parents to spend time with their kids because he belives that “kids don’t need things…kids need parents.”


“Best way of managing nasty surprises that life throws at you every once in a while…go to your daughter, hug her, kiss her, tell her how and what’s messed up right now.”

Bhushan a.k.a DadSoKool is an evolved and involved dad to his daughter Tviesha. With his family of about 1400 followers on Instagram, he shares parenting tips and the experiences of being a new father.


This page DaddyandNeo is started by Mrunjal Purohit who is the daddy to his cute daughter Niyati a.k.a Neo. His account is full of pictures of his daughter and he inspires young dads to share a connect with their loved little toddlers from the very beginning.

These Indian dads on Instagram are a true slap to the stereotypical ideology that “men don’t handle kids”. These fathers change diapers, feed their kids, put them to bed and have sleepless nights. Because having a kid is one of the biggest joys in the world, and true parents are those who share both, the joy and the burden.

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