Laapata Ladies Is A Powerful Story Of Lost People Finding Themselves

The pursuit of true happiness and owning your true identity - things that probably are most important for humans. Laapataa Ladies has it all.

This well written satire goes as deep inside as it seems on the surface. While uncovering the deep-rooted traditions and superstitions of traditional India on the face of it, this story of lost women is actually also a story of finding oneself. Not only for the “lost ladies” but for a lot of other characters of the movie.

Be it by getting reminded of the childhood self, or of the dreams seen as a child or via learning & unlearning, or even questioning some of the self-beliefs when shown the mirror, or tapping on the hidden goodness, each major character of the film ends up finding self.

Well what can be a bigger accomplishment than this. A very powerful and intelligently written story showing the world that the dark and the bright stays together, it co exists.

Finding identity and happiness

While Deepak finds how much his wife means to him and astonishes himself too by going the extra mile in the name of love, Phool finds “her identity”.

Phool unlearns her deep-seated beliefs to some extent and makes space for “herself”. The progress is gradual but with some assistance, her “live long potli” gets replaced by a “potli of money” so much so that she forgets to take her old beliefs back with her on the train. Her new found sense of liberation and self is enough to keep her going.

Jaya finds the strength of fighting against the world and making her far-fetched dream come true. She took a chance and then found the courage to face struggles till the very end, so much so that, even fate turned to her side. Her persistence uncovered the goodness in the world, a power even she didn’t know existed within her.

Deepak’s mother and sister-in-law get in touch with a prized possession- “own happiness”. These women both learn and internalize the concept of self-love and prioritization. They realise their choices matter, their interest’s matter, their likings matter- They matter. The transformation is subtle yet powerful.

Throwing away unwanted ‘traditions’ that restrict

Another notable yet brief character is of Deepak’s dad, who finds out how hollow are the traditions of ancient india, like the “ghoonghat” and how important identity is – that a ghoonghat covers.

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Manju Maai is brought back to her soft side hidden under the hard exterior- a façade put up to face the world. The moment where she savors the “kalakand” seems like a personal victory. The moment of deep satisfaction and getting in touch with your “core” after ages, is the feeling captured in that brief moment. While she teaches life lessons to a young Phool, in return she is able to connect with her lost self via Phool’s innocence.

The inspector’s character sees one of the most wonderful transformations, more like an epiphany where through the course of the film he transforms from this greedy and self-centered man preaching the law to someone who then practises it in the true sense. He helps Jaya get a whole new life and in turn gets in touch with his good side.

In two hours, the movie teaches so many valuable lessons but for me, the most important one is the pursuit of finding self because isn’t that what life is all about?

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