Don’t Stop My Flight, Fly With Me… A Call From The Heart Of An Indian Girl

This is a plea that comes straight from the heart of an Indian girl. We do not want any special treatment, she says, but let us reach our potential in life.

This is a plea that comes straight from the heart of an Indian girl. We do not want any special treatment, she says, but let us reach our potential in life.

Don’t stop my flight, fly with me… straight from the heart of an Indian girl.

Because it is, as true as it can be. We might say it or not, accept it or not, believe it or not- but this is the voice inside each independent woman of today’s Indian society.

Each one of us ladies wants to be a little more understood, a little more appreciated, and a little more respected. Yes, just a little more and we will be good. This is exactly how much we demand and rightfully so.

Equal in all respects, at par in all talents, possessing dreams as big as you can imagine, compassionate till eternity- all we lack is being acknowledged for our own identity.

Tired of this never ending struggle of blowing the trumpet of equality, something that we deserve and gracefully so. It’s time society starts practicing it in its truest sense.

We do not want to play the ‘women’s card’, neither do we need the “you go girl” motivational speeches. Trust me, we have had enough of it. All we need is equality in its true sense in every walk of life without having to scream and fight for it.

The simple gesture of walking side by side and not trying to lead us is enough to empower us because we have the rest within us already.

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Trust me, we wouldn’t complain about men not leaving their seats in the metro, not making way in the queues, or even saying “ladies hai, ladies hai, jane do”. We have moved far ahead to be bothered about these petty things and are just waiting for society to acknowledge it.

All you men out there, the future husbands and fathers, encourage us, inspire us, applaud our achievements, and you will never be disappointed. We will respect you the most, just the way you wish to be.

Mothers in law, just treat us as your own daughters and you will see your world change with us. Let us feel the warmth, the affection and the respect that we deserve, and trust me you wont be worried about sharing your son.

The neighborhood aunties, we have had enough. Much said and taken, now let us guide our own paths after all these years. Trust me, we will do a good job, if only you could stop judging and start appreciating. It might be difficult at first for you people, but I am sure you can manage.

Society, accept us for what we are because we have come a long way. Just make sure we are no more bothered about ‘ Samaaj kya kahega’. Let’s stop this judging without knowing the reality, because it’s very easy to point fingers but equally difficult to be in our shoes and fight for what is ours, with each passing day. A little more empathy, a little more practicality and some rationality is all we ask for.

And lastly, my dear Indian parents, there is a gem inside your own homes and all you have to do is nurture it, and let and world see how well it shines. Trust me, just some belief, a bit of motivation, and a little more acknowledgement from you can make us soar high, really high. Mind you, we aren’t competing with your sons in this, that is never the aim. All we want to do is carve out a place, which is ours, and where our true colors can shine without any discrimination.

Don’t worry, in this flight of ours, we will never forget to be grateful, to one and to all. No matter where we reach, we will take you all along on the journey and never belittle your importance. We have got our value system right in place and we remember the teachings inculcated in us right from childhood. We wouldn’t lose all of those just by getting the support in doing what we want to.

On the contrary, it will get deeper and even more engrained within us as our respect for each of you will rise, by multifold. We will surprise you in ways you can never imagine and then onwards you will pray for having a girl child rather than finding the need of killing one.

Image source: By Harsha K R (Flickr: Tanisha’s First Shoot) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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