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Jyothika’s 50th Film Udanpirappe Glorifies The Supposedly ‘Empowered’ Woman Never Putting Herself First!

Jyothika’s 50th film Udanpirappe sends a message: Women can be non-conforming and strong but upholding the family unit is still their most important duty!

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Only In India Can Random Car Salesmen Dare To Tell Me That A Daughter Is A Daughter Only Till She Gets Married

How many times do we need to remind people that daughters are not liabilities? That the girl child isn’t some object for which the 'burden' shifts on to another person after she acquires the married tag?

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Dear Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar, Your Bizarre Remarks On ‘Modern’ Indian Women Are In Bad Taste
Karnataka health minister

Woman are not baby making machines, and they are not just here to be somebody’s wife. They have aspirations and goals. Time this was better understood by all.

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If You Wanted A Share In The Property, Why Did You Take So Much Dowry?

On hearing this, Ruchi's face became red with embarrassment, and her brothers looked strained. Her sisters-in-law looked at them with contempt; her mother was anyway not in her senses.

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Mandira’s Choice Was Trolled, But Women Like Me Don’t Even Have A Voice When We Lose Someone…

While the world was applauding Mandira Bedi for smashing patriarchy, there are many like my friend Fareeda (not her real name) who're silenced.

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Kanyadaan Objectifies A Bride; How Is Mohey’s ‘Kanyamaan’ Giving Respect To A Bride Wrong?!
Mohey ad

The Mohey brand ad for Manyavar has the trolls breathing fire against scratching out 'kanyadaan' to make it 'kanyamaan' because why would they want women to be given more dignity, right?

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