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When My Loved Ones Bear The Brunt Of My Anger Against The World’s Sexism…

Things are changing, but very slowly - it still seems a long, long way before women can truly stand equal to men in a society built to favour men.

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Is Thappad Really A Feminist Movie, Or The Same Disappointing Gaslighting?
thappad review

Thappad, the newest 'feminist' movie is getting praise for calling hidden domestic violence that is so normalised in marriages. But it is really the feminist wonder it is considered?

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Even In 2020, Why Is There Still Stark Gender Inequality At Our Weddings?

The inherent inequality that Indian weddings have between the bride's side and the groom's side should become history now, as we step into the 3rd decade of the new millennium. Enough.

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It’s High Time Indian Women Stand Up For Their (Often Denied) Right To Proper Health Care
right to health care

Not only do women often overlook their own health needs, but patriarchal mindsets also keep them from getting their right to health care. Enough!

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An Indian Woman Has No Country, Nor Her Own Home, As Some Of Us Have Found Out

Often deprived of a life of their choice, Indian women are often also deprived of their identities, and a home they can say is their own.

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6 Reasons You Should Be Grateful To A Wife Or Bahu, Before Setting Expectations For Her!

An easy guide for creating a gratitude journal for yourself, to learn the art of saying the good old "Thank you!" before setting expectations or demanding anything from a wife or daughter in law. 

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