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patriarchal bargain
Patriarchal Bargain Is Why Indian Mothers Place Sons Above Daughters & We Laugh At Sexist Jokes

The most popular example of patriarchal bargain is the MIL-DIL relationship. Much like ragging in colleges, you agree to subservience when you are a fresher or a daughter in law, knowing your turn will come.

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If I Want To Be Myself Then I Am No Longer Their Bahu But Possessed By An Evil Entity!

Vidhya came home with Riya. She was surprised to see the same expectations from her that were before from having a child. Nothing had changed, and she felt that nothing would ever change.

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Widowhood Can Be Very Traumatising And Treating Them As ‘Inauspicious’ Is Inhumane!

In many South Asian cultures, a widow is not allowed to be part of certain religious ceremonies, baby showers or weddings. Apparently, we do not want any of our brides to outlive their husbands, and a widow being present in the ceremony ensures the exact opposite.

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Since Draupadi, Men Through History Have Put Women On Sale… Which Continues Even Today!

"To create loving men, we must love males…" - bell hooks. Nope. If men want a better world, they need to do better for themselves and each other and their sons and the world at large. It is not the responsibility of women.

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Dear Men, ‘Why Are You On Social Media?’ Is NOT What To Ask Women Targeted By Bulli Deals!
Bulli Deals

A woman's voice or image on a public space like social media makes many men uncomfortable. So when anything happens they ask, “Why did you put your pictures or spoke up on Twitter?”

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How An Indian Marriage Crushes Dreams Of Every Woman, Even The Extraordinary, Talented Ones… Like My Mother

Sivaranjiniyum Innum Sila Pengalum (SISP) is an ode to all of the lost women, who could have been sports stars, singers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, just... happy, if they hadn't been enslaved in matrimony, and then forgotten all about.

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