marrying only with parental consent
Will Parents STOP Trying To Control Their Kids’ Lives In The Name Of Culture, Already?

School children will pledge to marry only with parental consent in an event today in Surat. Really? When will parents stop trying to control kids? And do 14-15 year olds need to worry about marriage?

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A 6 Point Guide For Indian Women On How To Be A Good Wife
how to be a good wife

Ever wished to attend a course on how to be a good wife? Don’t worry, here is a primer from the University Of Sanskaari (established circa 1761).

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Sacrifice And Compromise: Should These Two Words Define Indian Women?

Sacrifice and compromise are two words that have kept Indian women chained to a unforgiving patriarchy that won't let them be themselves. Time to get rid of them!

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A Men’s Easy Guide On How To Oppress Women And Get Away With It

Men would rather not have a strong, opinionated, educated, and empowered woman at home, and leave no stone unturned in convincing (gaslighting) then to be submissive yes-women.

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If This Is How ‘Goddesses’ Are Treated, We Indian Women Would Rather Not Be One!
abused goddess

Women might be 'worshipped' in Indian culture as goddesses, but one just needs to look around to see how ironic and misleading this pedestal is.

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Why Are Parents Offered Insurance For A Girl’s ‘Kanyadan’ But A Boy’s Education?
LIC Kanyadan Policy

This is an objection to using the word 'Kanyadan' in relation to the LIC Kanyadan Policy that has been introduced in October 2018, ostensibly to help "parents of a girl".

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Get me more such patriarchy!

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