Freedom To Be Ourselves Or What The Society Expects Us To Be?

We may be a free, independent country, however, do our girls and women have the freedom? Here's what one writer has to say about it. 

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Who Made These Patriarchal Rules Against Women’s Choices, And Why Should I Follow Them?

‌'Patriarchy' is not just a word; it's a feeling that haunts most modern women all around the world, even more, when they are living in a society that has each and every traditions and social customs based on patriarchal norms.

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It’s 2019, But Most Indians Remain The Educated Illiterate, With 19th Century Mindsets!
educated illiterate

Education is getting better, but our minds still remain illiterate; look at the number of highly educated young men looking for a sanskaari bride who will 'take care' of everything.

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“Daughters Are Born With Unconditional Love And Care” I Disagree

Women are NOT natural nurturers - girls are conditioned from birth, that they are born to nurture others. Let them have a choice, like all human beings should have.

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Kiran Rao’s New 10 Sec Short Films Give A Slap To Patriarchy; Aamir Shares On Insta
Kiran Rao short films

Kiran Rao has made two 10 second short films that powerfully punch patriarchy as it is practiced in ordinary families in India, and husband Aamir Khan has shared them on Insta.

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Her Perfect, Hot, Round Rotis Were A Sign Of My Grandmother’s Bowing To Patriarchy

My paternal grandmother was an empowered, no-nonsense woman in every sense, but still still bowed to the patriarchal upper hand of my grandfather by quietly making perfect, hot, round rotis for him.

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