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Why Do Suchi & Her Daughter Dhriti In The Family Man Get So Much Hate From Viewers?

Strong female characters on screen are rare even now; and then they are often misunderstood and judged by viewers, and treated with a hatred that they don't deserve.

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Every Day We Have Cases Of Indian Parents Controlling Daughters’ Lives, Like This Recent One

A woman has the right to make her life decisions and the recent Gujarat High Court decision affirms the fact which parents and society at large have never wanted to accept.

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Indian Soaps Obsessed With Sanskaari All Rounder Bahus Adept In The Art Of Forgiving
Indian soaps

Through Indian soaps, we subconsciously affirm the preconceived notion of women's household responsibilities which cannot be shared by the 'men' in the house.

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Hotstar Film Shaadisthan Strikes Down Hard The Idea Of ‘Samaj Kya Kahega’

This dialogue from the movie Shaadisthan says a lot, "Women like us fight so that women like you don't have to fight in their own world."

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Sacrificing For Children Is The Best Route To Becoming A Possessive MIL!

Women, let's refuse the crumbs of power that patriarchy throws at us to keep us chained, and find our identity and power within.

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9 Rubbish Patriarchal Ideas That We Consider ‘Normal’ And Must Abolish

There are completely illogical things we believe in, just because a patriarchal society told us it was so, right from when we were born. 

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