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Melinda Bill Gates
Let’s Celebrate Divorce If It Frees People From A Bad Marriage, Letting Them Live A Happier Life

Applaud those who leave a broken marriage, they may now be free to live far more fulfilling, productive, and meaningful lives individually than when they were together. Or even with someone else.

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Does Slaving Away In The Great Indian Kitchen Lead To The Great Indian Marriage?

Cooking is not an issue. I prepare food for myself every day and quite enjoy doing it. But slaving away in the kitchen is quite another matter.

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Ajeeb Dastaans: Somewhere In This Intricate Web Of Stories, You’re Sure To Spot Yourself

Ajeeb Dastaans reaffirms the complex state of being human at the intersection of multiple identities, and treats it with the honesty and non-reductivity it deserves.

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6 Reasons Entitlement Like In The Great Indian Kitchen Is Real Even NOW, Not ‘Happened Earlier’

One comment by my city-bred woke peers was - "The kind of family shown in the movie doesn’t exist in today’s time!" Here's demolishing this belief.

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Does The Chudail From Roohi Give Us A Feminist Fix For Our ‘Bad’, Unsanskaari Women?

So much of patriarchy is about controlling women, their behaviour, their bodies, their choices. A Chudail, or as in Roohi, a Mudiyapairi, is the way Hindi films often deal with this.

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Veteran Tamil Director Bharathiraja Admits To Cheating On Wife; Takes Her ‘Forgiveness’ For Granted

Women are expected to 'forgive' a man who slips up because he had a 'moment of weakness', but can a woman do the same in our society, and will it be similarly 'forgiven'?

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