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Lakshmi Padmanabhan

Life happens, everyday. Of everyday life stories.

Voice of Lakshmi Padmanabhan

Will Women Working From Home Finally Get Their Due Now That ‘Home’ Is Just A Location To Work From?

I hope people realize that “home” is just a location to work from. “Work” is non-negotiable and constant while “home” or “office” are the variables.

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A Letter From An Unborn Child Who Could Never Meet His Mom

An unborn's child fictional letter to his mom. A poignant read which will tug at your heart strings.

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When A Daughter Becomes Her Mother’s Secret Superstar

The movie Secret Superstar is about a singer who chases her dreams, but what stayed with this reviewer was a daughter who saved her mother.

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Voices Of Women Who Have Survived And Risen Above Domestic Abuse

Misogyny is so deeply embedded in our society - as seen in the personal stories of these women who are survivors of domestic abuse, told in their own voices.

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When Healthy Means Fat, And Good Looking Means Slim

Body shaming in India knows no bounds, with every 'aunty' ready to give 'well-meaning' advice to women on being slim, trim, and therefore 'good looking'.

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You Stare At Me And I Will Stare Right Back At You

Staring at women is just one step away from touching a woman against her wish. A sense of entitlement in men that keeps women from claiming public places.

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Ten Life Lessons I Learnt From The Movie ‘Neerja’

Here are 10 life lessons from Neerja, the movie, that are very important for everyone.

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Men Will Be Men, But Women Are Expected To Become Superwomen!

Post marriage life for women changes drastically, managing home, office, in-laws, kids (if there are) and spouse's needs. What about her needs?

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Your Domestic Helper Is Just An Ordinary Woman Like You. Can You Empathize?

Can an employer and an employee ever empathize with each other? This story of a domestic helper in India will touch you. 

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