Be A Man, Yaar: A Heartwarming Chat Show Every Man (And Woman) Should Watch!

Men learn not to show their feelings or thoughts growing up... but what if they do speak up? Be A Man, Yaar is a peek into the minds of celebrity men.

Be A Man, Yaar, a chat show by WeAreYuvaa—a youth centric digital platform, has recently wrapped its first Season and is a must watch for all the women and men in our lives. The women might get some answers to ‘why’ the men are the way they are. The men on the other hand will probably get comfortable to share their feelings around the fears and pressures of constantly living up to the image of being ‘a man’.

What do men talk about?

Imagine you eavesdrop on a conversation among a group of men. What are they most likely to be discussing—finance, politics, sports, real estate, automobiles?

Now, imagine you eavesdrop on an uninhibited chat among male artists from the media and entertainment industry discussing their growing up years, relationship with themselves, events that shaped their worldview and many such aspects of their life and personalities that are not easily available in the public domain especially in this industry that curates and crafts an artist’s public image.

Doesn’t the second conversation feel like a warm hug from the person whom you can bare your soul to?

This chat show is like a BIG bear hug

In this case the person giving each of the artists a big bear hug is Nikhil Taneja—writer, storyteller and founder of Yuvaa and that hug is in the form of this chat show very cleverly titled—Be A Man, Yaar. Among the men who graced the inaugural season are Naseeruddin Shah, Zakir Khan, Vicky Kaushal, Naveen Kasturia & Amol Parashar, Vishnu & Govind Kaushal, Karan Johar and the host—Nikhil Taneja.

What do the guests in the age groups ranging from 20s to 70s, with such varied backgrounds and lived experiences have in common? Apparently, a lot!

Each conversation begins with an endearing segment titled ‘unboxing childhood’ in which the guests choose photographs, letters and other memorabilia from their growing up years and reminisce on the memories related to them. This sets the tone for a candid chat that you wish the men in your lives too could have with their parents, partners, siblings, colleagues or buddies.

The rarely asked questions

As the chat show progresses the host asks them very simple questions that open up the guests’ inner worlds to us. How was their relationship with their parents and siblings? What was their school and college life like? What were some of the events that shaped them? Who were their early influences? How do they interact with the women in their lives and has it evolved over the years?  How do they see themselves in the roles of partners, parents, friends, siblings or professionals.

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The much-needed answers

While these questions seem mundane and simple, the guests’ responses reveal many critical aspects of the impact of patriarchy on men, gender stereotypes they need to affirm to and the social conditioning that sometimes pushes them in the cycle of toxic masculinity. The guests bare it all to a host who truly listens to them with the dignity that such soulful conversations deserve.

Why should we tune in to this chat show?

This show gives us an opportunity to look at the men in our lives from an empathetic lens. Be A Man, Yaar, is a gentle reminder to all of us, that men too are products of a patriarchal society which boxes them into a template and doesn’t look gently on the ones who don’t fit into those templates. This puts undue pressure on them to project an image that does not always align with their core beliefs and values. This has a negative impact on their mental health too.

Tune in to this chat show to broaden your outlook, understand the men in your lives a little better and show them some much deserved TLC—tender loving care.

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