10 Things Our Readers Said They Would Like To Let Go For A Better Life [#TuesdayTalkies]

We asked you, our readers, "If there is one thing you could let go from your life, what would it be, and why?" Here are the 10 best answers from our readers.

We asked you, our readers, “If there is one thing you could let go from your life, what would it be, and why?” Here are the 10 best answers from our readers.

Letting go – of anger, or bad memories, of bad relationships that might be pulling you down, of grudges that have lead to estrangements – is important if you need to have a happy, healthy life, and grow and move forward.

It is often the one thing that holds you back from reaching your full potential.

At Women’s Web, we invite readers to share their thoughts on one interesting question that is picked by the team and posted on our Facebook page every Tuesday, calling it #TuesdayTalkies. We try picking questions that would interest readers and put them in their thoughts.

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The question for this week was, “If there is one thing you could let go from your life, what would it be, and why?” Here are 10 best responses from our readers.


Our mind is like a parachute and when the pessimistic thoughts are put in, it behaves like a disobedient child. It doesn’t listen to our saying ‘stop thinking ‘..So, a cycle where negative thoughts reinforce negative emotions.This entire scenario can be resolved with a simple and rational thought of releasing these negative thoughts and feelings.

I would love to keep my mind burning with optimism and burn out the negativity all around like ego, hatred, irrational thoughts and jealousy…. – Aparna Patra

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The past

Not savouring the present moment and constantly brooding over the past , that went by and thinking about the future which is yet to unfold… It would do me good as it is futile to think about the past and worry about the future…in our bid to do so wonderful times just slip out of our hands… – Meha Sharma


I would happily give up my negative thoughts and embrace positivity whole heartedly. I would live this moment in rapture and not worry about tomorrow. I would be a better teacher and a better human than what I am. – Subhashree Ravichandran


Anger. I realize fear and insecurities breed anger. Even when my anger is justified when I witness acts of injustice or terrorism or people’s indifference towards social issues, I feel I need to replace my anger with more courage, hope, love, and compassion. Only with a sense of positivity and peace in my heart can I strive to work for a better world of my dreams. It is so difficult and I’m still trying. – Kasturi Patra

Inbuilt inhibitions

If there is one thing I could let go of in life, it would be all the inbuilt inhibitions I have lived with.. I would give myself more credit, more respect, more care and definitely more love! I deserve it! – Aruna Nair

Sexist cliches

I would let go to subscribing to sexist clichés like boys will be boys,women get completed by motherhood and many more. – Pooja Sharma Rao

Unrealistically high expectations of myself

Keeping unrealistically high expectations from myself, expecting perfection every time for I realise this trait which Is positive but when it gets too much, it is self damaging. It doesn’t allow you to enjoy the small things in life which in fact are the best moments for you are lost in that little mistake you made at work, thinking if you will make it to that coveted promotion list, or being the perfect mom who can do things perfectly for her baby. Its important to learn the art of letting go, and seeking happiness in life’s little moments. It’s ok to err. – Akshata Ram


I would give up on fear and embrace courage. Fear holds us back and often does not let us experience things. Fear stops us. Courage gets us started. – Shravanti Gautam Chattopadhyay

Addiction to my phone

My habit of using my phone during the morning hours to browse social media accounts because it affects my productivity, time management and the time i spend with my kid a lot. I have seen that during mornings when i strictly keep away from my phone, I am very active and more responsive to my daughter. – Haripriya Madhavan


I would let go off nothing! Neither my past memories, not my hopes for the future none of my dreams aspirations or expectations! All of which brings colour and mould to my present… – Rummana Mozzam

So, what would you let go of? Comment below and let us know! You could also check our Facebook page to stay in touch with us and know our question for the next #TuesdayTalkies.

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