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25 Most Popular Authors Of 2022 At Women’s Web—Congratulations!

In 2022, I have published hundreds of articles as the editor, and I have great pleasure showcasing the work of these 25 top authors. Cheers!

We are halfway through December 2022, and it’s time to look back at the year, see how we have done as the Women’s Web community. Who are the authors whose posts have the top 25 places for 2022?

This year we have had a good mix of long time Women’s Web authors and new authors who wrote for the first time in 2022.

Some of these authors deserve an extra shoutout before I showcase everyone, as they have more than one post that is among the top read. In which case I have only taken their topmost post so that more authors can feature among the top 25. These are Upasana Dandona, Dr Nishtha Mishra, Hema Gopinathan, Tina Sequeira, Anupama DalmiaNatasha Ramarathnam, Prathiksha B U, and Jayashree Ravi.

So now without much ado, here all the 25 are.

Ria Tirkey

Alpha Male Problem – Why Men Orient Their Lives Around Hating Women?

When being a man is all you feel you have achieved in life, equality feels like oppression, rather a call for regression to cave-man ideology to feel if only an ounce of purpose in this new world for all that is becoming more and more alien to men whose world has always been about them.

Theirs is a screaming insecurity that sees power as a monopoly by force rather than a shared asset. The discrepancy between the entitlement that young men have grown up with and the self-sufficiency of women, their power to act on their wishes instead of being at the sanction-end of another, is a bitter shock.

Dr Nishtha Mishra

Who Asks For Consent Of Wife To Make Her Pregnant? She Didn’t Want It So I Did ‘Dhappa’!

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When my husband congratulated this friend on his wife’s second pregnancy approximately 7 years after the birth of their first child, he suggested that my husband shouldn’t take this long to plan a second one and do that as soon as possible. My husband took it as a joke and told him: “My wife’s hands are still full with the upbringing of our toddler daughter with no elderly or other help around. She will never consent to another pregnancy anytime soon.”

To this, this government employee from a reputed department said: “Who asks for the consent of the wife to make her pregnant? Her consent to sex is permission to make her pregnant. Even my wife had vouched never to have another child after our first one. I tried to coax her but when she didn’t agree, one day, I did ‘dhappa’.”

Shilpee Prasad

I Was Shocked When My Cousin Told Me She Was Getting Married Without Any Knowledge Of Sex! 

Why do parents not bother explaining sex and the physical part of relationships to their sons/daughters? It’s disheartening is to see parents think it is unnecessary. “They will learn on their own like I learnt”/“Oh, ssshh. These are not the topics of discussion”/“I feel shy to talk such things with daughters” – are the reasons of this long-lived taboo.

I decided to take the charge rather than cribbing over the reels of past. We began slow, similar to the way we show any novice, with essentials. She barely knew anything other than knowledge based on what is shown in Hindi films. In this way, we talked and examined everything exhaustively. At first she was extremely reluctant and modest and scarcely expressed anything. What took me off guard was her lack of information about a sexual relationship.

Upasana Dandona

Gehraiyaan – Why Is The Indian Audience Always Supposed To Forgive Spoilt And Condescending Men?

Why does the man always get to cherrypick the women in his life, why do the female characters have to compete with one another for a man’s attention, and why is the Indian audience supposed to forgive a condescending male hero?

Infidelity, complex relationships, and cousin rivalry are a few terms that most of us might have associated with the trailer of Gehraiyaan (2022) and watched it with that in mind. However, the movie isn’t about any of these. Instead, it is a cluster of multiple western pop culture character tropes that many of us either wish to do away with, or wish to de depicted differently, especially in Bollywood films.

Natasha Ramarathnam

On The Same Day This ‘Shot’ Ad Was Aired On TV, A 17y.o. Girl Was Gang Raped In Hyderabad

A 17-year old girl who was returning home from a party was gangraped by a group of teenagers who had either attended the same party, or who offered her a lift while she was waiting to get home.

Though details of the crime have not been released, if CCTV footage is to be believed, the incident happened in daylight, and the victim was on familiar terms with at least one of the perpetrators. Clearly, she didn’t think she was in danger when she got into the car, or she would not have gone with them. Yet, not one, but multiple teenagers sexually assaulted her and the incident was so traumatic that she didn’t even realise it was rape till she spoke to trained social workers and counsellors a few days after the event.

Anupama Dalmia

16 Return-To-Work Programs In India For Ambitious Women Like You!

More often than not, women take a break from their careers to devote time to their kids because we still do not have a strong eco-system in place that can support new mothers, even though things are gradually changing on this front.

If you want to get back to work after a break, here’s the ultimate guide to return to work programs in India from tech, finance or health sectors – for women just like you!

Tina Sequeira

What Ranbir’s JOKE On Alia’s Pregnancy Weight Says About Him And Insensitive, Body Shaming People

Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, and Ayan Mukherji were promoting their latest movie, Brahmastra, in a YouTube live. To a question about the film promotions, Alia Bhatt answered, “If the question you are asking is why we are not phaeloed (spread) everywhere, right now our focus is…”

And our hero swung into focus, interrupting and mansplaining as usual, with his not-so-genius joke, “I can see somebody has phaeloed.” Referring, clearly, to the pregnancy weight Alia has obviously put on. 

Understandably, both Alia and Ayan were shocked. Before Alia could even react, Ranbir closed in on her and covered up with the lame excuse, “Sorry! Joke!” Well, Ranbir, I have news for you. And also for Ranbir’s supporters who defend him, saying that this is “normal among married couples”.

Hema Gopinathan

11y.o. Raped By Brother, Father, Uncle, Grandfather – Why ‘What Was Her Mother Doing’ Is The Wrong Q To Ask!

Is it any stretch of imagination to realise that probably the mother was also being raped by her husband, father in law, brother in law, son? That these sick fucks had normalised rape in that house? That if she objected, worse could happen to her and the child?

Magically, if it was only the child who was being raped, would the mother have even made it to the police station where another man would take down notes? If there was another miraculous event and the policeman did take notes, would he then make it to their home and arrest all the men or would he be invited to partake in their fun activities? If many levels of miracles did occur and the mother managed get them all behind bars, would she then take the daughter to court for hearings, for years, to give evidence against the family only to have them released in a couple of years because judges have been known to be excessively kind to rapists?

Mrigya Rai

List Of 60 First Indian Women In Various Fields Who Made History!

Today, we live in a world where women take the reins, make their mark, and lead in many fields; however, the names included here in this list of first Indian women in various fields opened the gates, paved the path, and broke all the barriers that were placed in their way, allowing many more women to dream big and achieve their goals.

To honour and recognize the fortitude of these great women, we have compiled a list of first Indian women in several fields.

Vijeta Harishankar

Thank You, Doctor, For Your Advice; I’m Filing For A Divorce!

“Your husband hasn’t been cooperating well during our sessions. He seems lost in his world. Perhaps, you know the exact reasons.”

The psychiatrist had a grave look on his face. He had a bald patch on the head and his thick, droopy moustache along with those broadly framed round glasses made him look, he took his profession too seriously.

I was still trying to understand his grey-shaded gloomy room and his equally dull words when the photo on the glass table fell. It was of him with his wife. His wife looked gorgeous. The glass table created a defined boundary between the two of us.

It made him the authoritative questioner and me a meek questionee.

Kshama Misra

‘So What? Since You Can’t Give Me What I Want, I Go Outside To Get It’ He Said!

Shalini used to be a convivial and enthusiastic girl, full of aspirations for her future, equipped with a lot of talent and abilities, until she got married. Although she never wanted to marry, she never thought marriage could prove to be such a bane for her.

Since she was never in a relationship before, she had never shared her bed with anyone else. She was clearly uncomfortable with that man whom she never knew before, but had all of a sudden become her husband. When she said no, he would force her and do whatever he could with her to satisfy his “sexual and biological needs”.

Jayashree Ravi

Stalker Murders Chennai College Student; Cops Took No Action Despite Her Complaints Earlier

A 23 year old stalker named Satish murdered Sathya, a college girl in Chennai, leaving the city shocked. The news sent a chill down my spine as I was stalked by a college senior for 7 long years. He eventually joined the same company where I worked. Despite rejecting his advances, he never stopped harassing me until my wedding.

He even turned up at my workplace lobby at 6 AM, knowing that I was working the early morning shift. I still remember how my palms turned cold and sweaty once I spotted him. I quickly made my way up into a more protected area where only employees with access permissions could go in. I was having palpitations and was close to a nervous breakdown.

Yasmeen Ali

They Were Killed In An Accident, But Shamed Just Coz They Were ‘Out Late At Night’!

On the 2nd of November, 2021, a fateful accident took place in the state of Kerala, killing two beauty pageant winners and a friend.

However, instead of mourning over the irreplaceable loss of those accomplished youngsters, who once made their families, cities, and the state proud, our people took it to social media, to morally harass the departed. They shamed them for being out that late with men, especially Ansi on religious grounds. They ridiculed their parents for their wrongful upbringing and pointed out how these youngsters set the wrong example for others to follow. Their loved ones were so hurt, it caused Ansi’s mother to contemplate suicide, out of the fear of facing society’s judgments.

Ankita Mishra

How A Man I Met On A Matrimonial Website Turned Into A Nightmare

I remember one was “are you a virgin?” even though my status is that of a divorcee; I mean despite knowing the fact, how could someone ask such a question? I was amazed at his audacity and blocked him instantly.

The other one was even more disgusting. The guy called and asked for a video call just to check whether I look the same as in my pictures or not. Anyway I received the call and he saw me for like 2 seconds and cut the call. He called me again in the evening to tell me that he “saw saw me as his wife in his dream, and so he masturbated with my picture on his screen!” And he had the audacity to tell me about this disgusting act of his.

Anjali Paul

10 Indian Food Vloggers On YouTube Who Are Cooking Up A Storm!

Indian cuisine offers the most delicious, diverse and wide range of recipes and dishes. As a South Indian, I have always loved chaats and paani puri and have often wished to master the art of making them. Thankfully, with the help of a few YouTube channels run by some exceptionally talented women, I can proudly declare that now I can even make lip-smacking aloo tikki chaat.

A food vlogger takes their cooking videos, edits them, and then uploads them to social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Food vlogging also involves restaurant reviews or even reviewing a food-related product or service.


If You’re In A Relationship With A Man With No Social Media Accounts, RUN NOW!

Does it raise a red flag when you find out that your new friend or maybe boy friend, or (as in my case) husband has no social media presence? Well if it doesn’t, it should, because usually that means they are trying to hide from someone, or worse, that they are trying to hide themselves and their lives from you.

I always thought that it was just a personal choice, but five years into my married life, I now know what it means.

Chandrika R.krishnan

40y.o Ranbir Says He’s ‘Very Dependent On’ Wife Alia… What Makes Indian Men Such Manbabies?

If he expects her to mother him, then it is definitely wrong. And if his words are meant to make her feel so ‘important’ that he “can’t function without her,” once again it puts her on a pedestal which she might not really want, and which she might not be able to sustain in a long run.

After all, she married a 40-year-old man who surely can fend for himself?

Chandra Sundeep

Trolls, It Is Ira Khan’s Choice What She Wears As A 25 Yr Old Woman. Buzz Off!

Ira Khan, Aamir Khan’s daughter, recently celebrated her birthday and posted a picture of her cutting the cake along with her dad, mom, and brother. Big deal, right? Everybody celebrates their special days and many share their pictures across their social media handles.

Unfortunately for Ira Khan, her birthday picture has become the object of vicious trolling.

It is trending all over social media and has become the target of hate-filled comments for one simple reason: Ira’s attire. The young woman wore a bikini while cutting the cake, and this is a crime, according to the egoistic patriarchs hiding behind the safety of their screens. I am certain she is not the first woman in Indian history to wear one!

Rekha Sriram

Stop Glorifying ‘Normal’ Vaginal Delivery At The Cost Of Women’s Pain & Trauma!

Let’s dissect the term to understand its meaning, Sugham is easy/ happy/ smooth/ joyous and prasavam is delivery/labour. According to society ‘normal’ non-interventional, vaginal delivery is ‘sugham’.

Now go figure the term ‘sugham’ in the above stories!

With this term people have achieved the paradoxical effect of making the painful and traumatizing experience of childbirth, trivial. The process is glorified and made to feel divine in a bid to silencing women. It is all done under the garb of society’s norm of projecting women as the forbearing & sacrificial epitome.

Farida Rizwan

Why I Cannot Allow My Daughter In Law And Son To Live Independently

The responses to my attitude of not becoming dependent on my daughter in law for cooking for the family, cleaning the house or taking up my responsibility has been both positive and negative, depending on whether it is coming from sensible or insensible people. Many people are upset with me for misleading their daughters/daughters-in-law by expressing my devilish thoughts which will throw family culture to hell.

Honestly, I don’t understand… how I can do that? Am I that powerful?

One of the regular feedback and responses I get very often is that I should “allow my son and my daughter in law to live independently. I should give them the freedom to move out and create their own home.”

Poornima Kulathu

Shraddha Walkar Murder Case Shows Utter Social Apathy For Women Who Don’t Conform To Patriarchy

Family disownment of daughters not toeing the line is an accepted fact in the Indian milieu. As this report in On Manorama says, ‘The FIR quoting the victim’s father read, “When I asked her to leave Poonawala and return home, he apologised to her and she went back with him. She did not listen to me and therefore I stopped talking to her for several months.”‘

Marriage or relationships for that matter are hard enough to navigate without intentionally withdrawing the much-needed support towards a woman. Some time ago, I wrote a piece on safe houses and how every woman must always have one, a sanctuary she can escape to when she is threatened or even just tired and needing a break. Did the woman who was murdered have a safe house? Clearly not. News is now trickling in that the relationship was always turbulent, violent even.

Richa Saxena

Using Sexuality & Nudity To Spice Up A Web Series – How Fair Is It?

The OTT content market has seen a sharp surge in viewership since March 2020. For people who were homebound, OTT shows came as a blessing in dry times.

Unapologetically so, I have been a regular watcher of all kinds of shows on various OTT platforms.

During these two years, as a regular viewer, I have seen a rise in aggressive and violent shows perhaps because it is easy to dish out content on OTT that would not have been possible on television or movies.

Prathiksha B U

8 Incredible Indian Women Scientists Who Have Achieved So Much Despite Many Odds

In a nation that is plagued with inherent patriarchy, we hardly get to hear about contributions of women scientists because they are often not represented. Many women scientists, however, are breaking the glass ceiling in a male-dominated society.

Whether inventing vaccinations against dangerous viruses, spearheading lunar missions, or preserving the Mandarins, these women scientists in a society that only worships men’s contributions are not just cis women, but also identify as trans and non binary persons.

Chaitanya Srishti

Women Are Seen As Mere ‘Value Additions’ To A Man’s Family And Vilified If They’re Not Perfectly ‘Good Girls’

We immediately overlook the individual achievements of the wife as she gets married to this man – also, conveniently ignoring the fact that a man might be a bigger name in the film industry because of his longer span and more voluminous body of work, and, in general, the very fact that men have been paid more in most industries – it’s obvious that men have more powerful presence in most industry. This gets reflected in how we view the industry as an audience.

What I have the most problem with is the accusation (because I disagree that it’s a compliment) that it’s the wife who got lucky in such a union. Here, we are talking about two people whom we do not know personally, but since it’s so easy and normal and acceptable for us to call women marrying successful men lucky that we are ready to assume it true for most such weddings.

Kamakshi S

Latest NFHS-5 Data Shows 30% of Indian Women Face Domestic Violence…And That’s Just The Reported Number!

Violence in a marriage doesn’t always present itself overnight. There are many warning signs before the actual act of violence takes place. The report found that fear of husband and spousal violence were closely correlated. Women who said that they were afraid of their husbands most of the time were found to be most likely to have ever experienced spousal violence.

Controlling behaviour such as being told what to wear, where to go, who to meet, monitoring whereabouts, and controlling finances, baseless accusations of being unfaithful, isolating and limiting contact with family, etc are all red flags and strong indicators that violence may take place in the future.

Image source: cottonbro from Pexels Free from Canva

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