Phir Zindagi… This 55 Min Film Beautifully Unpacks Organ Donation, Answering All Our Questions

Phir Zindagi... on organ donation is an extraordinary film based on a true story, that has convinced me to pledge my organs after death.


Phir Zindagi… on organ donation is an extraordinary film based on a true story, that has convinced me to pledge my organs after death.

Trigger warning: Death, grief, and loss, and could be triggering for survivors.

Finished watching this 55 minutes film almost 5-6 minutes ago, and have been sobbing uncontrollably through the last bit and just managed to control myself.

Phir Zindagi on organ donation is an excellent, well made film that will also remind yourself to drive safely, take all safety precautions, wear the helmet, follow traffic rules….

Because there is someone waiting for you at home and the pain and grief of loss can be unbearable…


The story of how organ donation has the potential of changing lives has been beautifully portrayed in ‘Phir Zindagi’ – a film written and directed by the award winning duo Sumitra Bhave & Sunil Sukthankar. It sheds light on the complicated and emotionally charged process of organ donation.

A look at Phir Zindagi… on organ donation

Phir Zindagi / Life Continues is about a young college student studying in Pune, who gets into a bike accident. The friend with him has worn a helmet, and survives unscathed, but Sumedh is brain dead on arrival, and according to rules, even when he is checked by neurosurgeons after 6 hours.

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The film then goes on to portray the emotional aspect of organ donation for the grieving family, along with answering many social, medical, and legal questions… the fabulous performances brought this whole situation alive to me, and I was back in hospital environs, with all the complexities of difficult decisions by everyone.

I was especially wowed by the way the question of ethics, and of how the thoughts of who the recipient should or should not be has been dealt with.

One question asked to the relatives by the social worker played by the extraordinary Amruta Subhash to help them make up their mind – what would you feel about organ donation if you were a recipient instead of a donor?

Watch the film here

A stellar cast known to deliver exactly the performances needed, Phir Zindagi… on organ donation features Ratna Pathak Shah, Naseeruddin Shah, Uttara Baokar, Vikram Gokhale, Jyoti Subhash, Amruta Subhash, Neeraj Kabi ( Ship Of Theseus & Talwar fame) and Dr Shekhar Kulkarni.

And what elevated this narrative to lofty heights was the voiceover by Naseeruddin Shah for a recitation of a poem that says,

Ai Maut, zuka le apna sar, aur chupa le apna chehra
Mana ke tumhare kadmon mein aake ruk jaate hain saare raaste
Tujhse jeet sakaa naa koi
Ek na ek din aana hi hai teri panah mein
Magar dekh khulkar apni aankhen
Khule kiyein hain hamneh dil ke darwazein peekar ghoont gham ke
Aur dhoond nikaale hai naye tareekein tuze bebas muqarrar karnein ke…

Oh Death, you’d better lower your head and hide your face
I agree that all roads end at your feet
There is no-one who is able to conquer you
One day everyone has to seek their final refuge in you
But do open your eyes and see for yourself
We have swallowed our pain and opened our heart
Do you think of yourself as helpless, now that we have found new ways to defeat you?

Just two words. Please watch.

I have pledged my organs after death. have you?

Phir Zindagi has been made by ZTCC Pune (Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre). You can find more about organ donation herehere and here. 

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