is hijab a choice
The Hijab Can Only Be A “Choice” If Women In Iran Are Also Given It!

The hijab is considered a 'choice' in most of the west, and celebrated as such. But is it really a choice until it is mandatory for Muslim women in many other parts of the world?

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Cooking Does Not Come Pre-Installed In A Woman’s DNA

A woman need not 'know' or 'enjoy' cooking just on account of her gender. It has to be a choice, that even men should get - if they like to cook, they should be able to.

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Talking About Periods Is The Way To Power Over Our Bodies. Don’t Believe Me?
talking about periods

Talking about periods is the right way to make ourselves comfortable with our bodies and its needs, and give us power over our choices.

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My Parents Wanted Me To Become A Doctor But I followed My Heart

It is easy to succumb to parental pressure. This law student who originally was pushed towards being a doctor, shares her story.

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Ever Told “Get Married, Then Do What You Want”, Or Feel Guilty About Being An Ambitious Woman?

Do you feel that as a woman you cannot have it all - a successful personal and professional life - and feel guilty about being ambitious? Then this is for you.

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I’m The First Of My Kind To Walk On The Earth; What About You?

"Maybe adulting is about watching your bubble burst, your belief system crumble," says the poet. "but would you have been different have you not been told how to be?"

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