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International Safe Abortion Day
28th Sept Is International Safe Abortion Day. What Does That Mean In Practical Terms?

28th September is International Safe Abortion Day – the annual day of action to support the right to safe abortion. We owe it to anyone who can get pregnant.

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It Is A Universal Truth That Every Married Woman MUST Want A Baby…Says Who?

I don’t want to give birth. I don't want to be a mother. Not now, not ever. And nothing will change my mind. No gods in heaven, no family on earth can shake this decision I made years ago.

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Why Film Mimi Is A Missed Opportunity To Discuss India’s Bigger Problem With Women’s Choices

Surrogacy can be a knotty problem, but only deeply patriarchal societies like India would come up with a ban solution, instead of a freedom of choice bolstered by strong governance and prosecution solution.

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Even As A Married Indian Woman & Mom I Have A Right To Wear Shorts!
right to wear shorts

So years later, I started to wear shorts again, only this time, I didn't ask anyone, didn’t seek anyone’s permission, and to my parents' (also in-laws') utter shock, I went ahead.

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You May Have Offered Me The World, But I Prefer My Freedom To Choose

‘What is it? What is it that compels you to take this decision?’ She knew she had to be honest with him. She took a deep breath. ‘I can’t give up meat.’ Her face was resolute, her tone decisive. ‘I just can’t.’

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UP’s Population Control Bill Rubs Salt Into Indian Women’s Lack Of Reproductive Autonomy
population control bill

Population control bill 2021 is a cruel reminder to Indian women that they never really had any control over decisions about family size.

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