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I’ll Be In The Bed I Have Chosen; Not Where I Was Forced To Lie

But he loved and respected me. He made me feel intelligent. Mohan had even refused to discuss what was wrong with him. These were apparently matters beyond the comprehension of a woman, he had felt.

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What We ‘Allow’ Our Girls And Women Is Only An Illusion Of Choice; Coz How Dare They?

An elegy for choice, an illusion we offer our girls, and as an extension, our women. Because how dare they think for themselves, right?!

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Phir Zindagi… This 55 Min Film Beautifully Unpacks Organ Donation, Answering All Our Questions
Phir Zindagi on organ donation

Phir Zindagi... on organ donation is an extraordinary film based on a true story, that has convinced me to pledge my organs after death.

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How Dad And I Busted The Belief That ‘Girls Go Astray In Co-ed Colleges Away From Home’

Why would co-education be bad for girls? Parents, please believe in your daughters and their sense of responsibility!

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Virat’s Choice To Be With Anushka At Childbirth Is The Role Model Indians Desperately Need
Virat Anushka

Virat holding his spouse's hand while she gives birth (or just being around her) is more important for the Indian youth to see and model, than learning to be men who excel in playgrounds.

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And I Realised That I Didn’t Want To Get Married, Not Yet…

This brooding was long over-due, but I was so caught up in the vagaries of life that I had unintentionally embraced the waiting game.

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