Zehra Naqvi

Zehra Naqvi is the author of 'The Reluctant Mother: A Story No One Wants To Tell' , published by Hay House India. Zehra is an independent journalist who has been writing for a decade on gender, literature and socio-political issues. Her articles have been published in Indian Express, Reader's Digest, Outlook, The Wire, The Quint, The Hindu, Financial Chronicle and Child Magazine, among others.

Voice of Zehra Naqvi

How Women Are Gaslighted To Believe That They Don’t Really Know What They Want!

The only time a woman’s choices are validated is when they are in accordance with patriarchal expectations. Otherwise she is told she MUST ignore her inner voice telling her what she really wants.

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The Reluctant Mother
‘(Married) Women Want It Less’ We’re Told, But Have Men Ever Tried To Find Out What Is Killing Their Libido?

It's a marital problem that is far too common, and needs to be pondered over. An excerpt from The Reluctant Mother: A Story No One Wants To Tell by Zehra Naqvi.

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Is Good, Hot Food Only For Our Men?

It is ironic that even though traditional societies consider cooking as ‘a woman’s job’, the first right over the food is always supposed to belong to the men.

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healthcare for pregnant women in covid
Appalling State Of Healthcare For Pregnant Indian Women In COVID Times

Hospitals have been reeling under the pandemic. How was healthcare for pregnant women in COVID, especially those dependent on govt hospitals?

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Saumya Pandey
IAS Saumya Pandey Getting Newborn To Work Shows A Work Culture Against Women’s Realities

IAS officer Saumya Pandey getting her newborn to work is about the need to change workplaces to accommodate the biological needs of women, and make men more accountable.

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How 30-Year-Old Me Saved 32-Year-Old Me From Dying Of Suicide

"I don’t live for others. The witch, remember? I’m the witch. The witch lives for pleasure… and there’s no… pleasure… in my life anymore. There’s no joy. Nothing.”

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Shouldn’t Fatherhood Be Considered As Essential For A Man As Motherhood Is For A Woman?

‘Motherhood makes a woman complete’ is an oft-repeated platitude, but never does one get to hear that ‘fatherhood makes a man complete’. 

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Favilli and Cavallo
“There Is A Need For Female Heroes”, Say Co-Authors Elena Favilli And Francesca Cavallo

"Daughters can also be heroic!" is the message the authors Favilli and Cavallo give children and their parents through their book on iconic female heroes.

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