11 Last Min Wonderful & Weird Mother’s Day Gift Ideas If You’ve Forgotten (Shhhhh… We Won’t Tell Her!)

Scrambling for last minute Mother's Day gift ideas but don't want to compromise on the fun factor or quality? Here is a handy list.

Searching for Mother’s Day gift ideas at the last minute? Mother’s Day is on us, in just 4 days. and you haven’t got something for your mom? You’ve forgotten, you say? Oh, you were busy and didn’t have time… well.

Hmmm… so we’ve got your back.

Here is a list of some last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas so go through it now. We’ve got something for different wallet sizes, so don’t fret.

A Star Wars themed music box will make a great Mother’s Day gift idea if your mom is a fan

Because Mother’s Day follows closely on the heels of Star Wars Day, which falls on May the 4th (be with you)! 😀 Yes, displaying a slightly juvenile sense of humour here, but why not?! Music boxes are lovely!

mother's day gift ideas

You can buy this beautifully carved wooden box here.

Denim laptop sleeve, made by upcycling old jeans

I LOVE denims, don’t you? I think denim is the best fabric there is, and gives anything made out of it a classic yet casual look. So what if this is for your office, this is one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas ever!

mother's day gift ideas

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If you have a tailor at hand, you could have got it made from an old pair of jeans you no longer use, (I own one of these myself) but in a hurry – you can buy one instead, Fabric Case Cover for Upto 15 inch Laptop, Blue, for your mom, here.

Your memories in a jar (or multiple jars)

I love this idea, and would absolutely adore it if my adult kid gave this to me. Write a memory you have shared with your mom, for every year of your life, on a small sheet of paper, roll it up, and pop it into a classy glass jar.

You could either make this one large jar (like the 1.8L canister above, which has chocolates, but can hold anything that needs to be kept airtight; you can buy it here, and certainly, your memories will stay safe in there), or make it a set of tiny jars as seen below (buy these here) that hold just one memory for each year, or one jar for every 2 or 5 years/ decade of your life (buy here). Browse around – you’ll find plenty more options suitable for your wallet and taste.

mother's day gift ideas

And if you already have a suitable jar/ bottle lying around, why, decorate it enough to make it festive, and fill it up with your memories. Just tying a gift wrapping ribbon on it should work very well too!

It would be the most beautiful mother’s day gift idea ever!

A writerly mom? This is the best Mother’s Day gift idea, then!

What better to give a mother who likes to write – anything: a journal, thoughts, making lists, actual writing of stories or essays, etc. – than a set of handy notebooks with cheerful covers?

mother's day gift ideas

There are more of these at this link to buy – click on the brand name right below the item name and browse around a bit, and find what you think your mom will like best.

Is your mother into any kind of sports or fitness?

Why not gift your mom something that she wants, and will be suitable for her favourite activity? I have listed three things here, but you can customise depending on your mom’s needs.

Image source: Getty Images Free for Canva Pro

Yoga mat? Check. Try to get one with a carry bag, which doubles as a dust cover when the mat is not in use.

Fitness tracker? Check. There are also many apps on your smartphone that would work just as well.

Sports shoes in her size? Check. I personally always buy from the men’s range because guess what – women’s shoes are always more uncomfortable, without enough space in the front for toes. So the link I have given is for my personal preference, but you know your mother best, so do browse for more Mother’s Day gift ideas and find what she’d like.

And something a very wise person once told me – always buy the best you can afford in footwear and underwear. Everything else is negotiable.

Gift her financial security

Unable to think of any Mother’s Day gift ideas? Give your mom long-lasting financial gifts that will help to secure her future. Choose from this handy list!

mother's day gift ideas

Image source: YouTube/ Ad

Be her CA or Tax Consultant for a day. Assess what she owns. Calculate if she has any debt. Sit with her and see how you can help her or teach her to streamline her finances.

Plan a movie date with Mom

Give your mother the gift of your time, and plan a proper movie date with her. We have a ready list of movies you can watch here or decide between the two of you if you’d rather binge watch something on OTT platforms – so much out there.

Image source: a still from the film Listen, Amaya

There is also a wonderful list of mother daughter short films on YouTube that you can watch instead. I’d actually recommend these because each one, of between 12 mins to half an hour, is an experience.

A full illustration DK book for making handmade gifts!

Is your mother the kind who likes to work with her hands, and has a lot of friends? Maybe this is a great Mother’s Day gift idea – a DK book with fully illustrated coloured pages, at a throwaway price for now!

You can buy it here.

Get a bookish mom some memoirs

Gift her the gift of words & memories of other women as strong as her.

Image source: Bhupi from Getty Images Free for Canva Pro

If your mom likes to read, there are so many wonderful memoirs you can pick up for her. Maybe even a set of memoirs she can pick from a list like this, or just find what else she might like.

Building memories

Sometimes, the best thing to do is laze around together, do random things you both like. And if you’re like me, you’ll get some ice cream to accompany whatever you do.

mother's day gift ideas

Go for a morning walk followed by breakfast out. Laze around together at home chatting and reconnecting – as an adult with responsibilities yourselves, I’m sure you and your mother might have very few of these days. Go shopping together or even just window shopping and eat lunch outside.

There must be so many things you can do together, building memories. There’s one more way, that I have currently embarked upon –

Note down your memories for posterity

There are journals of various hues, sizes, and intention that can help you to record your life. Why not gift one of these to your mother?

My adult daughter and I are currently recording my life and her alongwith, in this journal called The Me Journal. This also doubles up as time we spend together, as we discuss every page, every point, every question as we go, and build up oral memories as well.

Do it. There are many other varieties you can find (I liked this one too); do browse a bit and search for what works best for you.

Have a happy Mother’s Day!

Images source: Header image a still from the short film Methi ke Laddoo. All images that do not have a source specified courtesy Amazon

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