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14 Short Films That Have Mothers Of All Hues, Mothers Who’re Also Their Own Woman!

Mother's Day is coming, and here we have a list of mothers in recent short films that will remind you of mom. If you're the mom, watch these with your 16+ child and also with friends!

Mother’s Day is coming, and here we have a list of mothers in recent short films that will remind you of mom. If you’re the mom, watch these with your 16+ child and also with friends!

We have some perfect recommendations of mothers in recent short films available on YouTube, that explore motherhood, the challenges that come with it, and so much more.

It’s been over a month since the country went on lockdown and if you are living away from your family during this period, chances are you are missing your mother like crazy by now. Even the most difficult situation feels easier around her.

Mothers are the greatest source of comfort, support and infinite love for any person. You might be 10 or 25 or 40 year old and your mother will always be your greatest cheerleader. But who cheers for her? Where does she go for comfort, support and love?

This collection of mothers in recent short films made by some of the best filmmakers in the country, deal with the challenges of motherhood and explore the mother-child relationship through varying perspective. Some of these are funny, light hearted and adorable, while others reveal the blood, sweat and tears that goes into being a mom.


15 mins

If you grew up in a urban or semi-urban middle class family, then this might bring back some distinct memories. Written and directed by Neeraj Ghaywan this short movie is sure to stir the pot in your family Whatsapp group.

The main lead is a mother played by Shefali Shah who along with her husband is hosting a get-together. What follows is something you might have noticed in your own family numerous times but probably ignored it like the rest of us. This flawless short film is a must watch for everyone.

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13 mins

Directed by Niranjan Iyengar and a strong cast with Neena Kulkarni as Maa and Dino Morea and Vivan Shah as her two sons, this short film depicts an unfair and dire choice a mother has to make to save her child and live with the heart breaking consequences.


28 mins

Another short film by the same name is in Tamil but can be easily understood with the English subtitles. Be sure to turn on your subtitle/caption. This film begins with a 15 year old girl getting pregnant and revealing it to her mother and how both of them deal with the ups and downs that comes with the situation. The topic has been explored in the most realistic way and surpasses some of the best Oscar worthy short films ever made. For the first time in my experience, a role of a 15 year old has been played by an actual 15 year old actor and not some 18-19 year old pretending to be 15. If you can watch only a single film from the entire list, this is the one.

Ghar ki Murgi

18 mins

This is easily one of the most popular on the list owing to the clever name and Sakhshi Tanwar as the main lead. Her acting as always is fabulous and the topic of mothers, wives and daughter-in-laws being taken for granted and unappreciated for their extreme labour in every household will strike a chord with most of us. The ending was a little disappointing but is stellar in every other way.

Methi ke Laddoo

9 mins

This is more light hearted approach towards a heavier subject of infertility and how it affects various female dynamics amongst the family. The mother played by Zarina Wahab is a pivotal character in the story.


21 mins

Another heavy but equally important topic is being dealt in this story by Adeeb Rais. This story revolves around a mother dealing with the loss of her son to suicide by ragging and later connecting with the bully responsible for it. The story remains on the surface level of the major problem of suicide and ragging in major institutions across the country.

Beans Aloo

9 mins

This is yet another attempt at exploring a mother-daughter relationship surrounding pregnancy. However, here the mother tries to come to terms with her daughter’s decision to not have a child post marriage. Short, sweet and simple, this one takes a no fuss – no drama approach.


10 mins

A young widowed woman living with her in laws falls in love again and approaches her mother-in-law about it. Will her mother-in-law sympathise with her or will she shame her like everyone else. Find out for yourself,

Risky Business

9 mins

The only good short film I could find about mothers that is independent to their life as care giver. This comedy conveys that sexuality and sexual adventures is not restricted by motherhood and age and tries to reveal our prejudices against older women and their desires.


6 mins

In a sweet and meaningful story which details a mother’s attempt at getting her adult son to stop being a baby and accept the responsibility of an independent adult.

Aai Shapat

15 mins

Another award winning regional language short film with English subtitles. This does fall strictly under the theme of motherhood but depicts the sweet, innocent love of a nephew for his aunt (mami). The boy is just the most adorable little midget full of innocence and wonder, watch this when you want to improve your mood instantly.

It’s A Girl

34 mins

‘It’s a girl’ is about a mother’s fight for her unborn daughter and how the want for a male child exists even in the most elite and “educated” society to this day. The acting in this one is not as great as some of the others but concept is provoking and engaging enough to make up for it.


8 mins

If you want to watch something unique and unpredictable that you haven’t seen before, this one is for you, I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what it’s about.

Aai (A Mother)

15 mins

This sweet animated short film illustrates your life through your mother’s eye and spans several decades and generations. This is an emotional and touching film that is relatable for everyone. This will surely make you call your mother or give her a hug.

So yes, a mother is the person who has given you birth, but she’s a person of her own too. A Happy Mother’s Day, with these mothers in recent short films.

Mother’s Day 2020: Let’s look at Mom as a human being, with a persona more than just the mother that takes care of you, of the home, or also a working mom who tries to walk the fine line of work-life balance. Let’s look at the woman she is, and celebrate her this Mother’s Day, whether she is with you or staying away from you, during this period of lockdown. Let’s make Mother’s Day 2020 memorable for your mom, or if you are mom.

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