This Bhima Jewellery Ad Has Parents Embrace Their Trans Daughter; Just Love Is Enough!

Ads like this one by Bhima jewellery featuring the transitioning journey of a trans woman, can drive real social change - remember the Gauri Sawant ad on motherhood by Vicks? Let's have more of them!


Ads like this one by Bhima jewellery featuring the transitioning journey of a trans woman, can drive real social change – remember the Gauri Sawant ad on motherhood by Vicks? Let’s have more of them!

We generally take for granted the effects of cinema and television on the minds of general mass. In India it has become risky business to make progressive ads in the recent past after the Tanishq & Surf Excel ad controversy. But South India based Bhima Jewellery ad campaign Pure as Love has done a beautiful job in making a warm and compassionate ad that celebrates a trans woman.

The 1 minute 40 seconds video has been conceptualized by Delhi based independent creative agency, Animal. They have previously worked with brands such as Adidas, Google, NDTV, Snapdeal and more.

A trans daughter who takes her time to transition

The ad is focused around parents embracing their trans daughter’s journey in the most traditional, desi way there is i.e. through jewellery.

The video begins with parents gifting their child a pair of gold anklets and takes you through the heartwarming journey of parental love and support through small acts of acceptance like accompanying their daughter to the tailors and getting her ear pierced and finally ending up with parents and all the elders of the family accompanying her decked up in a full bridal attire.

The ad stars the beautiful trans woman actress Meera Singhania – a winner in this too, with great representation with this choice. The video contains no dialogues and is backed by a rich and melodious soundtrack. The simplicity of the video contrasts the general notion that loving LGBTQIA+ children is ‘difficult and requires effort’. Just love is enough.

Why is ‘family honour’ and ‘log kya kahenge’ more important than our kids?

Many of us have heard stories of trans persons leaving their homes/being asked to leave their homes at a young age and resort to begging on the streets and learning to survive without basic respect and dignity that every human being deserves.

What would happen if their parents accepted them, funded their education and treated them with love, understanding and kindness offered to other kids?

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How many brilliant minds full of potential are being forced to live as beggars and sex workers because we as a society cannot accept differences. And even notwithstanding their ‘potential’, trans persons deserve as much love as anyone else. The ad has swiftly gone viral for all the right reasons and is winning netizen’s hearts.

The comments on the video are telling

“Myself as a trans person got goosebumps after watching this… supportive family is a gift ..I wish this change in advertisement could bring a lot of changes in our society too.. ornaments are not my thing but I just love this ad Bhima.” said one of the comments under the video.

“What a concept Bhima!!! The 1st time I saw this ad on TV, I actually felt like this is a way to help build up a healthy society in which people start accepting each other. Big salute to the whole team for coming up with this beautiful concept… Well done team Bhima!!!👏👏👏👏❤” commented another who only revealed their name as Swathi.

Ads can drive real social change – let’s have more of them!

One might think that the matter is too small for any significant celebration, but entertainment and media in any form has proven to be the most effective way in raising awareness and spearheading fundamental changes in the human belief system. Ads like that of Vicks featuring Gauri Sawant have in the past not only helped create awareness but also bring some structural changes in the normalizing trans parenthood.

If a 96 year old jewellery brand can make such ads, we can only hope more and more brands choose to make ads that are focused towards society and bringing awareness all the while being entertaining and truly inclusive in spirit.

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