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‘Taali’ Deserves Applause, But What More Needs To Be Done For The Trans Community?

'Taali' is a wonderful series to watch, but when it comes to the rights of trans gender people, what are the ground realities?

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Yaari Is A Wonderful Spotlight On All Hues Of Friendships In South Asian Women & Queer Folx

We are a very lonely people, I sometimes think. We are desperate not to be, and one of our strategies for ensuring that we're not is - friendship. Yaari.

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Why Must I Support Marriage Equity a.k.a. Same Sex Marriage As A Cis-Het Ally?
marriage equity

All that a law granting marriage equity will do is to enable a person to formalise a relationship if they choose to do so- it will not force people to get into or solemnise a 'prohibited' relationship.

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Dear Allies, Use Your Privilege To Uplift, Not Speak For LGBTQ+
Dear Allies, Use Your Privilege To Uplift, Not Speak For LGBTQ+

I'm appalled to see non-LGBTQ people (leaders) speak on behalf of the community because of the lack of budget and/or representation in their organization.

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I Was Threatened By My Profs When I Came Out On Campus And Started A Queer Collective

If you are queer, then you are threatened on a daily basis that you cannot come and open up, you cannot dress in a way you want to, you cannot express yourself the way you want to

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It’s A Long Way Yet, But Workplaces Are Changing To Be Inclusive Of Rainbow Love
Rainbow Love   #CelebratingtheRainbow

After the customary team-building and motivational points, he made the most important announcement – that of forming an LGBTQIA Club, and including their interests and requirements in the company policies.

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