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The Woman In The Gully Parlour

I hadn’t analyzed what possibly made her happy, or what her motivations might have been in what she said. Nor had I bothered to verify my suppositions about her life.

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Kamala’s Question

These were questions nobody answered for Kamala. Shalini Akka said something vague about Karuna-Athai having got something called a divorce and then about how adults could live with whoever they wanted.

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4 New LGBT Books I’ve Enjoyed That Aren’t Centred On Romance Tropes

Why must queer characters in a story mean that a narrative of romance or sex is a must? 4 extraordinary books that throw away this assumption.

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But The Most Important Thing Is To Be Free To Be Ourselves

The author, who teaches in the Netherlands, spends time with people seeking asylum as part of his volunteer work. This is one of his notes from those meetings.

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Trans Model Meera Singhania: I Had Support But Also Privilege Most Trans Persons Don’t
Meera Singhania Rehani

Meera Singhania Rehani, who acted as the trans woman model in the now famous Bhima Jewellery ad speaks about her journey to transitioning, and how her privilege helped her.

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18 Recent Films & Series On OTT Platforms With Sensitively Done LGBT Characters
LGBT OTT Content

Love is Love: Here are some of the best LGBT OTT content from this year that show good representation of the community.

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