Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju
How Did Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju Transform Into A Trans Icon?

Meet Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju: India's first transwoman doctor, actor, and fierce LGBTQ+ advocate, trailblazing paths and inspiring many!

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Kaathal, Another Fab Jewel From Jeo Baby, Creator Of The Great Indian Kitchen!

Kaathal is a brilliant, nuanced cinema that unpeels layer by layer, immersing the watcher inside its world, towards the heart-touching ending.

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Why Are Straight Women Mocked For Supporting LGBTQ+ Rights?

In a world that constantly strives for equality, why are straight women who passionately support the LGBTQ+ community, ridiculed?

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‘Taali’ Deserves Applause, But What More Needs To Be Done For The Trans Community?

'Taali' is a wonderful series to watch, but when it comes to the rights of trans gender people, what are the ground realities?

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Yaari Is A Wonderful Spotlight On All Hues Of Friendships In South Asian Women & Queer Folx

We are a very lonely people, I sometimes think. We are desperate not to be, and one of our strategies for ensuring that we're not is - friendship. Yaari.

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Why Must I Support Marriage Equity a.k.a. Same Sex Marriage As A Cis-Het Ally?
marriage equity

All that a law granting marriage equity will do is to enable a person to formalise a relationship if they choose to do so- it will not force people to get into or solemnise a 'prohibited' relationship.

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