Rohini Malur

Rohini Malur is a writer based on Bengaluru. She is a founding member of All Sorts of Queer, and annually organises open mics for Namma Pride in Bengaluru. In a parallel universe, she captains a starship and has a very loving cat.

Voice of Rohini Malur

Yaari Is A Wonderful Spotlight On All Hues Of Friendships In South Asian Women & Queer Folx

We are a very lonely people, I sometimes think. We are desperate not to be, and one of our strategies for ensuring that we're not is - friendship. Yaari.

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Barbie movie review
A Barbie Movie Review: Pink Just Looks So Good On Us; We Won’t Allow Anything Else!

Barbie the movie is hilarious, tongue in cheek, and very aware of what it's playing with. But how well does it deal with 'feminism'?

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15% Of Women Suffer From Infertility, But Are Stigmatised Or Left To Suffer In Silence…

Women have began to talk about things they were expected to be silent about; let's do our part by listening to them.

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same sex marriage
Denying Indians Same Sex Marriage Means Upholding Patriarchal Control Over Our Choice

The Centre has recently spoken up against same sex marriage, citing a “5000 year old tradition”. It is now to be seen what the Courts say.

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Manjiri Indurkar
‘It’s All In Your Head’ Really? Childhood Trauma Can Affect Deeper Than That

Manjiri Indurkar narrates a memoir of abuse in It's All In Your Head, M, sitting with her trauma to heal, with ruthless honesty, sparing no one, even herself. 

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