7 Easy Recipes By Foodgrammers From NE India For You To Try Out Something Different!

Check out these foodgrammers from NE India, who bring us some easy dishes of the region, which you can try out at home from ingredients you may have.

Check out these foodgrammers from NE India, who bring us some easy dishes of the region, which you can try out at home from ingredients you may have.

Last month, a brilliant movie about North Eastern communities of India staying in Delhi was trending. Axone. This review of the movie says, ‘The trio of Upasna, Chanbi, and Zorem lives in Delhi and hails from the North-East. They plan to cook “axone”, a pork-based Nagamese dish, as a surprise for their friend Minam to be married. However, the notoriously pungent smell of this traditionally fermented dish gets them into trouble with their neighbors and their North Indian landlady.’

Clearly because the dish is perceived as ‘alien’ by Delhiites, but is representative of Nagamese cuisine. But this also points out how varied the different cuisines and food of Indians in different geographic regions can be, yet be rooted in a common cultural past.

Food tells us a lot about people’s culture, their lifestyle and wellness. As Indians we are fortunate to have a country filled with native cuisines and a wide variety of food habits. In order to truly appreciate the beauty of India, we must appreciate its complex and appetising food cultures. But the beauty of this uniquely diverse food culture of India is that all these vastly different flavours require similar ingredients and methods. So you can make these delectable dishes from your own kitchen.

We’ll be getting you a series of food posts, that include recipes and food bloggers from Instagram, YouTube, and other sources.

The seven sisters of the North-Eastern India offer exotic cuisine unique from the rest of the country. With cultural and food influences from both southern and eastern Asia, this region offers delicious food with an impressive sustainable food culture.

Here we have list of the best foodgrammers from NE India to follow if you are interested in making new and exciting native Indian dishes from the region.


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A snack made with sticky rice flour

This page run by a Tribal Naga lady, offers some simple but delicious Naga dishes. Her foods made from organic vegetables are easy to make especially for people who want to try out new dishes at home.

Alee Lorin Food

Rice, lentils, greens, smoked meat, and jackfruit

One of the Naga foodgrammers from NE India on this list, Alee Lorin has some amazing balanced food bowls with rice, a type of bean and some form of protein, perfect for a filling lunch or dinner. A locally grown plate of goodness.

Hungry Manipur

Hungry Manipur

Steamed momos stuffed with a pork filling

This Manipuri foodie shares not only delicious looking curries and snacks but also has many weight loss and fitness friendly recipes. He also has a Youtube channel which features many Mukbang videos and recipes as well.

On My Plateee

On my plate

Savoury anguli pitha, a snack made of rice flour

This beautiful page is run by an Assamese student Puravee Bordoloi. Her food, usually served in banana leaf or a bronze or china plate always looks mouth-watering. She shares some unique Assamese village food as well as popular cuisines.

Assamese Cuisine

Black rice with jaggery, sesame balls, coconut balls, for Bihu

This Dubai based Assamese is a food columnist at The Assam Tribune. Her Instagram page is a collection of attractive dishes and unique ingredients. Ever seen a white eggplant or black rice? If not, then head over to her page.

Tripura food

Steamed dumpling Awan Bagwi made with sticky rice

The only Tripuri foodgrammer in this list of foodgrammers from NE India is a relatively new page but still offers some unique Tripuri styled curries and fishes.


mango sticky rice

This Guwahati based woman from among foodgrammers from NE India not only makes authentic Assamese food but also makes keeps up with trendy foods. Her plating and presentation are always on point.

Image source: a still from the film Axone

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