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Asefa Hafeez

Asefa writes about the lives of women in smaller towns of India. Her interest include Inter-sectional Feminism, soul music, long walks in nature and most importantly stargazing. you can get in touch with her on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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celebrity moms
9 Inspiring Celebrity Moms Share Magical Moments With Their Kids On Insta During Lockdown

Meet 9 inspiring women who have shared their personal life with kids on Instagram, giving us a peek into their mommy life. Check it out!

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Sonali Gupta Anxiety
Look At Anxiety In An Indian Cultural Context To Address It, Says Clinical Psychologist Sonali Gupta

Clinical Psychologist and author Sonali Gupta speaks about her book Anxiety: Overcome it and live without Fear; and a need to deal with anxiety in an Indian cultural context.

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online music streaming
8 Online Music Streaming Options In India You Should Know More About

Online music streaming services/ apps are the way to listen to music currently, giving a great deal of flexibility and choice to the user.

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Indian YouTube singers
13 Indian YouTube Singers You’d Love To Discover If You Haven’t Already

Indian YouTube singers who create original music or even covers of popular songs on the internet are followed by many today. Here are 11 of them.

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IAS officer Rani Nagaer
Haryana IAS Officer Rani Nagar Resigns Due To Workplace Harassment And Safety Concerns

Harassed by her seniors in ways that could have become dangerous had she not been alert, IAS officer Rani Nagar resigns, publicly posting about her ordeal.

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mothers in recent short films
14 Short Films That Have Mothers Of All Hues, Mothers Who’re Also Their Own Woman!

Mother's Day is coming, and here we have a list of mothers in recent short films that will remind you of mom. If you're the mom, watch these with your 16+ child and also with friends!

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Mother's Day ideas
10 Mother’s Day Ideas You DON’T Need To Buy To Make Her Feel Special During Lockdown

Buying a gift for Mom during lockdown might be impossible, but here are some brilliant Mother's Day ideas that you don't need to buy!

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child porn search
95% Increase In Child Porn Search On PornHub Points To A Chilling Indian Reality

Child porn is illegal in India, but trends reported by PornHub (which has offered 'free access' during lockdown) show 95% increase in child porn search. 

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comedian Radhika Vaz
Use Lockdown Time To Call Your Mom, Quips Comedian Radhika Vaz In A Delightful Interview

At 47, comedian Radhika Vaz hasn't run out of steam, and a rollicking exchange gives some gems we can take away from. Read on.

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Yeh Ballet
Yeh Ballet Is A Dream Come True Of 2 Mumbai Slum Boys Who CHOSE This Dance Form; On Netflix

Yeh Ballet is a joyful true story of how two young men from the Mumbai slums broke shackles of a patriarchy that stigmatises boys for a 'feminine' dance. 

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When Indians Kill Daughters Everyday, Is Lockdown A Good Reason To Lift Ban On Gender Testing?

This article was based on these news reports - here, here, and here.The ministry has subsequently clarified its position on this issue, so we are removing the piece. Our apologies to our readers.

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exams postponed
Board Exams, & Now Entrance Exams Postponed: 4 Moms Give Tips On How They Deal With This

Board exams, entrance exams - are both milestone examinations students take; having exams postponed is stressful for them and their parents. But - it's a small price to pay to be safe.

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On Odisha Day, CM Naveen Patnaik Tells Men Not To Burden Women With Extra Work

In his speech for Utkal Diwas (Odisha Day), CM Naveen Patnaik says that this is lockdown, not holidays, so don't overburden women with extra cooking and house work.

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