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Bhima jewellery ad trans woman
This Bhima Jewellery Ad Has Parents Embrace Their Trans Daughter; Just Love Is Enough!

Ads like this one by Bhima jewellery featuring the transitioning journey of a trans woman, can drive real social change - remember the Gauri Sawant ad on motherhood by Vicks? Let's have more of them!

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Tara Kaushal Why Men Rape
When Tara Kaushal Went Undercover To Find Out Why Men Rape, She Found Some Intriguing Things

Tara Kaushal, the author of the breakthrough book Why Men Rape speaks of the challenges of going undercover to speak with actual rapists and writing it.

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Athira Sujatha
Athira Sujatha’s Activism Gets Kerala Govt To Stop Publicising Details Of Inter-Faith Couples

Kerala govt will no longer put up details of couples marrying under the Special Marriages Act 1964 on its website, to protect them. Athira Sujatha, the woman behind this, speaks about what happened.

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7 Easy Recipes By Foodgrammers From NE India For You To Try Out Something Different!

Check out these foodgrammers from NE India, who bring us some easy dishes of the region, which you can try out at home from ingredients you may have.

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mental health influencers mental health Insta handles
9 Mental Health Influencers On Insta That Have Personally Helped Me Cope With Life

9 Indian and global mental health influencers who will help you manage your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown.

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11 Interesting Known & Lesser Known Facts About Pride & LGBTQIA+ Rights

Do you consider yourself an expert in LGBTQIA+ awareness? Well here’s your chance to test your pride quotient and knowledge on the matter.

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LGBTQIA rights
Arundhati Katju, Vikram Seth, Ritu Dalmia And 8 More Indians Who Are Queer & Successful

LGBTQIA rights have been won only recently, but these Indian queer people have risen above the discrimination they certainly must have faced.

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Dutee Chand Sabitri
Dutee Chand Breaks Heterosexual Social Norms Again By Celebrating Odisha’s Sabitri Puja With Partner

Dutee Chand once again proves to be a true inspiration for LGBTQ+ community by celebrating the traditional Odia Sabitri Puja with her partner.

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Kudos To This Badass Bride For Speaking Up To Protect Her Rights Despite Being Shamed As ‘Forward’

Society's obsession with the demure bride and women complying with that is more dangerous that we realise. A recent bride showed us how to do it better.

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Why Being A Working Wife And DIL Is NOT As Empowering As I Thought It Would Be!

Does being an earning member of the family make it easier on women, especially after marriage? I thought so, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

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Suicide Of Kerala 14y.o. Marginalised Student: What Is The State Doing To Prevent Similar Incidences?

The Indian education system has once again failed the Dalit and poor students in its care. A 14 year old girl from Kerala died of suicide as she couldn't attend prescribed online classes.

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celebrity moms
9 Inspiring Celebrity Moms Share Magical Moments With Their Kids On Insta During Lockdown

Meet 9 inspiring women who have shared their personal life with kids on Instagram, giving us a peek into their mommy life. Check it out!

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Sonali Gupta Anxiety
Look At Anxiety In An Indian Cultural Context To Address It, Says Clinical Psychologist Sonali Gupta

Clinical Psychologist and author Sonali Gupta speaks about her book Anxiety: Overcome it and live without Fear; and a need to deal with anxiety in an Indian cultural context.

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online music streaming
8 Online Music Streaming Options In India You Should Know More About

Online music streaming services/ apps are the way to listen to music currently, giving a great deal of flexibility and choice to the user.

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Indian YouTube singers
13 Indian YouTube Singers You’d Love To Discover If You Haven’t Already

13 Indian YouTube singers who creating their original music and covering of popular songs on the internet. Here is a detailed list for you!

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IAS officer Rani Nagaer
Haryana IAS Officer Rani Nagar Resigns Due To Workplace Harassment And Safety Concerns

Harassed by her seniors in ways that could have become dangerous had she not been alert, IAS officer Rani Nagar resigns, publicly posting about her ordeal.

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mothers day celebrations in short films
13 Short Movies About Mothers, Mothers Who’re Also Their Own Woman!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms! We have a list of movies about mothers of all kinds that you can watch with your 16+ child or with friends!

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Mother's Day ideas
10 Mother’s Day Ideas You DON’T Need To Buy To Make Her Feel Special

Here are many options for you to choose from, with unique and affordable Mother's Day ideas, wherever you are in the world.

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child porn search
95% Increase In Child Porn Search On PornHub Points To A Chilling Indian Reality

Child porn is illegal in India, but trends reported by PornHub (which has offered 'free access' during lockdown) show 95% increase in child porn search. 

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comedian Radhika Vaz
Use Lockdown Time To Call Your Mom, Quips Comedian Radhika Vaz In A Delightful Interview

At 47, comedian Radhika Vaz hasn't run out of steam, and a rollicking exchange gives some gems we can take away from. Read on.

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Yeh Ballet
Yeh Ballet Is A Dream Come True Of 2 Mumbai Slum Boys Who CHOSE This Dance Form; On Netflix

Yeh Ballet is a joyful true story of how two young men from the Mumbai slums broke shackles of a patriarchy that stigmatises boys for a 'feminine' dance. 

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When Indians Kill Daughters Everyday, Is Lockdown A Good Reason To Lift Ban On Gender Testing?

This article was based on these news reports - here, here, and here.The ministry has subsequently clarified its position on this issue, so we are removing the piece. Our apologies to our readers.

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exams postponed
Board Exams, & Now Entrance Exams Postponed: 4 Moms Give Tips On How They Deal With This

Board exams, entrance exams - are both milestone examinations students take; having exams postponed is stressful for them and their parents. But - it's a small price to pay to be safe.

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On Odisha Day, CM Naveen Patnaik Tells Men Not To Burden Women With Extra Work

In his speech for Utkal Diwas (Odisha Day), CM Naveen Patnaik says that this is lockdown, not holidays, so don't overburden women with extra cooking and house work.

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