From Its Trailer, ‘Ghar Ki Murgi’ Sounds Like The Story Of Every Homemaker Taken For Granted

Celebrate the woman of your house. Not just acknowledge and appreciate her, but step up and share the work load, however menial it might seem. She's not a 'ghar ki murgi'!

Celebrate the woman of your house. Not just acknowledge and appreciate her, but step up and share the work load, however menial it might seem. She’s not a ‘ghar ki murgi’!

The ordinary Indian husband seems to specialise in being unaware of, uncaring about, and often insensitive to all that their wives do, especially homemaker wives who are considered to be “doing nothing all day”, and not contributing to the family because they don’t get any money home. Society too, views them the same way.

So here comes a short film, Ghar ki Murgi.

‘Ghar ki Murgi’ is a one line definition of a stay at home lady. And probably that is the whole idea behind the Sakshi Tanwar starred short film by the same name aired on ‘Sony Liv’ this Women’s Day.

The age old question, “she stays at home, what does she do?” “Nothing…”

Monetarily, yes… she might not bring any hard cash to the table, but the worth she creates with whatever that comes her way seems the underlying theme.

So the opening scene of the trailer shows a pressure cooker steaming up and whistling, just like the day begins for her. Juggling and hopping from one chore to another, we see the lady of the house managing the morning, and till night. But what stays missing is the acknowledgment for all she does.

Lead actor Sakshi Tanwar on the film

“Whether a stay at home woman or a working lady, she’s told that she has manage the home irrespective. It’s her job after all, her primary concern. It’s very relatable, majority of the women would relate to the life depicted of a homemaker.” Says Sakshi Tanwar, the actor playing the lady of the house.

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“Just like Seema Batra’s (the leading character) family understands, so should every household watching the movie also understand and acknowledge her.”

Watch the trailer here

A 24X7 job, no less

Inherently throughout the trailer, we see the pressure cooker brimming, signifying her life throughout the day.

Hers is 24×7 job, with no Sundays and no holidays. She faces the unspoken time implications, uncertified deadlines, takes all the pressure of the household work in her stride. But when she asks for a break, that becomes a laughing matter. “You stay at home all day, what do you do all day that you need a break? Why in fact, do you need a break?”

She decides to take a break and go off alone on a holiday to Goa. And what happens then is what we need to see.

The film not just highlights the problem but further finds a solution for the same. And the high point? When her contribution to the household is being calculated in terms of monetary savings, to make all of them realise and acknowledge her contribution to the family.

A lady at home faces as many challenges that the man who goes out of home to work faces at his workplace.

Learn to appreciate her

The real need for the lady is not just the holiday, but appreciation from every member. What she wants is not just the break but family members sharing the responsibility.

Her need to take a break is her basic right and it’s equally necessary for her to relax. A message to the viewers this Woman’s Day, ‘Celebrate the woman of your house and not just acknowledge and appreciate but step up and share the work load, however menial it might seem.’ Her presence might not be noticed, but her absence is dreaded.

That she’s not the ghar ki murgi, but someone on whom the household depends.

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