I Chose To Be At Home With My Child And I Refuse To Be Judged For It!

I completely agree that working mothers do not have it easy, but that doesn't mean stay-at-home mothers are living a care-free, easy life. We have our own battles to be taken care of on a daily basis.

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Don’t Derogate The Homemakers, It Is Time We Value Their Labour!
Don't Derogate The Homemakers, It Is Time We Value Their Labour!

"Yes, she is a homemaker! Being a homemaker demands an immense level of skill and effort, which deserves to be applauded rather than being undermined."

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Afternoon Naps: The Guilt That Shouldn’t Kill Anybody!
Afternoon Naps: The Guilt That Shouldn't Kill Anybody!

Mothers should never feel guilty about taking afternoon naps. Once back into her house, motherhood duties took over and wouldn’t let go of her until lunch was all done, leaving everyone else pleasantly full and her, heavy and groggy.

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Indian Society Thrives On The Invisible Trap Of Glorifying Cooking & Homemaking Skills Of The ‘Good’ Woman

Often these sugar coated words turn out to be a façade for enslavement and to generate that invisible female labour force who continue to slog under the burden the patriarchy.

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So Much Of Sweat And Tears…This Menopause Thing Is Getting To You, Isn’t It?

Was it her responsibility alone to get those batteries? Or get the groceries? Or make a grocery list? Why was it her job to remind everyone of things of common utility?

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Our Homemakers Deserve Better, So Let’s Start Valuing Them This Women’s Day If We Don’t Already!

Instead of being grateful, most of us belittle our homemakers - let's stop taking them for granted, as they are the spine of our society.

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