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So Much Of Sweat And Tears…This Menopause Thing Is Getting To You, Isn’t It?

Was it her responsibility alone to get those batteries? Or get the groceries? Or make a grocery list? Why was it her job to remind everyone of things of common utility?

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Our Homemakers Deserve Better, So Let’s Start Valuing Them This Women’s Day If We Don’t Already!

Instead of being grateful, most of us belittle our homemakers - let's stop taking them for granted, as they are the spine of our society.

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What Free Time Are You Talking About?! Taking Care Of Home Is A Full Time Job!

“You are not serious, right? You are about to graduate from one of the most prestigious colleges in the country and say you don’t want to work. Ridiculous. I mean, why study in the first place?”

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Shefali Shah’s Directorial Debut Is All About A Married Woman Putting Herself First In Style!
Shefali Shah directorial debut

What a brilliant directorial debut by the iconic Shefali Shah! We only learn the lady’s name a minute before the film ends. Because a name doesn’t matter. She is all of us.

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Let’s Empower Our Homemakers, One Spouse Salary At A Time
spouse salary

A percentage of the employee's salary given as spouse salary can be an important initiative that acknowledges and honours homemakers, and empowers them.

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There Is Absolutely No Reason To Be Ashamed Of Being A Homemaker!

Don't take homemakers for granted! If they stop doing what they are doing, your house will be a dump full of dirty utensils and laundry!

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