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Shefali Shah directorial debut
Shefali Shah’s Directorial Debut Is All About A Married Woman Putting Herself First In Style!

What a brilliant directorial debut by the iconic Shefali Shah! We only learn the lady’s name a minute before the film ends. Because a name doesn’t matter. She is all of us.

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Let’s Empower Our Homemakers, One Spouse Salary At A Time
spouse salary

A percentage of the employee's salary given as spouse salary can be an important initiative that acknowledges and honours homemakers, and empowers them.

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There Is Absolutely No Reason To Be Ashamed Of Being A Homemaker!

Don't take homemakers for granted! If they stop doing what they are doing, your house will be a dump full of dirty utensils and laundry!

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IF I Get Time From Everyone’s Needs In The House, I Might Be Able To Do This For Myself…

It's just… too much, some days. Most days. Resulting in me getting nothing done. No work. No stories. There is barely a thought I can keep straight in my head.

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You’re A Nobody – ‘Just’ A Housewife Who Does Nothing All Day!

Women who choose to stay at home have multiple responsibilities over them. Yet they are unpaid and constantly overworked. 

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The Great Indian Kitchen: The Female Gaze Has Arrived And It Is Glorious!
The Great Indian Kitchen

The Great Indian Kitchen is a blatant exposure of the Indian family; a scathing attack on that most sacred institution of marriage that no one was supposed to question, particularly in a mainstream movie.

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