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Voice of Sapna

Sushmita Sen Gives Back To Trolls “I Buy My Diamonds Myself”!

A woman needs a partner who supports her to grow, who pushes her to make herself independent and do whatever she wishes to do, makes her feel safe, respects her, cares for her, loves her selflessly, who trusts her and supports her in every decision.

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Marriage Is Only A Part Of Life; It Can’t Define Anyone’s Whole Life…!

As per our society, a person’s life is only complete when they are married. And most importantly have a child within the time limit of the 'biological clock'.

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A Thursday: Should Women Need To Go To Extremes To Ensure Justice?

At the end of the film comes up a sentence: “Since you have been watching this film, 8 women have got raped in the country.”

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The ‘Right’ Age For A Woman To Embrace Motherhood Is When SHE Chooses To Do So!

Being a mom has nothing to do with a woman's age. Let women choose when they want to be moms instead of forcing it on them!

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Misogynist Statements Women Definitely Do NOT Need To Hear In 2021!

Why must we pay the price of our happiness and freedom just to live our life according to what is 'expected of us'? We deserve happiness too!

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When You Define A Woman By Her Relationship Status, You Strip Away Her Identity!

Once you're married, your only introduction will be 'Mrs. XYZ.' All your qualifications will vanish and you'd only be someone's wife. 

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Spot The Hidden Domestic Abuse Behind ‘Happy’ Marriages

Society isn't yet ready to accept that even in a 'happy and successful' marriage, there could be a person suffering from mental trauma and domestic abuse.

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Is Marriage A Sacred Bond That Only Holds Women In A Golden Cage?

Often married women are treated like birds in golden cages. They seemingly have it all - gold and money and love but not their freedom!

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A Haryana Man Locked His Wife In The Toilet For Over A Year-Seriously?

The recent headline about a man locking up his wife in a bathroom is shocking evidence of the existing deep-rooted patriarchy. How behind are we in the race to equality?

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One Is My Parent’s House And The Other My Husband’s; Where Is My Home?

Despite all the suffering, she tries to manage things and accept the new home as hers. But she is rarely allowed to do so because it is her husband's home.

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Here’s Your Wake Up Call – Do NOT Marry A Mama’s Boy If You Value Your Independence & Happiness!

A mama's boy will require you to do everything for him like his mother did before his wedding. But isn't there is a difference between a mother and a wife?

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Why Are Women Still Expected To Stay In A Marriage Where They Are Unhappy And Dissatisfied?

Why are there no trials before one takes the biggest and most important decision of their lives? Why are we still expected to stay in unhappy marriages?

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Priyanka Chopra And Sushmita Sen Prove That For A Woman To Live Life On Her Terms, Family Support Matters A Lot

Priyanka Chopra and Sushmita Sen prove that family support can boost a woman's will power and she can be on high heights like these two actresses are.

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Why Do Women Still ‘Need Permission’ To Follow Their Dreams After Their Marriage?

If a marriage is between a man and a woman, why does only she have to choose between her marriage and career? Why does she need permission for it?

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Menstruation Talks Are Still A Taboo…!!

The "period leave" recently announced by Zomato, is a progressive stance towards equality and definitely needs a "shout-out."

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Why Are Most Indians And Indian Laws Still So Confused About Marital Rapes?

Once married, men think they don't need to ask consent from their wives to have sex. Why are we still so confused about women's rights over their bodies?

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When You’re Married, You’re Expected To Love Your Partner, But Your Happiness Rarely Matters!

In the Indian society, marriage and love go hand in hand. If you're married to someone, you have no choice but to love the person. But will you be happy?

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If It’s ‘Illegal’ To Separate A Man From His Parents, How Is It ‘Tradition’ To Separate A Woman From Hers?

Our society teaches a girl from her birth that one day she has to leave her parents' house and go with her husband to his house.

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Let Your Daughter Live Life On Her Own Terms Instead Of Staying In A Toxic Marriage!

Not every marriage comes with the successful and happily ever after tag. In some marriages, this concept fails. So what does a woman do in such a situation?

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Why Don’t Married Women Have The Right To Choose Whether Or Not They Want Kids?

Motherhood needs to be an option, not a compulsion. Marriage is not a legal license from society to become a mother. Don't women deserve to make that choice?

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What If I Told You That Marriage Is NOT The Ultimate Goal And Women Can CHOOSE To Stay Single?

Is it wrong if a girl chooses to remain single and enjoy her own company? It may be tough but shouldn't it be her choice - whether or not to marry?

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right to say no
Do Indian Women Have A Right To Say NO To Anything In Reality?

Does a woman have the right to say No to anything which she doesn't want to do? In real, everyday life in a 'traditional' Indian society, I don't think so.

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Is Cooking A Part Of A Woman’s DNA Or Is It Forced And Conditioned Upon Her?

Even today, several women are expected to be able to be able to cook a five course meal for the family after a long day at work. Will it ever change?

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Why Is It So Wrong If A Newly Married Woman Wishes NOT To Stay With Her In-Laws?

After marriage, due to the amount of pressure on them, women find it difficult to adjust. In such cases, is it too much to ask if they want to move out?

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Why Does A Married Woman Still Need Permission From In-Laws To Do Anything For Her Parents?

In our 'Indian culture', marriage is not considered as between two individuals, but between two families. This leads to the woman often becoming a puppet in most families.

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Disparity In Gender

She can earn well, take responsibility of her parents for the rest of their life, can manage doing household chores for which mostly males are dependent on her.

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