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Voice of Sapna

right to say no
Do Indian Women Have A Right To Say NO To Anything In Reality?

Does a woman have the right to say No to anything which she doesn't want to do? In real, everyday life in a 'traditional' Indian society, I don't think so.

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Is Cooking A Part Of A Woman’s DNA Or Is It Forced And Conditioned Upon Her?

Even today, several women are expected to be able to be able to cook a five course meal for the family after a long day at work. Will it ever change?

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Why Is It So Wrong If A Newly Married Woman Wishes NOT To Stay With Her In-Laws?

After marriage, due to the amount of pressure on them, women find it difficult to adjust. In such cases, is it too much to ask if they want to move out?

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Why Does A Married Woman Still Need Permission From In-Laws To Do Anything For Her Parents?

In our 'Indian culture', marriage is not considered as between two individuals, but between two families. This leads to the woman often becoming a puppet in most families.

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Disparity In Gender

She can earn well, take responsibility of her parents for the rest of their life, can manage doing household chores for which mostly males are dependent on her.

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