10 Delicious High Protein Vegetarian Meals From Indian Cuisines That You Must Try!

Indian food does not have animal protein except for dairy products, but there are many high protein vegetarian meals that can help.

Indian vegetarian food does not have animal protein except for dairy products, but there are many high protein vegetarian meals that can help, if used on a regular basis. 

Indian food is infamous for being low on protein, especially vegetarian. The truth, however, is that most people are unaware of the high protein vegetarian meals which are found in many cuisines in India. So let’s break this myth that high protein vegetarian meals are impossible.

While looking at protein from vegetarian sources, you should also remember that consuming one source of a plant is not enough, because unlike animal proteins, plant proteins do not have all the nine amino acids (part of a protein) essential for the human body in any one source. Always try to mix up various high protein vegetarian sources.

Here are some high protein vegetarian recipes from India, which will help in providing a meal rich in protein, and also add to the deliciousness quotient of your meals.

1. Dahi Paneer Kebab

This is a marvelous mixture of three high protein vegetarian sources – paneer, curd, chana dal. High on protein and high on taste, this crispy yet soft dish makes a great bite.

Watch dahi paneer kebab presented by Hema Subramanian on HomeCookingShow

2. Soya Burji

Soya is one of the greatest high protein vegetarian sources. A toothsome way to consume soya is through scrumptious soya burji.

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Watch soya burji presented by Suchismita on Easy Indian Recipes

3. Dal Vada

Dal vada or moong dal dumplings are loved by Indians. This piquant snack is fun way to gain your proteins.

Watch Dal vada presented by Bhanu on Bhanu’s kitchen

4. Kadle/Chana sukha

Chana or chickpeas or kadle is vastly used throughout India. The Mangalorean style chana sukha is one of the yummiest chana recipes.

Watch chana sukha presented by Mural Rodrigues on Mural’s kitchen

5. Dal

Lentils are the primary source of protein for Indians as it is a part of our staple foods.  This flavorful Rajasthani special is a blend of chana dal, arhar dal, urad dal, masoor dal,  moong dal that contains all the necessary amino acids.

Watch panchranta dal presented by Nisha Madhulika on Nisha Madhulika

6. Rajma Masala

Rajma masala is an authentic Punjabi dish that is made in every Punjabi household. This delicacy is a powerhouse of protein.

Watch rajma masala presented by Kamna Chopra on Khana Manpasand

7. Almond soup

We have all been told about the benefits of almonds from childhood. This soup is a creamy delightful escape filled with protein.

Watch how to make almond soup presented by Shipra Khanna on Shipra’s kitchen.

8. Soya Dosa

Wondering how to make your favorite dosa healthy? Here’s the perfect solution, Soya Dosa! This delectable recipe will make your mouth water.

Watch soya dosa presented by Ragini Thumma on Ragini.

9. Horse gram chutney

Horse gram is a favorite legume of the Ayurvedics and horse gram chutney is favorite in Kannada and Tamil households. Pair this spicy and flavorsome chutney with some healthy dosa’s and roti’s for a high protein wholesome meal.

Watch horse gram chutney presented by Raji Chandrashekar on Swayam Paaka.

10. Sattu Sharbat

Sattu is very indegious protein drink that is famous in Bihar and  Bengal. This spiced protein drink suits the tastes of Indians and is extremely delicious.

Watch Sattu Sharbat recipe presented by Nisha Madhulika on her YouTube channel.

Image source: Par Rupeshsukale46 [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], de Wikimedia Commons


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