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Pregnant? Here Is A List Of 23 Indian Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Worry not as we've compiled a list of all the suggested Indian foods to avoid during pregnancy so that you and your baby are taken care of!

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6 Indian Hangover Food Cures From A Desi Kitchen To Start 2024 Better!
hangover cures

Did you wake up with a crazy hangover from the New Year's weekend? Don't worry we have some Indian hangover food cures to your rescue!

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If You’re Looking To Switch To A Healthier Lifestyle, Kirti Yadav’s KuKClean Is Just The Thing For You!

With the sedentary lifestyle being a norm if you're looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle, Kirti Yadav believes KuKClean is made for you!

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I Thought I Could Be Healthy Like My Neighbour, Till I Found My Thing!

Eating right and exercising has been praised for a very long time. But things work differently for everyone. This is why it's vital you find your routine and follow it!

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5 Reasons Eating Those Beans Is A Good Idea. Chicken, Anyone?

As children, we were taught that eating proteins is a good idea, but do we still follow it as adults? Here are five reasons why you need to have your proteins!

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6 Healthy And Quick Finger Food Recipes For Kids

Here is a list of 6 healthy and quick to make finger-food recipes for your kids which will leave them drooling and keep them away from unhealthy junk food.

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