A postgraduate student of Political Science at Presidency University, Kolkata. Describes herself as an intersectional feminist and an avid reader when she's not busy telling people about her cats. Adores walking around and exploring lanes and bylanes in her city and admiring sunsets.

Voice of Kamalika

Marriage Isn’t Enough To Define Queer Lives Yet Is An Essential Right We Must Have!

A whole range of basic legal rights are available only inside the institution of marriage in this country, hence the right to marriage should be available to everyone.

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marriage equality
Queer Activist Harish Iyer Shares Heartfelt Message On LinkedIn After Centre Says Marriage Equality ‘Against Culture’

In his message on LinkedIn, Harish Iyer speaks of how Indian culture as defined currently is actually the Victorian mores by the British, and that laws should be framed to make lives of citizens better.

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Satyadeep Misra
8 Quick Facts About Satyadeep Misra, The Man Whom Masaba Married Recently

Recently, Masaba Gupta put up an IG post letting the world know that she married Satyadeep Misra, whom she was dating for a couple of years, in a private ceremony.

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How I Masaba
When 3 Amazing Women Speak Of The Need To Prioritise Ourselves, We Listen!

Women have to put in a far greater amount of hard work, time and energy for a mere slice of the recognition even mediocre men accrue. Sania Mirza, Garima Arora and Masaba tell us to hold it close.

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Appalling Case Of Sexual Harassment Of TN Dalit Woman Prof Proves POSH Needs Caste Sensitivity

A Dalit woman professor in an Ooty college was sexually harassed by a colleague, and even after her complaint, she didn't get justice - an example of how caste affects even justice systems in place.

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Sandhya Devanathan: Will The New VP Of Meta Bring Equality?
Sandhya Devanathan: Will The New VP Of Meta Bring Equality?

Sandhya Devanathan, on Thursday, became the new India Chief of the social media giant Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. She will be holding the position of Vice President of Meta India and will assume her responsibilities from 1st January 2023.

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Why The LIC Provision For Nominating Same Sex Partner Is Useless Without Marriage Equality

Nominee is not the same as successor, who is usually related to the policy holder by birth, consanguinity, marriage or adoption. It is not your same-sex partner. 

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4 Pertinent Questions To Ask About The Outrage Over Nayanthara And Vignesh’s Surrogate Twins

The outrage has put a spotlight on the blatantly discriminatory aspects of the Surrogacy Regulation Act, people's conceptions of who is a 'good' mother, and the prejudices against surrogacy.

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protests in Iran
Custodial Death Of 22y.o. Mahsa Amini And Ongoing Women’s Protests In Iran – Here’s What We Know

Women participating in these rallies were seen to take off their hijabs as a sign of protest, and also have been chopping off their hair and burning the hijabs.

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Whether The Chandigarh University Videos Exist Or Not, The Authority Response Is About Shaming Women!

Preliminary investigations have found that the alleged videos do not exist, and the woman shot one video of herself in the bathroom and sent it to her boyfriend.

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Must Watch, Brilliant Tinder Ad On Consent: “Look For A YES; Anything Less Is A NO!”

The 8 minutes and 12 seconds of this short film by Tinder is taut with tension and apprehension, even though every dialogue feels like something you’ve heard someone say or something you have talked about with friends.

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4 Yrs After Scrapping Article 377, What Is On-Ground Reality For Queer Lives In India?

Without marriage equality, a horde of civil rights remain inaccessible to the queer community from joint adoption to financial benefits, relegating them to the position of second class citizens.

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SC: ‘Domestic, Unmarried Partnerships & Queer Relationships’ Also A Family

Defining a family in terms of a heterosexual marriage and biologcal kids is a patriarchal, capitalist construct that needs to be dismantled in favour of inclusion and equality.

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Supreme Court: Unmarried Women Can Also Access Abortion Under The MTP (Amendment) Act 2021

The judgement pointed out that the MTP (Amendment) Act 2021 mentions ‘partner’ and not ‘husband’, and therefore intends to include women irrespective of their marital status.

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man cuts off wife's hand
Husband Cut Off Wife’s Hand Coz She Got A Job, Angry That She Was ‘Earning More’ Than Him!

A patriarchal belief in 'man must be breadwinner' causes such criminal behaviour, and the wife bagging a govt job was more than his 'male ego' could handle.

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Neena Gupta Shuts Down Trolls Who Attacked Her On Insta For Wearing Shorts When Meeting Gulzar!

Society expects women to dress ‘modestly’ around men, particularly powerful men, and any woman who doesn't toe this line is attacked.

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When Swara Bhaskar Was Told By A Creepy Troll, ‘My Maid Looks Much Better Than You In A Saree’

The one thing that is clear is that these trolls think calling someone a “maid” is an insult. This shows that they consider domestic helpers - or “maids” in their words - some sort of low-life. Let’s dig into this mindset.

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19y.o. Who Wore Shorts To Entrance Exam Made To Sit Wrapped In Curtain; Trolled On Speaking Up!

Even though neither the admit card nor the website of the university mentioned any dress codes, the invigilator refused to let her sit for her exams in the pair of shorts she wore.

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Tilottama Shome
Troll Calls Tilottama Shome ‘Flop Actress Who Looks Like A Maid’; She Invokes Dignity Of Labour

Indians typically treat their domestic helpers with disrespect as we have no concept of a dignity of labour, as acclaimed actor Tilottama Shome found when a troll called her a 'flop actress who looks like a maid'. Read her answer

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Why This ‘New’ Axis Bank Policy For Same Sex Couples In India Is Not Quite Enough For Real Change

On the 3rd anniversary of overturning Section 377, Axis bank announced a 'new' policy for same sex couples. But is it just more of marketing hogwash?

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India's vaccination milestone
Yes, Congrats India On Vaccination Milestone, But Let’s Credit The Real Heroes Of This War

India's vaccination drive has truly worked only because of the untiring efforts of our female workforce. The nation needs to take notice of their needs and grievances, and compensate them in accordance with their contribution.

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Why It’s So Cool That Malaika Arora Wants To Adopt A Daughter Along With Her Son

Malaika Arora publicly acknowledging her wishes to adopt a daughter with her son, as a single mother, is an empowering move that needs to be noted.

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8 Powerful LGBT Small Town & Rural India Stories That Include The Extraordinary Dutee Chand!

If you an LGBT small town India or a rural area person, and if you are overwhelmed by what life is throwing at you, there are others like you. No one is alone.

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LGBT friendly guidelines
Madras HC Bans Conversion Therapy; Deems LGBT Friendly Curriculum Must In Schools

This Pride Month, Justice Anand Venkatesh of Madras High Court has issued a set of LGBT friendly guidelines to ensure safety of the community from harassment by police and family. 

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Top Chennai School CSA Case Is About Our Culture Enabling Abusive Men In Positions Of Power

The case of a teacher abusing his position of power over minors to sexually harass them in a prominent Chennai school is all about how rape culture enables entitled abusive men.

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Demi Lovato non binary
Pop Star Demi Lovato Comes Out As Non Binary; Let’s Talk About What That Really Means

Demi Lovato came out as non binary recently. Let's take this moment to talk about what it means, and normalise all gender identities for our trans and non-binary siblings.

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700+ UP Govt Teachers On Mandatory Poll Duty Die Of COVID Leaving Families Bereft

Over 700 teachers in UP succumbed to COVID contracted during election duties, should the panchayat elections not have been postponed?

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Oxfam report
Women Have Lost More Income To COVID Than 98 Countries Put Together!

The recent Oxfam Report on women at work world over gives data for the losses women as a collective have suffered due to the year of pandemic, and continue suffering.

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Employers Allegedly Burn To Death 12y.o. Tribal Girl After Mnths Of Sexual Abuse In Assam

The 12 year old tribal girl was not allowed to go home by the employers for a long time, and was pregnant when she was allegedly burnt alive by her employers on 22nd April. 

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covid vaccine during periods
Can I Take The COVID Vaccine During My Periods, And Will It Affect My Cycle?

There has been a lot of misinformation about the COVID vaccine - like "can I take the COVID vaccine during periods?" Here are some answers.

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Prashasti Singh covid horror
Prashasti Singh Draws Light To The Desperate Situation Facing Covid Caregivers

Stand-up comedian Prashasti Singh recently shared her ordeal at a COVID hospital where her mom was hospitalised. What can we do about the situation?

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Madras HC’s Latest Judgement Gives Hope For A More Queer-Inclusive Future!

In a positive move, the Madras HC ordered a lesbian couple's parents to seek counselling, thus potentially giving us a more inclusive future!

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Leadership Coaching Should Be About Gender Equality Says Ruchira Chaudhary

Talking about her book 'Coaching: The Secret To Uncommon Leadership,' Ruchira Chaudhary tells us her thoughts on women and leadership.

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Priya Ramani
Priya Ramani Acquitted! 10 Significant Points About Today’s Verdict In MJ Akbar Defamation Case

After a trial that spanned over two years, a Delhi Court today acquitted Priya Ramani over a criminal defamation case filed by MJ Akbar.

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MP Woman Publicly ‘Punished’ By Ex-Inlaws For A New Relationship AFTER Separation

The public humiliation of a woman in MP for having a relationship post-separation proves how we still think of women as men's property!

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When A Hopelessly Romantic Queer Young Woman Rediscovered Her Love For Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day, as a queer woman in India, isn't easy, especially today. Here is why I, a queer, young hopelessly romantic woman, feel so!

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Mithali Raj
Calling Mithali Raj ‘Former Player’ Is Another Way We Demean Sportswomen

Taapsee Pannu called out a publication for calling Mithali Raj, 'former player.' We still can't take sportswomen seriously, can we?

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Ritwik Ghatak
Women In Films By Ritwik Ghatak Are Relevant Even Years After Their Release

The women in movies by Ritwik Ghatak may not be the patriarchy smashing heroines but they are the feminist women we know in our daily lives!

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A Man & A Woman In A Locked Room Need Not Necessarily Have Illicit Relations: Madras HC

Madras HC's latest ruling finally dispels the myth that a woman and a man in a locked room need not be engaging in sexual activities!

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Pune’s Intersex 15 y.o. And The Problem Of Intrusive Surgeries On Minors

An intersex teen from Satara was diagnosed with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. Why we need to stop the stigmatisation of these conditions.

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Renuka Shahane’s Childhood Experience Tells Us Why We Need To Normalise Divorces!

Renuka Shahane opened up about being ostracised as a kid after her parents' divorce. Still need a reason to destigmatise divorces?

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Bhawana Kanth
Bhawana Kanth & 10 Other Women Who Made History During Republic Day Parades

While Bhawana Kanth is the first-ever woman fighter pilot to fly in this year's Republic Day Parade, here are 10 women who made history.

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Bihar’s New Policy Allowing Trans Persons Into The Police Forces Is The Good News 2021 Needs!

Bihar's new policy to allow trans individuals to join the state police force is the kind of inclusion the community needs in 2021!

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Can We Show A Bit More Compassion To Nidhi Razdan In Her Unfortunate Situation?

Ex-NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan today revealed that she has been a victim of a very clever phishing attack, and has been brutally trolled since. Let's be more supportive?

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Rajini Chandy
69y.o. Kerala Actor Rajini Chandy’s Glam Photoshoot Was ‘Too Sexy’ For Sexist & Ageist Trolls

Rajini Chandy, a 69-year-old Kerala actress was viciously trolled for her glamorous photoshoot, called 'too sexy'. This denial of older women’s agency and sexuality is blatantly sexist and ageist and has to stop.

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Bollywood Celebrity Stylist Saisha Shinde Comes Out As A Trans Woman; Gets Support

Saisha Shinde, who designed for the likes of Kareena & Deepika recently came out as a trans woman, garnering a lot of support from everyone. 

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Is Domestic Abuse So Normalised That We Barely Know Tanvi Dayal’s Story?

Domestic violence in India, despite criminalisation, still continues. But this new case makes you wonder, just how normalised is it?

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hangover cures
6 Hangover Cures From A Desi Kitchen To Start 2021 Better!

Did you wake up with a crazy hangover from the New Year's weekend? Don't worry we have some desi kitchen hangover cures to your rescue!

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In The Year Of The Virus, 9 Women Who Went Viral In 2020

The year 2020 has been hard on all of us. However, here are 9 women who went viral for making us laugh, smile and even enraged!

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The Paradox Of India In 2020: Youngest Female Mayor As Also Father Killing Infant Girl For Crying

Ranchi man killed his infant daughter because he didn't want a daughter. How is this still happening in 2020?

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Dr Mahinder Watsa
RIP Dr Mahinder Watsa, Who Gave Indians The Much Needed Sex Education That Schools Didn’t!

Dr Mahinder Watsa passed away earlier today, however, none of us will forget the wit with which he dealt with the taboo topic of sex!

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4 Years Sober, Pooja Bhatt Shatters Taboos By Opening Up About Alcoholism

Pooja Bhatt speaking about alcoholism publicly is the kind of conversations we need to destigmatise the illness called addiction.

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7 Badass And Motivational Quotes By Women To End 2020 With!

2020 was a year of the unexpected. So as it draws to a close, here are 7 badass motivational quotes from women to end the year with!

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Despite All The Hurdles That 2020 Posed, These 12 Women Created History!

2020 may not have been a great year for any of us. But these 12 women proved that despite all odds, they can create history

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Searches For Neha Kakkar Pregnancy More Than For COVID! Have We Forgotten The Pandemic?

Google searches for Neha Kakkar were higher than those for coronavirus last week. Is something wrong with our priorities?

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Karanvir Bohra
Why Karanvir Bohra Celebrating The Birth Of His Third Daughter Is Worth Appreciating

Actor Karanvir Bohra took to Instagram to celebrate the birth of this third daughter. In 2020, this is the kind of positivity we need!

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Sujata Mondal Khan
Sujata Mondal Khan Switching Political Parties Has Nothing To Do With Her Allegiance To Her Family

BJP MP Saumitra Khan's reaction to wife Sujata Mondal Khan's decision to switch parties has again proven the entrenched misogyny of politics!

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Kerala NCC’s Refusal To Include Trans People Is A Transphobic Step Back

NCC denying inclusion of transwoman student in Kerala shows us that we may be in 2020 but our thoughts are still regressive and transphobic!

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Why Was Rakul Preet Singh Attacked For ‘Drug Connections’ When Men Often Get Away?

Why is it that alcohol use and even drugs, are seen as minor mistakes by men, but evidence of women's 'loose' character?

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What’s So Shameful About Being A Bar Dancer Anyway?

Why is the labour of a bar dancer any different from the labour of a shopkeeper? After all, both are valid ways of earning.

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Gitanjali Rao – TIME Magazine’s Kid Of The Year Is An Inspiration To Us!

American-Indian Gitanjali Rao is TIME Magazine's first-ever Kid Of The Year. Here's what we need to know about the fifteen-year-old!

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Varun Dhawan’s New Song Tells Us To Respect Her Just Because She’s ‘Teri Bhabhi’

Invoking the bro-code, the song Teri Bhabhi doesn't just commodify women, it also manages to show you everything that's wrong with Bollywood!

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mulled wine recipes
5 Mulled Wine Recipes To Ring In The Festive Season This Winter!

With the onset of winter, we have 5 yummy mulled wine recipes to bring in the festive season and surprise your family while staying warm!

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Bigg Boss Contestant Eijaz Khan Being Molested As A Kid Shatters The Myth That Men Cannot Be Abused!

Bigg Boss contestant Eijaz Khan spoke about being sexually abused as a child. It's time we talked about the trauma male survivors face.

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Divorce Does NOT Mean I Failed, Shasvathi Siva & Teesha Thomas Tell Us About Their Viral Video

Shasvathi Siva and Teesha Thomas’ video on normalising divorce is now viral. Here's why these women refuse to be silent about divorce!

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Mona Singh’s Egg Freezing Tells Us It’s Not Taboo To Have Kids When You Want!

Actor Mona Singh recently spoke about having her eggs frozen since she wasn't ready to have kids just yet. What does freezing eggs mean?

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