6 Healthy And Quick Finger Food Recipes For Kids

Here is a list of 6 healthy and quick to make finger-food recipes for your kids which will leave them drooling and keep them away from unhealthy junk food.

Here is a list of 6 healthy and quick to make finger food recipes for your kids which will leave them drooling and keep them away from unhealthy junk food.

We are living in the era of instant things, instant coffee, instant dosa, instant messages and above all an instant lifestyle. All of it has led us to be fast and furious in our daily lives, thereby training ourselves and our children to be active and fast in every field of life. Children these days are very active and sporty and hence they have the ability to put their focus on studies and other activities simultaneously.

But, the impact it has on our lifestyle is that we need everything to be done fast and instantly, we don’t want to wait too long for anything whether it is food, snacks or drinks. Moreover, we wish to lead a healthy life and want our children to eat healthy and nutritious food.

It is rightly said “You become what you eat”. Parents are very cautious when it comes to their children eating healthy and staying healthy.  Since they are also super busy with their busy schedules, they need dishes which are quick to make but are also nutritious. So, here is a list which offers recipes of fast and healthy finger snacks for kids. These would satisfy every parent who is worried about ‘fast routine vs healthy food’. These can satisfy the hunger of your children instantly – both when they return from school and when they come back home all exhausted after playing in the evening. You can pack these dishes for their school lunch boxes too.

Crunchy canapes

Canape packs are easily available in the market. All you need to do is take tomato, onion, cucumber and cut it into very small pieces and add some boiled peas to it. Then, sprinkle salt and pepper to it along with tomato sauce and grated paneer. Mix them well and place it as a topping to canapes and sprinkle little a alu bhujia over it to add some crunchy taste to it. This is a super fast finger snack for kids which will make them eat paneer and some vegetables in the form of canapes blended with tomato sauce. There you are, ready with a finger vegetable crunchy snack for your child! For a variation on this, you could even use tacos or phyllo pastry layers as a base, easily available in any supermarket today, and place veggies after baking them for 10 minutes.

Cheesy Paneer Frankie 

Take a frying pan to add a tablespoon of refined oil, then add some mustard seeds and one chopped onion. Toss a little, add salt, pepper and a pack of Maggie masala and two chopped tomatoes to it. Then add grated paneer to it according to your convenience and taste. Blend everything perfectly and keep it at low flame for five minutes. After five minutes, take it out in a plate and let it cool down for a while. Now, to make a healthy chapati, take one cup flour and add a half cup of besan to make a proper dough with it.

Make your chapatis, put that paneer stuffing in the middle of each and roll it. Take some butter, toss a little in a frying pan, and roll each half with a foil or tissue paper as it can be easily handed to your children and they can eat it in a non messy fashion. This is another of those finger food recipes which is a healthy super snack for your children.

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Brown Bread Sandwich

This is a super fast snack for when your child is hungry and you have to serve him/her quickly but at the same time also wish them to have something healthy. Take brown bread and cut its edges first as most children literally avoid eating the sides of bread. Take one cucumber, tomato and boiled potato, cut into slices. Now take one piece of bread and spread a little butter on it, tomato sauce on the second and cheese slice on the third slice of bread. Place tomato slices on one, cucumber on the second one and potatoes on the third slice. Sprinkle a little salt over each slice and combine them all. Press a little and cut them into four pieces. There, you are ready to serve your children a yummy zinger sandwich! You could also substitute boiled eggs for the potatoes.

Corny cutlets

Take some boiled potatoes, mash them and add one spoon of onion, one spoon of capsicum and little chopped green chillies. Add salt according to your taste. Put pepper and add cornflour so it can form a good mass. Now take some boiled corn in a bowl and add one spoon of grated cheese to it. Mix it well, and add to it the mashed potatoes which is ready with veggies in it. Take it on your palm, spread them a bit and put the filling of corns in the middle and make a proper round tikki of it. Thereafter, shallow fry them. This is also a fun finger food appetizer which is quick to make and easy to pack in your kids’ lunch box too!

Instant Veggie Idli (Microwaved)

Take two cups of Rawa, add salt according to your taste and mix one cup of curd to it. Mix it well and leave it for 5 to 7 minutes. After 5 minutes, add finely chopped carrot, capsicum, onion, peas and mix them well. Then add a pack of Eno to it and leave it for 2 minutes. Take a microwave-safe vessel, grease it with oil and put the batter in that vessel. Put it in microwave for 7 minutes (no temperature to be set for this).To check it after 7 minutes put a knife inside it and if it comes clean without the batter sticking on it, then take it out. Keep it upside down and it will be out of the vessel. Cut into small square pieces and add tadka of mustard seeds, kadi patta and sambhar masala to it. Bingo, here is a quick instant zinger idli snack to serve in lunch boxes and satiate your child’s hunger pangs instantly.

Fruity Stick

This is a very simple, healthy and nutritious fruit snack for kids. Take any fruits that are available, like banana, apple, papaya, cherry and cubes of cheese and paneer also. Take small sticks used in food items, now cut all desired fruits into small pieces and place the stick though them. Sprinkle a little black salt on it and pour honey over it. You can squeeze lemon on it too. This is now ready to serve. So, here’s another fruity zinger snack for your children.

This is my simple list of easy finger food recipes to satiate your children’s hunger pangs. You can serve them quick and can easily pack them in their tiffin boxes too. These are also healthy and a good substitute for junk food and your kids will relish it to the core. Happy Cooking!

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