Snacks For Kids: 6 Easy Recipes That Even Your Kids Can Make On Their Own

Are you searching for snacks for kids? Try these easy recipes that you can make with your children!

Are you searching for the simplest of snacks for kids.  Well, you have come to the right place! Here are 6 delicious snack recipes that even your five-year-old can make on his or her own.

Snacking is something that we all love to do. It is that kind of a light meal where you are satiated enough to get it going till the next big meal time. And for kids, usually the snack time is in the evening between 4 and 5 p.m., when they need that little energy for the evening play.

Often, we run out of choices for kids’ snacks, although there are hundreds of snacks and starter recipes flooding the Internet, the reason being that most of them are either deep fried where the nutrition check comes into place or are very elaborate and as parents we might not have so much time to prepare them, keeping in mind our hectic daily schedules.

While all of us enjoy well-prepared snacks, they can be planned for weekends where the whole family is at home and can have some bonding time in preparing elaborate snacks together like, snacks like samosas, bondas, cutlets, tikkis, and murukkus. But on a regular basis we can have some simple ideas for snacks that also do reasonably well on the nutrition chart.

My 4 year old son cuts bananas into slices at school and I was amazed to see him do that with a real knife, and very carefully. Kids are more capable of doing things that we think they are, but they do need elders’ guidance till the time they are comfortable. Ask your kids to try their hands at some of these recipes and you won’t be disappointed.

1. Panchamrutham that’s really heavenly!

This is my favorite dish from my childhood days and was generally prepared as part of prasada/offering for Satyanarayan Pooja at home. But we used to have this otherwise too, owing to its unique taste and ease of making. The nutrition box is checked too as we use milk, curd, fruits and honey in it. This is a simple and straightforward recipe for kids to follow and is usually prepared with banana, but you can go ahead and add your favorite/available fruits at home.

Recipe: Panchamrutham

2. The guilt free mixture

Murmura or puffed rice is widely used in preparing many chaats and snacks across India. Of the many varieties of such snacks, I feel that murmura mixture is the simplest. And adding to its simplicity, this can be made in an oil-free version too, making it very light and tasty. My dad is very good at making this and even now I try not to lose an opportunity to have his handmade mixture! The addition of peanuts and roasted bengal gram makes it protein-rich for kids.

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Recipe: Murmura Mixture

3. Sandwich with a twist 

peanut sandwich
I feel that this should also be called a ‘no limit toast.’ This snack is a time tested one and can be had as breakfast or an evening snack, can be had at home or in the park or while travelling; there is absolutely no issue on when and how to have this. The best part is that almost all the kids love it and can make it on their own in in a few minutes. Here is the simple recipe, which is a good alternative to toast with jam, as jam is overloaded with sweeteners. For a savoury variation, just replace the given ingredients with raw cucumber, onion and tomato and voila, your veggie sandwich is ready!

Recipe: Peanut Butter Sandwich

4. The best instant laddoo 

This is the easiest coconut laddoo recipe that you must have come across so far. I feel condensed milk is a boon in the world of desserts as it cut downs so much time and energy and opens up a wide variety of options in making sweets. This laddoo is just a two-ingredient recipe and will be loved by kids and adults equally. This can also be that saviour sweet in your menu when your guest list is quite long.

Recipe: Coconut Ladoo

5. Oh so creamy milkshake!

With kids, milkshakes are generally preferred over plain milk and this won’t take much time to prepare as well. If battles over milk are common at your home like mine, then trust me, this is the best alternative. The addition of oats and dry fruits makes it quite filling and your child is hunger-free for hours and it ups the nutritional quotient too.

Recipe: Oats & Dry Fruit Milk Shake

6. Colourful chatpata chaat 

While salads are also a healthy option and a great nutritional snack, it is hard to get kids eat salads, and especially during snack time! Hence chaats and sandwiches with raw vegetables are good substitutes for otherwise boring salads. Sweet corn is liked by most kids and this corn chaat looks extremely vibrant with the colours of tomato, carrot, corn and coriander and will definitely please your kids’ taste buds. Boiling corn is all that is really required here and then it’s easy peasy!

Recipe: Corn Chaat

Due to overloaded work schedules and other activities, parents often end up resorting to biscuits, sugar loaded cereals or other ready to eat fast foods, which are to be used only on occasions and are not advisable as daily snack options.

If you know of any easy homemade snacking options that kids enjoy equally in preparing, please do share with in the comments below!

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