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Satisfy All Your Chocolate Craving With Organic Handcrafted Chocolates At Sanjana Patel’s La Folie!

If you like chocolates and are looking for the perfect organic fix, Sanjana Patel's La Folie in Mumbai is the thing for you!

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Looking To Add The ‘wow!’ Factor At Home? Rimjhim Charan’s Venture 100Krafts Is Your Solution!

If you're looking to have your house or office modelled, remodelled or beautified, Rimjhim Charan's 100Krafts is exactly for you!

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Uma Iyer And Bimal’s Insightful Parents Is For You If You’re Looking For A Supportive Parents Community!

UToday people are looking to learn ways to positive parent their children! And that's where Uma Iyer with her venture Insightful Parenting comes in!

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Shaadi.Com May Have Removed Their Complexion Filter, But What About Society’s Unfair Filters?

Shaadi.com removed its complexion filter, even as dating apps remove the ethnicity one after users questioned it. But are these enough to change mindsets?

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If You’re Looking To Switch To A Healthier Lifestyle, Kirti Yadav’s KuKClean Is Just The Thing For You!

With the sedentary lifestyle being a norm if you're looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle, Kirti Yadav believes KuKClean is made for you!

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Is Bollywood Finally Changing For Good? Pop Culture In A Decade Of Women’s Web May Have Answers

With Women's Web celebrating ten years of awesome content, here are the top ten Pop Culture posts written by us and loved by you! #ADecadeOfWomensWeb

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A Decade Of Women’s Web Later, You Have To Know Women’s Health Isn’t JUST Pregnancies!

As Women's Web celebrates ten years of incredible content, here are the top ten posts of Women's Health in the last ten years! #ADecadeOfWomensWeb

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A Decade Of Women’s Web With Love, Heartbreaks And Sisterhood of SILs In All Things Relationships!

As Women's Web celebrates ten years of love, here's the ten best Relationship posts published on Women’s Web in the past 10 years. #ADecadeOfWomensWeb

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Alakta Kar’s Maatraa Is Just The Thing For You If You Too Want To Hone Your Communication Skills!

If you're starting work soon and are unsure of your language skills, Alakta Kar's Maatraa is the thing for you. To help women is what Maatraa is about!

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Teaching Daughters To Raise Their Voices And All Things Parenting In A Decade Of Women’s Web!

As Women's Web celebrates ten years of awesomeness, here are ten best Parenting posts published on Women’s Web in the past 10 years. #ADecadeOfWomensWeb

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Here’s How NOT To Be A Racist, Colourist Person In 6 Easy Steps!

Teasing someone on the basis of their colour, calling people of the NE 'chinki' do make you racist. But fret not, I have a guide on how not to be racist!

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‘Pee Before You Leave The House,’ And Other Gem Like Advice By Our Mums We Still Follow

Moms giving out advice is nothing new and can range from silly and sweet to profound and sensible. Here are a few women telling us advice they still follow!

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Why Are All The Men Of Four More Shots, Please Such Infantilised Pseudo Feminists?

The men of Four More Shots, Please come across as annoying to say the least. But they are much worse than that! Here's my opinion on the men of the series!

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Namita Taneja Krul’s App ‘Meri Body’ Gives Marginalised Women A Chance To Understand Their Bodies

With her app, Meri Body Namita Taneja Krul is giving women from villages and semi-literate women the choice to learn and know more about their bodies. 

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Meet Priyanshi Dharu And Her Sister – They Are Here To Make Your Home Glow And Smell Pretty!

A startup by two sisters to bring a breath of fresh air into your house! Joyous Beam Candles is all you need when you want your home to smell wonderful!

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Sisters That Sweat Together, Stay Together!

As a football lover, playing with Sisters In Sweat was as good as a dream come true. Here's my experience of playing with these lady-ballers of Bangalore!

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Taapsee Pannu’s Thappad Will Hit You As Hard As The Slap, Go Watch It Now

Dealing with a subject like domestic violence is not an easy thing to do. But Thappad does it effectively and leaves you wondering where one should draw a line.

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Resilient And Hopeful – 2016 Brussels Attack Survivor Nidhi Chaphekar Is An Unbroken Hero

Since 2016, Nidhi Chaphekar has lost a number of things but what she hasn't lost is her hope and resilience. With the launch of her memoir, she tells us why.

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Work From Home Seems Daunting? Trisheetaa Tej With Pencil9 Is Here To Help You!

Working from home is no longer a hassle. Entrepreneur Trisheetaa Tej with her venture Pencil9 believes you can do whatever you want right from home!

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Can’t Give Up Chocolates On A Vegan Diet? Pooja Mandal Is Your Saviour!

You love chocolates but you're also trying a new vegan diet. That's where Pooja Mandal comes in with her vegan non-expensive chocolates!

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These 6 Women Show Us That It’s Not Always The Man Who Proposes

Why must men be the only ones proposing to women? In the 21st century with women taking charge, here are six women who made the first move and proposed!

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To All The Single, Liberated Women, Embrace Your Inner Playgirl This V-day!

With Valentine's Day just round the corner, I had to make a few difficult decisions on whom to spend Valentine's with! Here's how my life came to this!

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Giving The Oft Overlooked Women Of Mythology A Voice – Kavita Kané Tells Us Why She Writes About Them

Right from Surpankha to Ahalya to Urmila, Kavita Kané has written about these 'neglected' women of mythology simply because they deserve a voice too!

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With 2019 Closing The Decade, We Bring To You The Most Memorable Books Written By Women

We asked our readers what were the books that stayed with them. Here are five books from the past decade by women authors are must reads!

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So What If They Didn’t Get The Guy? Here’s What The ‘Leftover’ Women Of Bollywood Are Doing

Have any of you ever imagined what happened to Nisha after Rahul left her for Puja? Well, I did. And here's what the 'leftover' women of Bollywood are upto!

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We May Be Scared, But We Will Speak Up: 5 Young Women From The Recent CAA Protests

To protest the CAA, hundreds of women are taking part in protests all across the country, despite the threats being issued. Here is an account of five such women.

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Why Author Manreet Feels Next Gen Should Know Stories Of Women From The Partition & 1984 Riots

The Partition and the riots of 1984 had women suffering as easy targets. They need their stories told, and Manreet Sodhi Someshwar, with her new book The Radiance Of A Thousand Suns, does just that.

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Blasphemy Is Used As A Tool To Blackmail People In Pakistan – A Brave Short Film Explores

Blasphemy law in Pakistan is a highly sensitive topic, but that did not stop journalist Madeeha Syed from working on a documentary about it.

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blue hair
Blue Hair, Don’t Care – Things I Was Asked When My Hair Was Blue

As someone who had blue hair for most of last year, I was asked the most absurd questions about the same. Here are a bunch of the more common ones!

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Mothers, Tattoos And More – The Hilarious Story Of How I Got My Mum To Agree To My Tattoo

I recently got my second tattoo done. And getting my mom to be onboard was a task on its own. This is how I convinced my mother to let me get a tattoo.

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Men Can’t Talk About Sexual Assault; Siddhant Talwar Is Trying To Change That

Mardaangi = masculinity. But what if mardaangi also meant speaking of your pain? That is exactly what Siddhant Talwar and team are doing with their campaign!

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mother reveal one thing
Tell me what? Women Reveal One Piece Of Advice They Wouldn’t Give Their Daughters

Did your parents impose several rules upon you? Or did they let you grow up on your own terms? Here’s some mothers revealing what they wouldn’t tell their daughters.

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