How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Boo While Living With Parents!

A lockdown Valentine's Day while staying with your parents sounds risky, doesn't it? But I have some solutions for you right here!

A lockdown Valentine’s Day while staying with your parents sounds risky, doesn’t it? But I have some solutions for you right here!

Valentine’s day is here, folks! Very soon, everything around us will be varied shades of red, pink and all that in between. From Zomato to Flipkart to Nykaa and even Dunzo will come up with major deals for you to spend the day with your bae! (I’m sorry, I had to make that joke)

Well, these deals don’t really make sense to me given just how single I still am. And I can’t really have my 2020 style polyamorous Valentine’s week either since I am home!

But fret not, for this year, I bring to you tips and tricks to spend a lockdown Valentine’s day with your boo while staying at home!

So now, it’s been some ten months since all of us have been under a lockdown. And while things are slowly going back to normal, we STILL NEED TO FOLLOW THE COVID GUIDELINES.

Yes, going on dates is fun and yes, it is awesome to go out with your partner and hold their hand while you walk along Church Street… I mean, any other street you want. (This is just my fantasy.)

Anyway, moving on. Lockdown and dating isn’t an easy task, is it? Dating apps are also trying hard to get us all to fall in love and I am sure some of us have these dates lined up for Valentine’s. But if you’ve found someone and are stuck at home, that too with parents how are you planning to do this dating business, eh?

Well, for starters, we can always begin with telling them about it, right? But I also know how the Indian parent psyche works so telling them so close to the day isn’t really an option, is it?

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So here’s what you can do to make your day special with your boo! (Again, I am sorry for the rhyme!)

Go grocery shopping!

Well, since Valentine’s day falls on a Sunday this year, why not go for an early morning grocery run with your partner? (Provided you live in the same city!) No, this is not why I am single. I find something inherently cute and intimate about going and buying stuff from the supermarket with a partner.

You can make a whole list of items you both need or have a little treasure hunt, given there aren’t too many people around. The one who finds the most items on the list gets to choose the dessert for that night. And the loser loses all privileges of pushing the cart! Imagine what fun that would be!

Trust me, grocery shopping may not sound like the most romantic thing to do but think of just how cute it is! You could go around the store making puns about everything and laughing while getting work done.

Additional perk? You’d make your parents happy too by getting groceries home while also getting some quality time with you boo! One stone, multiple birds, I say! (Though, please don’t hit birds)

Definitely a cute and out of the box idea to spend your Valentine’s morning with.

Go for a nice morning workout!

For someone who absolutely detests waking up early, I sure am suggesting early morning ideas to all of you! Nonetheless, go for a run or do a couple’s workout at the gym or just go for an early morning walk followed by some street-side breakfast!

There used to be a time in life when I would wake up early and go for runs, I often saw these cute couples who ran together and thought, ‘one day, I’d be able to run at that pace without getting breathless.’ Jokes aside, I genuinely do believe that there is something very very special about working out with your partner.

You’re both sweaty and have the post-workout glow and are exhilarated with all the dopamine and serotonin flowing through your blood. What more could you ask for?

Additional perk? Well, in COVID times, since a mask is mandatory, you don’t need to worry about running into (pun intended) anyone you know since your face will most definitely be covered!

Do nothing together

Well, I don’t mean ‘nothing.’ I mean, get on a video call on your medium of choice and go about your day. Read, write, dance or cook. If you’re reading and find a paragraph or a line you’d like to share with them, go right ahead and read it out loud to them. 

Personally, someone reading things out to me, especially poetry or certain lines from books, is something that melts my heart. It absolutely melts my heart.

Additional perk? You don’t even need to dress up for this kind of date. Both of you can be in your comfiest pyjamas and go about your day. It is lockdown Valentine’s after all!

You could just, exist – together, on a screen.

Write letters to each other

Pretend you’re in the early 2000s and we don’t have cell-phones but need to communicate! Write each other a letter a few days before Valentine’s and send it via speed post! Get on a video call and read the letters together. Watch your partner react to your words and maybe melt a little.

Or send emails to each other. Those long, rambly emails detailing everything you did over the week. The ones where you explain how a sunset looked and why it reminded you of them. End it with your favourite quote or poem or write one yourself!

Additional perk? You can always go back to these emails and notes and letters, especially when you need a reminder that you’re loved.

Who says love is dead in 2021? And who says we can’t make a lockdown Valentine’s celebration a little more personal?

Watch a movie

I know, I know, we have all been doing this all lockdown long but have you tried watching a super sappy full-on Bollywood movie? I’d recommend Kal Ho Na Ho.

Grab your popcorn, your comfiest blanket, a box of tissues and the drink of your choice. Dance to Pretty Woman! Cry at the end. But do it while sharing a screen.

Or watch Jab We Met. Recite the dialogues together, sing the songs and dance! Or, don’t hate me for this one, watch IMDb’s worst-rated movies. You have your Karzzz (With its multiple Z’s) and Love Story 2050 or even Sawariyaa. (Yeah. This right here is why I am single!)

I know all this sounds super cliche. But give it a shot, maybe you’d see a side of your partner you’ve never known! Maybe you’d realise that you both love to hate Bollywood movies or that you really do love some other movies. Perks of celebrating a lockdown Valentine’s, I’d say!

Well, now that you have some sort of a list ready, go get your boo and get ready to celebrate ‘the day of love’ separately but together! (And that cheesy statement is another reason I am single!)

As for me, well, I have a book and my comfy blanket ready for me to take me to the world of romance that clearly lacks in my life!

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

Picture credits: Still from Rochak Kohli’s song Yeh Saari Baat on YouTube

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