Can Someone Please Shake Some Sense Into ‘Shake’ Chatterjee From Reality Show Love Is Blind?

The more he began to talk, the more you realised that you wouldn’t want to be associated with him, because he was doing nothing but spewing absolute and utter nonsense.

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about this ‘reality’ TV series called Love Is Blind that streams on Netflix and aired its last episode last week. And boy! What an episode that was.

Compared to the last season’s reunion, this season’s reunion was much more explosive and dramatic. But at the center of it all was our villain Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee.

If you’re wondering why I am calling him a “villain,” I’ll tell you but before that, let me give you a little background on the show and all that.

What is reality show Love Is Blind?

So the basic premise is simple – an equal number of men and women are put into two living quarters and they go on dates everyday – they mix and match until they find the ONE. They talk, they laugh, they share their stories and slowly, they fall in love. Sounds good right? Well, here’s the catch!

Until they decide to get married, they cannot see each other; for they are in these ‘pods’ where they can only hear one another. Once they’ve decided to get married, they see each other before they’re whisked away to a week long vacation in Mexico where they meet the other couples and “see if their love survives outside the pods.” Then they’re thrown into the real world before they’ve to get married in less than four weeks.

That’s the basic premise and by the looks of it, there have been at least four couples who are in love and are of the belief that love truly is blind. But I am not here to talk about them, I am here to talk about the scum of earth that Shake is.

Ugh. Can we just shake some sense into him?

When i first saw him, I was glad that there was someone of Indian descent on the show, you know, representation and all? However, the more he began to talk, the more you realised that you wouldn’t want to be associated with him because he was doing nothing but spewing absolute and utter nonsense.

Note: I will be giving spoilers after this point, so I’d suggest that you go check the series out or be okay with the spoilers.

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Moving on. So after all this, when Deepti ditches this ShitShake at the altar, trust me, I got up, and did a little dance before I continued watching. And I kid you not, when she said, “I choose myself. I choose me,” like a thousand others, I was weeping like a child. That was the moment I knew why I was rooting for this absolute Queen!

But the next shot showed AbhiFake (yes, I did that and I am hella proud) going and saying, “let’s still celebrate. Let’s party.” That human actually had the gall to say that Deepti’s (DEEPTI’S) decision would’ve been influenced by his. Had he said yes, she’d have too. Ugh. I mean, I just can’t with this guy. To think, I thought he had some hope when he turned tables and touched Deepti’s feet when they first meet; given he does grab her butt on TV.

He is nothing but scum on earth, really

Enough of my rant about AbhiYuck. Here’s why I genuinely don’t like him.

For one, for YEARS, people of colour have struggled to make their place in the US and we’ve constantly been the brunt of a lot of jokes and racism. We’ve seen our own relatives/friends or even ourselves go through some shit just because we’re from India.

I am not blaming Shake for this. What I am saying, however, is that he kind of fills the shoes of all the stereotypes people associate with Indians. And to add to it, he is like those annoying uncles that every family has who go and crack terrible fatphobic/ sexist/ racist/ homophobic ‘jokes’ and expect everyone to be okay.

Well, we aren’t okay, and to see someone who has such a platform do so, just boils my blood.

It’s no secret that Mr. Trashcan is a sexist, fatphobic entitled cis het man, but the reason he gave for never dating Indian women was so awful! He essentially tells our Queen (Deepti) that when he landed in the US, he saw two things that he’d never seen before – snow and blonde women – and that his reaction to both was the same, “Wow!”

I mean, where do I even begin with this man! Just where! Imagine how he must be in real life!

At the same time, no one was racist to him on the show but if you look at it from a viewer’s perspective, he was the only South Asian male among the people at the reunion, and the people who got engaged (please note, I’ve said male). He was the only one making these horrible comments and interrupting everyone. He was the only one saying REALLY shitty stuff. And to think what we saw was only the “watered down” version of events.

Imagine what the reality must’ve been for everyone and especially Deepti.

So in the end, all I’d want to say is that good on Deepti for ditching this scumbag of a human at the altar because he deserves that and more!
And like his mother (I love her!) says, “Deepti deserves nothing less than a complete 100%”

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