An Updated Essential List Of COVID Relief Resources You Can Find On Social Media

While the pandemic rages outside, people across social media are doing whatever they can to help. We have here a list of COVID relief resources on social media to help you out!

While the pandemic rages outside, people across social media are doing whatever they can to help. We have here a list of COVID relief resources on social media to help you out!

Try opening any social media app any time of the day and trust me, you will find at least five to ten people asking if anyone has the knowledge of absolutely any COVID related resources. Be it pleas for oxygen or beds in hospitals or plasma or even the drugs and food for people in isolation. And every one of these platforms is more than willing to help. I can assure you that people are doing their best to help anyone who needs it.

While there are a LOT of people who are still disregarding the pandemic like it doesn’t exist, there are a few good samaritans who are doing their bit to help people. There are people who are supplying food and groceries to the homes where people are isolated and unable to go out or cook. And others who are making a list of resources pan-India for everything. There are people who are volunteering to help in any and every way they can. And these are the people who warm my heart.

The COVID response on social media has been really strong in the past few days, especially. From resource lists on mental health to medical facilities, we have seen them all coming from everywhere. People are adding and updating these as frequently as they can. So here is a comprehensive, though not an exhaustive list of all the resources I have found on Instagram and Twitter. Most of these COVID relief resources are pan-India while some are currently only able to serve certain cities.

All-India helplines for COVID response on social media

Each and every state across the country has helpline numbers that you can call in order to get any information you need. However, given the dire situation that we are in right now, despite the urgency of your need, these numbers may be busy when you call. Everyone currently needs help. So take a deep breath, and call them once again.

Secondly, the resources across the country are being used up very very quickly, so a bunch of the numbers may be temporarily unavailable, but rest assured, the people behind these resource lists are doing their best to update the numbers as and when they can. If your call hasn’t gotten through, just dial the next one. Time of essence right now.

This list here is divided state-wise and you can look for keywords such as ‘helpline numbers,’ to help you ease your process. Here’s another pan-India list of COVID relief resources that has been verified and is updated at regular intervals. While this isn’t divided on the basis of the resources, it is divided by cities with resources listed on the side.

Again, the numbers will change or phones will go unanswered and I know that in that state of panic, you will get mad. But please remember, the person on the other side is a human too. Treat them with kindness, please?

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COVID response on social media for medicines

Throughout the day, I see people asking whether anyone knows someone who has access to someone who can help them with some medication. While the numbers do always come pouring in, at times, these are unverified and fake. Or even people selling drugs on the black market.

State-wise COVID relief resources on social media

I don’t want to start a controversy with this, but honestly, social media’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning has been way better than that of the government. People are sharing numbers and links and details of everything you want, even when they’re in a completely different state than you are.

Resource focused lists – 

Making a state-wise list only helps access the resources easier, instead of scrolling through tens of numbers.

This list here is a state-wise list for everything you might want if you or someone you know has tested positive. It has a city-focused section and a resource-focused section. Like I said, ease of access.

State focused list –

Another list, divided by states and sorted by colours, making your work easy. It is being updated at regular intervals and the team members are doing their best to only have verified sources. However, there may be unavailability due to the high rise in cases.

State lists for oxygen cylinders

Sources for home-cooked meals across India

Let me tell you from experience that when you’ve tested positive, you have absolutely no energy to do anything at all. All you can do is, essentially, sleep and rest. So in such a situation, whether you’re living alone or with your family and are in isolation, trust me, you won’t be able to cook. Or if you’re hospitalised and it is short-staffed, food becomes scarce. So at such times, people across the country have taken it upon themselves to make sure that anyone in isolation gets nutritious and often home-cooked food. And given how, as a country, we show our love through food, this is as close to a blessing as it can get.

Meal deliveries to COVID patients and people in isolation

Plasma donation resources

With the rise in the number of cases, the amount of plasma donors has also increased. Here’s my understanding of basically how it works – once you’ve recovered from COVID, your body, obviously, has developed certain antibodies against it. So when you donate plasma, you’re basically helping someone else whose antibody levels are too low to fight the virus. (This is honestly, my non-medical understanding explained by a doctor.)

So if you’re someone who’s recovered from COVID in the past month or so, you can easily become a donor and help someone. Here’s a list of such resources for the Delhi-NCR region that we had published earlier.

Plasma donation and collection of resources on social media

City-wise COVID relief resources on social media

People across social media platforms, whether it is Instagram, Twitter or Facebook are doing whatever they can in order to help people in need. However, while the COVID response on social media has been pretty good, there are times when it becomes difficult to comb through all the data when you’re having an emergency. So here are some city-specific resources that are verified and can help you with the things you need. As always, just do a ‘Ctrl + F’ and type the keyword.

Oxygen resources in Nagpur and Jaipur

Social media COVID resources in Bangalore

COVID relief resources on Twitter

Instagram guides for COVID relief resources

With Instagram introducing its guide feature, it has become easier to share all kinds of information in one place. Here are some guides that will help you find the information you need.

Mental health in current times isn’t at its peak for obvious reasons. With the number of deaths and suffering we see each day, it gets difficult to really take care of our mental health. Regardless of whether you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health illness or not, do consider speaking to a therapist if you’ve suffered the loss of someone in these trying times. Honestly, there’s nothing (absolutely nothing) to be ashamed of.

Mental health guides on Instagram

Here is an Instagram guide for free and affordable therapists you can contact, even if you just need to talk to someone.

COVID resource guides on Instagram

COVID resources are aplenty on every social media site and while some may help you get information in one place, some are a little chaotic.

While this listicle is in no way an exhaustive list, I have tried to do my best to find as many resources as I could. If you have any other leads, please feel free to contact me and I’ll try and add them to the list.

And like I keep repeating, the situation is dire right now and people everywhere need resources on an urgent basis. So if the number you’ve contacted is busy or the person hasn’t answered, give them some time to breathe too. Call the next number and then call this one again, if you want.

The medical staff is understaffed and overworked as are the ambulance drivers and oxygen providers. They are still doing the very best they can, given the situation, so please, be a little kind to them as well. That kindness will go a long way.

And finally, please stay at home, unless it’s absolutely necessary and if you do go, please wear your mask and avoid hugging or shaking hands with people. I know, as social animals, that is a slightly difficult feat but we can overcome this! The past year has been hard on all of us, but if you just wore your masks and stayed at home, there’s a chance we can beat this!
Stay home folks! And stay safe!

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