Women & Coronavirus
Information around coronavirus, the lockdown, and experiences of women in India dealing with it.
I Survived 2022 With Work From Home & 2 Young Kids Coping With Post Pandemic Change

In addition to the trouble of settling kids was the challenge of settling with the better half again after a separation of two-and-a-half years during the pandemic.

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Anuja Aggarwal: How I Became An Entrepreneur When My Art Dream Turned My Life Around!
Anuja Aggarwal

Anuja Aggarwal went back to her childhood dream of creating art at a difficult time during the beginning of COVID and has truly discovered herself.

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Speaking As A Mom And Teacher About The Return Of Happiness To Schools Post COVID Restrictions

As I stepped down and entered my campus, this buzz of the students suddenly made me realize how much my heart was longing for it all these months.

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Stuck Indoors During The Lockdown, Here’s What 3 Women Find Out About Love In The Times Of Corona
Love in the Times of Corona

The alchemy of love is so unfathomable that it can change lives in ways that are least expected. Directed by Indrani Ray and produced by Tanvi Gandhi, Love In the Times of Corona establishes that truth.

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Bras Are Back (Sigh!), And 9 Other Tips For Surviving The Return Journey From The ‘New Normal’ To The ‘Old Normal’!

As the pandemic is (hopefully) receding, and we take baby steps outside, remember that the world changed while we were all inside, smiling, laughing, weeping, grieving or holding on.

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A Request To Our Teachers… Please Put Kindness First Towards Young Kids Struggling With Online Schooling?

In an online PTM for my 5th grader, the 4 teachers focused on all that he was doing wrong, and nothing about the hard work we had done to do better after the earlier feedback. In just 5 minutes, the confidence we worked on building over so much time was broken. 

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