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Women & Coronavirus
Information around coronavirus, the lockdown, and experiences of women in India dealing with it.
Bras Are Back (Sigh!), And 9 Other Tips For Surviving The Return Journey From The ‘New Normal’ To The ‘Old Normal’!

As the pandemic is (hopefully) receding, and we take baby steps outside, remember that the world changed while we were all inside, smiling, laughing, weeping, grieving or holding on.

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A Request To Our Teachers… Please Put Kindness First Towards Young Kids Struggling With Online Schooling?

In an online PTM for my 5th grader, the 4 teachers focused on all that he was doing wrong, and nothing about the hard work we had done to do better after the earlier feedback. In just 5 minutes, the confidence we worked on building over so much time was broken. 

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On Teachers’ Day 2021, An Ode To Our Pandemic Era Online Teaching Struggles

A poem dedicated to all my fellow teachers. This has been a strange time indeed, but let's consider it a short break from our ordinary lives.

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As A Child She Couldn’t Understand Why Urmila And Irfan Mustn’t Be Girlfriend Boyfriend

She was elated. Here was concrete proof that these ungrateful girls didn’t need so much time on the internet. Look what happened if you gave them too much privacy!

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They’re Not Gone Forever… Some Day, My Words Will Rise Again

While things may be looking brighter now, we know that there will be no going back to pre-covid. Some changes in all of us would be permanent - whether obvious or subtle.

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Why Are Fewer Women Being Vaccinated For COVID, And What Can We Do About It?
gender gap in vaccination

There's a worrying gender gap in vaccination according to recently released data. Why fewer are women getting the vaccine is something to be explored.

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