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Richa is a Ted X speaker, an award-winning writer, columnist, ex-journalist and advertising professional. She has authored four books of which three are being adapted for screen. She is a blogger and travel writer and contributes to several platforms such as Womensweb, Momspresson and SheThePeopleTv. She is a Sheroes Champ, Blogchatter and Kool Kanya mentor. She has authored several e-singles, anthologies and audio books. Her latest book is The Curse of Kuldhara, the second installment in the very popular Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt. Ltd. series (You can find her on Twitter @richashrivas and on Instagram @mukherjeericha )

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'Woman, Know Your Place!' – The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Women In Line
‘Woman, Know Your Place!’ – The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Women In Line

It is high time that women truly understood their worth and place in society, and rightfully claimed it for their own good.

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We’d Like To Return This ‘Maa Stereotypes Ka Dahej’ Dumped On Us, This Mother’s Day!

You want to give gifts to mothers and glorify them further? Wait, here are 5 things we want to give back to you as we don't want them!

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9 Types Of Random Men Who’ve Made Slipping Into Women’s DMs A Fine Art!

All men need is a social media account and the tact and manners of a mountain gorilla to slip into women's DMs and harass her.

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women security guards
The Future Is Female And Secure: Meet 3 Women Security Guards In Mumbai Slaying It!

These three hard working women security guards are full of humour, hope and determination, and somewhere between having their books taken from them early on to making decisions for their families, they grew up.

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Solo Or Not: Guilt Won’t Stop Our Travels
Solo Or Not: Guilt Won’t Stop Us From Traveling

What is the big deal about women carrying their own luggage? Its not as if bags and suitcases need to be hauled around like those antediluvian and monstrous holdalls from the yesteryears.

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From Ira Khan To Prof Fired For ‘Unsanskaari’ Pic On Insta, We LOVE Body Shaming Women!

Even a Kerala court recently decided that a woman could not file a molestation case because she was wearing a sexually provocative dress. See? I rest my case.

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The Word ‘Auntie’ Is Now A Vicious Weapon To Put You In Your Place, To Ensure That You ‘Act Your Age’

The imagery has gone from a friendly neighbour with a benign smile, asking for a bowl of sugar, to a sad, frustrated old woman who sits about lamenting the loss of her youth.

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Bras Are Back (Sigh!), And 9 Other Tips For Surviving The Return Journey From The ‘New Normal’ To The ‘Old Normal’!

As the pandemic is (hopefully) receding, and we take baby steps outside, remember that the world changed while we were all inside, smiling, laughing, weeping, grieving or holding on.

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Why Is It So Darn Hard To Let Women Dress The Way They Want To?

I’m all for practical, occasion appropriate dressing, at times for one's safety as well, but the freedom to attire ourselves in the clothing of our choice should be a given.

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Why On Earth Are Widows Still Ill- treated And Considered Inauspicious?

Widows in India are still subjected to the mindless discrimination worsening their moment of grief in the name of tradition. Time for change is here!

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Successful Women Are Not A Fluke Nor Have They ‘Slept Their Way To The Top’!

Why are successful women always considered to have reached where they are due to a combination of unsavoury characteristics and circumstances?

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change name after marriage
India’s Laws Do Not Require Women To Change Name After Marriage; Why Do Officials Insist?

If it isn't too much of a problem, I would like to not change name after marriage or add my husband's or father's name to it.

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The Gaali Project
The Gaali Project, Paving The Way To Gender Equality, One Liberating Cuss Word At A Time!

Know more about The Gaali Project, started by Tamanna Mishra and Neha Thakur, to counter the sexist, casteist, communal curse words we use when letting off steam!

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Fewer Historical Role Models For Our Girls From Art & Culture As Women’s Voices Were Erased

So much of what we know of history from the lens of art and culture is through the male perspective, because women were not allowed social appearances, or credited for their talent.

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An Essential Survival Guide For ‘Zoom’-ing Through The New Normal With Its 8 Types Of Inhabitants

Zoom. A word I would have associated only with the phenomenon of speed in a pre-covid world, is now the currency of civilisation.

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When Upholders Of Rape Culture Say, ‘Mad Feminist Bitch! Let Her Bark…’

If there was no feminism, where would we women have been? Still shackled. So never diss feminism, you naysayers!

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This Mother’s Day, Forget The Spa Vouchers And Gift Yourself A Healthier You

Have you ever noted that the women in your families are naturally ‘destined’ to suffer from ‘women related’ problems? Why are we ignoring ourselves?

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Woman, This Lockdown Is Not The Time To Be A Perfectionist!

If there was ever a time for women to look inwards and stop feeling guilty, it’s now. Relax. You don't need to prove anything.

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Hey Men! It’s Time You Understood There Is Nothing Funny About Your ‘Boy Talks!’

When men ask you to smile, to wear shorter skirts, to get them coffee, it's time to hit back and speak up! For in 2020, we have no time to deal with the offensive 'boy talk.'

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Are Women Not Considered Capable Enough Of Taking Financial Decisions?

Isn’t it ironical that the same person who is otherwise considered capable of running a home while even keeping a job falls off the consideration set when it comes to the really big decisions?

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I Can’t Wait To Fly, Maa – Letter From A Young Girl To Her Mother

A young girl goes to college. Her naiveté encourages people to bully her. This girl is strong and can't wait to fly. Here's a letter she wrote to her mom.

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What Does My ‘Being Pretty’ To Do With My Hard Work And Achievements?

Even supposedly 'innocuous' remarks about how "life is easier for a pretty woman" shows internalised misogyny, and negates the hard work of women.

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Be Kind To New Moms; They Already Have Enough To Deal With!

A mom needs to be happy herself, to be able to raise happy and well-adjusted kids. Stop being judgemental towards her!

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Meet The Husbands Who Determine Their Wife’s Worth Only By The Money They Make

I know of someone who makes his wife repeatedly list down all the ways in which she makes meaningful contributions towards the household. Really? Then he might as well hand her a collar to tie around her neck.

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Are We Breastfeeding Mothers Or Aliens From Outer Space?

This mother speaks of her struggle with breastfeeding her baby when on the go, narrating vexatious incidents with rib-tickling humour.

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Periods Come From Leaky Faucets & Other Indian Folk Tales

When this author spoke to her daughter about periods, the disapproval from some was immediate. Sounds familiar?

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Can I Wear The Pants In The House?!

Chafing against the dress codes that insist girls and women dress a certain "appropriate" way, Richa Mukherjee writes what can only be a tongue-in-cheek rant! 

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Mom Looking After The Baby Alone, While Everyone Else Enjoys Themselves – Sounds Familiar?

There's a truism - "A crying baby is the mother's" - and families seem to follow it without any thought for the mother, who's also her own person. But who cares?

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Not Fitting Into That Dress You Wore In College? Big Deal!

So you've gained some weight over the years, and don't fit into that favourite dress. Are you fit and able to be all that you are? Then why do you bother with the naysayers?

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What Kind Of Parent Are You If You Don’t Have A Parenting Style?!

Tiger mom, Helicopter, Snowplow mom or even an advocate of roadkill parenting, whatever that is - apparently every parent needs a signature style. What's yours?

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When The Tigress Lost Her Stripes… To A Loved One’s Abuse

Emotionally abused, even the strongest of women can lose themselves in the pain. But at some point, they realise that they can still rise. A parable.

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When Vada Pav Saved Valentine’s Day

Sameeksha was laughing but she had tears rolling down her cheeks again. This time around, warm ones, washing away her anxieties, expectations, and the plans for the night that had thickened like a noose around her neck.

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Are You A Carrier For That Stress Virus? Kill It Before It Kills You!

The 'stress virus' seems to affect all of us in this hyper-connected, dynamic world. Women especially, are big time carriers of this virus - is it time to be kinder on ourselves?

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You Are Not Alone…

Depression sinks its talons into the most unlikely minds. I have seen the most raucous laughter and the loudest voices, battle with their inner demons..

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When I Realised That I Didn’t Have To Do A Kareena After Becoming A Mom!

Celebrate your body as a mother – pregnancy changes it in various ways, and that’s OK. Just don’t let the shamers get you; focus on keeping yourself fit!  Suck the stomach in. (Can’t breathe!) Let go of scrunched stomach. (Now it’s all out there!) Welcome to my daily routine. Every morning, my mood for at […]

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When The Wolf Comes Cloaked In Sheep’s Clothing…Calling Out Harassment At Work

This short story explores a reality for many women at work: sexual harassment at the workplace by your colleagues whom you expected to trust and respect.

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brides and grooms
Why Are Indian Matrimonial Ads So ‘Extra’ And ‘Optimistic’?

Matrimonials listing brides and grooms are an echo of the real beliefs of a society, despite all the 'woke' ideas and behaviour. A hilarious take.

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small hands
Big Life Lessons That Are Held In Small Hands

This is a poetic take on the daily travails of new mothers, and how much one can learn from just observing your own children.

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Paranoid Mom Vs. Protective Mom: I’m Striking My Own Balance

Do you fear that in being a protective mom, you are becoming a paranoid mom? An honest take on creating your own rules, cos no rules work for everybody!

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play school
Parents, Pull Up Those Playschool Socks Even Before Your Kid Is Born!

You are expected to plan for a child's playschool, and maybe even future education even before birth. A tongue-in-cheek look at this.

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Beneath [#Shortlisted]

#Poetry. A searing expression of regret for all that could have been and what happened. A poem about loss and love.

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