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I Survived 2022 With Work From Home & 2 Young Kids Coping With Post Pandemic Change

In addition to the trouble of settling kids was the challenge of settling with the better half again after a separation of two-and-a-half years during the pandemic.

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Why Must Only Women Clean & Cook While Men Get To Relax When Guests Come Home?

I could hear grandmother mumbling in the background, “I’ve served my family throughout my life. Never turned away from responsibility like this. She isn’t even going to work like Kala or Malathi. Why can’t she cook then?”

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I Could See The Scenes Nani Had Once Lived Through Flash Before Her Eyes

"All that we shared were stories of tragedy – of lost children, of missing husbands and brothers, of sexual abuse endured. I felt I was the luckier one among them.”

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Rima – The Cloud That Became The Thunderstorm And Brought Change

Though a circle of viewers had formed around the scene, nobody stepped forward to help. One of the assaulters lifted his leg to kick the woman.

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Just When She Thought Her Wait Had Ended, It Began Again…

Janani realised she was no longer a child. Nor did she consider herself a woman. She felt trapped in between, unsure where she would fit in.

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Even In 2020, Why Do School Admission Forms Expect Mothers To Be Homemakers?

Teach children, both girls and boys, that sky is the limit and that they must dream freely. The constraints are what we imagine and let others build for us.

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