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toxic masculinity
Tales From A Marriage: Let’s Look At This Invisible Toxic Masculinity?

How on earth was her male chauvinist of a husband looking as peaceful and placid as the Queen of England? "You're OK with this? Your sister marrying a guy who doesn't want to work?" Nisha asked Rahul shrilly.

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How Rapper Sidhu Moosewala’s Death & Texas Shooting Are Both Tragically Rooted In Toxic Masculinity

The long eulogies, the abject misery and the grief that follows the trails of violence could be avoided. Most gun violence can be avoided. The man who shot at kids, or the singer who was shot at, all of it could have been avoided.

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A Man Who Refused To Take “No, I’m Not Interested” Even Though I Made It Very Clear!

I'll be 43 soon and yes, I almost gave in to my conditioning and asked myself- what did I do wrong? Did I lead him on? But not any more.

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When Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock, Did He Consider What Jada Pinkett Smith Wanted?

“It is love that made me do it!” is the standard excuse used by every perpetrator of domestic violence. By saying it on a global stage, Will Smith provided it legitimacy, and that is something women do not need.

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Can Someone Please Shake Some Sense Into ‘Shake’ Chatterjee From Reality Show Love Is Blind?
reality show Love is Blind

The more he began to talk, the more you realised that you wouldn’t want to be associated with him, because he was doing nothing but spewing absolute and utter nonsense.

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Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyaadha Is All About Men Who Aren’t Afraid To Show Softer Emotions

New Amazon Prime anthology film Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyaadha represents the rise of the ‘vulnerable’ man.

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