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Manipur horror
Manipur Horror: Women’s Bodies Are NOT Your Battlefields In Times Of Conflict!

The recent Manipur horror is an example of gender based violence in conflict areas. Men, women's bodies are NOT your battlefield, leave them alone in your wars!

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5 Reasons Why Vikash From Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Is Insufferable

Vikash is a man and thus, he must have all his demands met. That, after all, is an “unwritten law” that Sima aunty seems to follow. 

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Why Andrew Tate’s Unprovoked Attack On Greta Thunberg Shows Growing Insecurity In Men!

Andrew Tate is the face of toxic masculinity and a corrosive influence on young boys and men who will become insecure, entitled toxic males.

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Chetan Bhagat You Should Apologise To Uorfi Javed If You Really Want To ‘Guide’ Young Men!

Chetan Bhagat had no business slut shaming Uorfi Javed or any other woman. If he wants to 'guide' young men in the 'right direction' then he should take accountability for his words. 

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5 Toxic Lessons All Luv Ranjan Movies Teach Impressionable Young Men

Luv Ranjan's movies demonise all women, and always have the male characters stand up and rant against women, influencing gullible youngsters.

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12 Famous Tamil Movies & Their Problematic Messages On Women, Consent and Mental Health

The Tamil film industry has often been extremely regressive in how it treats women, focusing on "macho" men who think stalking and harassment are okay.

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