valentine's day
Dear Ex, A Quiet Thank You For Who You Were, For The Moments We Shared…

Though we walk different paths, know that a part of me will always hold a special place for the memories we shared.

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Today I Can Thank You For Breaking Up With Me Before Things Got Out Of Hand…

No, I wasn’t in love. The day you chose was the killer move. Unprepared that all the gifts and chocolates and movie date was set up to end our little secret soiree by you.

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Dear Rahul, Why Did I Have To Change Myself So Completely For You To Fall In Love With Me?

I was your best friend, Rahul, but you couldn't see me beyond that, and fell for uber cool Tina. Why was I not enough as I was?

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Love Alone Was Not Enough When There Was No Respect Anymore In Our Marriage!

The most painful realization for me was not that these societal norms existed, but that our love, in its most crucial moments, bowed to them.

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“Madly In Love” Is It An Illusion Or Reality?
in love

The state "in love" gives us the illusion that we have an intimate relationship. We feel that we belong to each other and can conquer all problems.

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You Have Shown Me The True Meaning Of Love, Not What I Thought It Was!

Thanks to Bollywood, I was obsessed with the romance portrayed in movies. I thought our story would be one helluva ‘hit’ romantic saga.

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